12 molecular machines of Christmas | Beta amyloid protein
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12 molecular machines of Christmas | Beta amyloid protein

The coming together of proteins to form molecular
machines is essential to life. But these protein complexes are often quite
weakly bound Today’s molecular machine, well…actually
it’s more of a spanner in the works. The beta amyloid protein can form a complex
with itself, and so it stacks together and forms a very strong interaction. These proteins together form long fibrils. And these long fibrils can come together to
form amyloid plaques. And these are the hallmark features seen in
the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. We’re beginning to understand the structure
of these amyloid proteins and we hope that this might help us to block the formation
of these amyloid fibrils and plaques or perhaps even reverse these interactions gone bad. I hope you enjoyed this video! Please come back tomorrow for our next molecular

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