10 Science Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation
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10 Science Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation

[Music] alright here’s what we need empty soda cans and put a little bit of water just a little bit so it will boil down you know some then turn on the stove while does this well this gets idea we’re gonna make a nice Bowl so here we’ve got all iced water already and you see how its water is boiling and steam coming out enough you can see it but this steam is coming out that now so we’re gonna get it and drop it use the tongs don’t use hands get it and that kind of fell let’s start let’s start with this one so you guys said it see that call this implosion I want you to tell me why is that happens why does it why does it employed like that so we got this band a Laker go up and and just we’re gonna turn this on but remember safety is first kids you’re gonna need adult supervision so I’m very gonna leave it for me that we’re gonna put a little bit of water you see how water is boiling out because it’s too hot you know so all the water has gone bald out and let’s leave it for another two minutes so it’s been about two minutes you see how hot it is and let’s put just a little bit of water just sell out the opps you see how all this drops just like spinning around and not boiling out I want you to comment and tell me why let’s drop some more sake almost plasma what do you guys think why’s that happened it’s a water and the pen is super hot look how hot it is and it just sits there and doesn’t boil out wait good amount throw up all the flat plate then put your food coloring in right I got green I got the red here or orange whatever it is and then I got a right here and then I have blue I’m gonna put some more orange then just get your dish soap and drop a couple drops and now check this out isn’t it awesome and let’s keep on going and going look at add up one more would you guys stay down put a little bit of water and put it on stuff like this and wait till it spoil and remember I protection gloves and this fire extinguisher because safety is number one priority you see how water is born inside the bottle it’s about to take it off and put a balloon on top of a bottle so I’m gonna set the camera over here this one I’m gonna put it up I’m gonna take it off here and pull this water steel ball running that you put this on top put the balloon on top like this let’s see what happens here you go sometimes you gotta help it a little bit and that’s how you put the balloon inside of a bottle and it’s gonna keep expanding to which you’re gonna need some alcohol vegetable oil salt water alcohol and then cover silk and supposed to be lamp oil but I got torch fluid I hope it’s gonna be the same we’ll see mix a little experiment so let’s do this Taman bill what you think subscribe and have a nice night yes we got here one pin like guys here guess what gonna happen if I’m gonna put bowling on top of it let’s see and of course that pop a balloon but what if I pull handle pins we’re gonna put next to each other so right here we got hundred pins then we’re gonna blow a balloon up now we’re gonna get same balloon and put on top of it see what happens you see it doesn’t doesn’t pop you see how much force I’m using I can even all around on them like bouncing but what happens if I’m gonna put a lot of force we see the whole thing is on a table it just doesn’t pop ah you see bottle of water it’s closed and I haven’t even opened it yet before and then you’re gonna get a pin and just like make a bunch of holes and you see would have stopped coming out 1 2 3 whoa 5 I know 6 you see 6 holes and then you can leave it on a table and wait or give it to somebody and they pass on it and they’re just spills you sit close up and you’re gonna need to put it on top like that you see it doesn’t fit to push it to it most like we’re gonna bake you know the man this egg is gonna break let’s see what we can do to feel it to like your paper that’s it that’s how you put a leg in a bottle film Ken and B and the alka-seltzer so we’re gonna open a cup of the film and we’re gonna make her pocket put some water up in there not too much then all open these tablets and then dump it in closet close the cup put it down here see what happens holy club I did not expect I did not expect that to blow up that high it hit the ceiling pretty bad

100 thoughts on “10 Science Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation

  1. the can explodes because the air presure of the hot water and cold water combines with the earths air preasure and the carbin dioxide and explodes because their is to much presure so the can explodes

  2. now about the second experiment the water you used before it created a cover between the pan and the water and that's y the water is slipping

  3. Ну про краски любой, кто ходил в детстве в художественную студию, знает.

  4. By quickly turning the can over and quickly putting it into cold water, the remaining air inside the can is suddenly cooled. As the gas cools, it loses its kinetic energy which results in a lower pressure inside the can. Since the gas inside the can is at a lower pressure than the outside of the can, the can implodes.

  5. the reason it implodes  is because of the presser in side that is different than the outside and by flipping it over you trade the pressure in the can crushing it under the pressure

  6. The layer thingy is really cool it happens because the density’s are different also when the ballon popped it scared me

  7. The cans implode because air normally expands when hot, when you cool the cans the air inside cools and condenses then creates a big vacuum and implodes the can. Water does that by creating a gas layer of vaporized water underneath and floats on it. (We used to throw water on our wood stove and this would happen, it's fun.) ::Thumbs up::

  8. Because of the atmospheric pressure is cooler than the air pressure inside the can , when it is put in a cooler palce or water the can gets squeezed

  9. it happens because when we heat the can with water ,the water in the can evaporates and occupy the remaining empty space in can so the can gets filled with particles when we suddenly dipped in cold water the vapours gets condensed and creats vaccum so it gets crushed

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