10 CRAZY Discoveries that Science Can’t Explain
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10 CRAZY Discoveries that Science Can’t Explain

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! If you follow us at all, you’ll know that
around the archive, we really love a good mystery. Whether it’s a murder mystery, an unsolved
mystery, mystery food, or like today, a mystery discovery that science can’t even explain. We love a good scientific discovery, especially
when it involves space, but today we’ll be looking at strange sounds from the earth
and ocean, simple things like ice, spider’s tendency to build fences, and more, as we
highlight 10 Crazy Discoveries That Science Can’t Explain! But before we get started, why not become
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science can’t answer! 10. The Taos Hum
Taos, Mexico, a small city, has been confusing people for ages with one sound, a hum. It’s a low-frequency hum perceptible to
only about 2% of its residents. While most don’t hear it at all, some believe
the sound could be strange acoustics. If not, could it be that all of those people
are going insane at once? Maybe, some say, it’s a strange supernatural
noise. If we’re being honest, not everyone who
hears the Taos Hum reports hearing the same type of sound, which could either prove that
it’s very subjective or maybe not real at all? That’s a lot of people on board for one
lie though… what do you think? 9. Ice is slippery
Before you come to me with some sarcastic snarky “Sherlock” reference, you’d be
surprised how much mystery lies between the slipperiness of ice. We have no idea how the liquid layer above
ice forms. Since 1850, when Michael Faraday spoke of
the fusing of two ice cubes together, that happened thanks to a thin layer of water that
quickly refroze. This film was thought to have come from the
pressure added between the two cubes. However, even a large person on one skate
doesn’t generate enough pressure for melting to happen. Some say it’s the heat generated from the
blade that causes the melting. Other’s say ice is slippery even when you’re
just standing on it with no friction. However, the truth is that we just don’t
know. 8. The Voynich Manuscript
This manuscript is still unexplained and came to surface after the antiquarian, Wilfrid
Voynich, stumbled upon it in 1912. Upon closer inspection, it seems like the
manuscript was owned by some sort of black market tradesperson keeping track of all the
transactions. Experts said the book was from the 15th century
and its language and illustrations are still a mystery, despite theories that it was written
in Italy during the renaissance. Despite professionals’ attempt to crack
the code, we still have no idea what the book says. Some people suggest it could even be related
to some sort of secret society. What do you think it could be? 7. The Weakening of the Magnetic Field
If something is happening to our planet, we’d like to think that it’s all over the place. However, there is evidence that our magnetic
field is weakening in only some spots. That’s like if global warming was only happening
to just France. Well, the magnetic field is getting real weak
around Africa and it’s not recent. It’s been happening for about a thousand
years, actually. It’s also not the first time that this weakening
has occurred. During several centuries the same place has
shown a weaker magnetic field overall. So, what makes Africa so different that this
could be happening here? We can only guess. 6. The Baghdad Battery
Discovered in 1930, these three artifacts found together in Iraq have been puzzling
scientists ever since. We’re not sure why it was made or for what
purpose. Some people believe it was a battery, but
it was only capable of producing 1 volt, and also, the jar was sealed with asphalt, making
it enormously difficult to refill the liquid electrolyte, and the presumed “battery”
also has no terminals. There were other theories going around, some
as simple as one that said the vessels were used only to hold sacred scriptures. But to this day, it’s exact purpose is still
unknown. 5. A Boiling River
Natural hot springs aren’t something we raise our eyebrows at. Generally, you tap into some hot water near
some volcanoes and make it a tourist attraction. This river in Peru, though, can only be found
after a deep trek through the forest. Once you get there, the water is actually
above boiling point, but there isn’t a volcano around for hundreds of miles. It’s no small stream, either. At 80 feet wide and 16 feet deep, that’s
a whole lot of water to keep hot at an average of 186 degrees for 4 miles! It’s so hot, in fact, that animals are often
found cooked to death near the water. No one really knows why the river is so hot. Locals theorized that the Sun did it, but
all signs point to the source being a series of streams coming from a fault line. 4. Silk Fences
Ah, the American dream. A dog, a house, a white picket fence… it’s
what the 1950s and 60s told us we ought to want and you know who really listened? This spider. That’s right, this little one knows how
to build a fence like few others. It’s cute, it’s perfectly white, it surrounds
only one baby at a time. In the middle of the circle fence, you’ll
see a monolith which becomes a baby spider. The reason for the fence could be to trap
the little ones’ first meal or to protect it from predators, but it’s still a big
question mark for researchers. 3. The Great Attractor
Ah, another of my high school nicknames… this is the name given to a space showing
a gravitational anomaly in our galaxy. However, we can’t explore it because the
energy created by The Milky Way creates a “zone of avoidance” right near it. The gravitational pull is so strong, though,
that even we’re getting sucked in, as are all the supergalactic clusters in the neighborhood. Some theories of space have been debunked
by the mere existence of The Great Attractor, like the thought that other galaxies were
moving away from us, as it seems it could just be an effect of the great attractor’s
pull. It might be a massive black hole, but we don’t
know. The Zone of Avoidance is keeping us totally
in the dark. 2. The Bloop
This one is one of my absolute favorites. When I’m not thinking about what’s in
space that’s frightening, I like to ponder what massive sea creatures are in our oceans
that we just haven’t found yet. Something that could have an eyelid as big
as my entire body. So, The Bloop is something that has me on
the edge of my seat. The Bloop is the loudest underwater sound
we’ve heard to this day. For it to have been made by a sea creature,
this creature would have to be the size of an island. It’s happened twice during history and it’s
so loud that it simply cannot be ignored, and that the source just has to be large and
terrifying. Some believe it’s an icequake, but others
say it’s still too loud to be just ice breaking. The sound is really more of a moan than a
bloop, but scary nonetheless. It’s coming for us! 1. Cocaine Mummy Mystery
What do you get when researchers of Ancient Egypt and Botanists differ in opinion? No, there’s no punchline, just a real-life
dispute over whether or not Mummies were using cocaine. That’s right, even though Botanists assure
that cocaine and tobacco were not found until the voyages to America long after Egyptian
mummies were a thing of the past, Egyptologists have surprised many with their research showing
the contrary. In 1992, standard tests that were performed
on a mummy showed high levels of both cocaine and nicotine. The tests were redone many times, as the researcher
herself couldn’t believe it, but over and over, there it was.

22 thoughts on “10 CRAZY Discoveries that Science Can’t Explain

  1. The Bloop was the sound of an icequake—an iceberg cracking and breaking away from an Antarctic glacier. We solved that one, but it took a while.

  2. So global warming is real – but then you stated that for centuries there have been magnetic reversal of the poles – so can it be possible that "global warming" is just a natural phenomena and not man made?

  3. No matter how far we get in the future there will be many discoveries that science can't explain. Great video and like other comments the black hole comment was hilarious

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