12 Things You Never Do In Cytology Laboratory

12 Things You Never Do In Cytology Laboratory

twelve things you never do in psychology laboratory psychology laboratory is important to receive process and staining Zinta logical samples and diagnosis mulignans premalignant and other diseases on the microscopic levels this video explained some facts you should never do in psychology laboratory practically fact number one receive or accept samples without request form for verify specimen identity test to perform specimen source and laboratory request form must need facts number two samples processing without register in book in this case samples can be misplaced facts number three fluid samples keep room temperature till starting process in this case cytology sample can be deteriorate and destroy cellular morphology so should storage samples in refrigerator till starting process facts number four crack slides use for scientists pin if slides present even very small crack can be completely destroyed after Saito spin process facts number five thick body fluids ooze for saiyr to spin without dilution for nicely separate cells on thick fluids it must be dilute sufficient amount facts number six using scientist been without balanced as a normal centrifuge Saito spin also need to balance very well facts number seven remove scientist spin absorption pad in horizontal way in this case most of cells can be removed with absorption pad facts number eight pap smear slides fix with air dry in psychology there are two fixation methods as dry fixations and wet fixations we should use correct fixation method according to specimen and stains so if we do pap stain we should fix slides using 95 percent ethanol not dry facts number nine follows same standard operation procedure for prolonged period for same stain solution serious as theory we should follow same SOP and should not change but in practically we have to change staining period with time because stains strength reduce with time facts number 10 handle specimens and stains without using loves every specimens we have to consider as dangerous bio hazards because they can be consist with bacteria and viruses also a lot of stains really carcinogenic facts number 11 discard body fluid samples after preparing slimes you should keep specimen for prolonged period because may you have to do test repeat facts number 12 storage stain solution here and there you should store stains and other chemicals in proper order if not you have to waste a lot of time to find chemicals for more videos please subscribe to my channel and if you like design this like video for you contact me also you can be my patter and help me more creations

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