15 Animals That Inherited MILLIONS
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15 Animals That Inherited MILLIONS

• Who left their money to their dogs so
that could continue have spa treatments and wearing designer jewelry? How much money can you possibly leave to a
chicken? Here are 15 animals with more money than most
of us will ever see. 15 – Blackie
• Bea Rea was a millionaire antiques dealer who shared his mansion with his 15 cats…
and nobody else. • Rea refused to give his family anything
in his will. Instead, he gave a little bit of his 7 million
pound fortune to his gardener, his plumber, and his mechanic. • The rest he split between three cat charities,
on the condition that they take care of his cat, Blackie – the last of those 15 cats
to survive. 14 – Kalu
• Kalu the chimpanzee might have been in line to inherit a 40 million pound fortune…
but her 85-year-old owner, Patricia O’Neill, lost it all before she died. • Kalu was to be willed most of the inheritance,
but found herself scammed out of most of her money by a “crooked advisor.” 13 – Oprah’s dogs
• Oprah is known for lavish giveaways, but her last one
will be her biggest ever. • There’s no telling what kinds of things
will be in her final will, but we do know that Oprah has devoted 30 million dollars
to the ongoing care of her five dogs and a collection of other pets. • That may sound absurd, but Oprah is a
billionaire. She has plenty of that fortune going to other
places. 12 – Tobey Rimes
• When Ella Wendel died in 1931, she died with lots of money and no real family to speak
of. • So she set up a 30 million dollar trust
for her dog, Toby. That’s different from just leaving the money
to her dog in an inheritance. • See, the trust fund has continued to grow,
and it has been passed down through Toby’s generations. • So Tobey Rimes, the great-great-great
grandson of the original Toby, is the owner of a fortune worth more than 80 million dollars. 11 – Flossie
• In 2001, Flossie, Drew Barrymore’s Labrador Retriever mix, barked to wake her and alert
her to her house being on fire. • Barrymore and her then-husband, Tom Green,
escaped the house with Flossie in tow. • In response, Barrymore placed her Beverly
Hills home in the trust of Flossie. The house is worth an estimated 1.3 million
dollars. 10 – Nicholas
• Dusty Springfield is best known for her hit song, “Son of a Preacher Man.” • She died in 1999, and while we don’t
know exactly how much money she left to her cat Nicholas, it was enough to arrange a few
things. • Written into her will was that Nicholas
was to live out his days in a 7-foot-tall indoor treehouse, be fed American baby food,
and serenaded to sleep each night by Dusty’s music. • She also arranged for Nicholas to be “married”
to the cat of his new guardian and caretaker. 9 – Trouble
• In 2007, Leona Helmley left $12 million dollars to her Maltese named Trouble, while
leaving several of her grandchildren with nothing. • Trouble died in 2010, just three years
later, but not before being cared for around-the-clock. • Trouble had 100 thousand dollars a year
spent on his care, and had a full-time security detail while living in the lap of luxury. 8 – Tinker
• In 2001, Tinker was a stray cat. • But he happened to be nice enough to 89-year-old
Margaret Layne to convince her to let him stay. • In 2002, the following year, Margaret
Layne died, and left behind a series of stipulations in her will. • The entirety of her estate – including
her home, valued at 350 thousand pounds – was only to be used to care for Tinker. 7 – Star Trek dogs
• Majel Barrett Roddenberry, the wife of famed Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry,
left 4 million dollars to her dogs. • Of course, that wasn’t anywhere near
her full fortune. She left 60 million to her son, and about
700 thousand to the housekeeper – for her to continue living in the family mansion and
caring for the dogs. 6 – Minter, Juice, Callum
• Fashion mogul Alexander McQueen left most of his estate to his family, but he didn’t
want his pets left out in the cold – or anybody else’s, for that matter. • He left about 50 thousand pounds to his
pets, but also donated 100 thousand pounds to a number of animal rights groups. 5 – Red
• Red the tabby cat didn’t get his owner’s entire fortune – David Harper left his 1.3
million dollar estate to the United Church of Canada. • But that money had a catch – the church
has to take care of Red’s food, home, and veterinary bills for the rest of his life. 4 – Conchita, Lucia, and April Marie
• Sometimes when people inherit a bunch of money without doing any work, they want
to pay that forward. • That’s why hotel heiress Gail Posner
left her 8.3 million dollar home and a 3 million dollar trust fund to her three dogs. • That way, they can continue having their
weekly spa treatments and wearing their 13 thousand dollar necklaces. • Meanwhile, her son received an inheritance
of just under 800 thousand dollars. 3 – Betty White’s pets
• Betty White might outlive all of us at the rate she’s going. • But she is a major animal rights activist,
and in the event that she does pass on, she has a 5 million dollar trust fund set up to
take care of her animals. • While her golden retriever Pontiac and
other pets will be well taken care of, there’s no need to worry about her other family – Betty
White’s estate is worth more than 240 million dollars. 2 – Gigoo
• Gigoo is a bit different from the other animals on this list. You’ve seen a lot of dogs and cats, and
even a monkey. • But Miles Blackwell left all of his money
– 10 million dollars in total – to his chicken, Gigoo. • Don’t bother asking what a chicken does
with 10 million dollars. Chicken feed can’t possibly get that expensive. 1 – Gunther IV
• Gunther the Fourth is the only animal here to have inherited his fortune from his
father. • No, not his owner. His actual, canine father. • Gunther the Third was a German Shepard
who was left an 80 million dollar fortune by German countess Karlotta Leibenstein. And he was also left a capable investment
staff that grew that fortune to 400 MILLION DOLLARS. • That money was passed down to Gunther
the Fourth, who will most likely pass it down to his children, and so on, for generations
to come. Soon we may see the world’s first canine

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  1. The only thing my Cats need and want is food, love and nice place under the sun, there is no need to take spa treatment to make them happy, show quality of love, not quantity of goods!

  2. Why not just leave a large sum of money to any relative on the condition they look after the pet?
    Then again I'm not rich so I wouldn't know…

  3. My fortune will go to my dog she will be loved and taken care of for the rest of her life and her children's lives my family will get nothing and will receive a better luck next time card

  4. Dolan as the narrator I read the description and it said Melissa was the narrator youtube take some pills like now

  5. I don't even own a piece of jewelry that's real and we have dogs out there wearing 13,000 dollar necklaces, and why I find that funny instead of depressing is beyond me lol

  6. Tom Green is still relevant to me. Who here is a 90s kid and remembered his shinanegans(MTV for the Americans and Canadian access to the Canadians)

  7. I hate to be the one guy that points this out, but you’re reusing old animations and drawings in your top tens.

  8. Pets should not get money
    They live
    They keep you company
    They die
    You get a new one
    The end
    Their animals. What did they do to get more money than the humans that work their asses off? They look cute, so they should get millions on millions of money just for that?

    I call *bullshit*.

  9. This is why there are still so many poor people in the world-

    I love animals but damn what are they gonna do with all that money???

  10. At least that is the At least does the marxism and fascism Installing is a white really are so many bones of this damn call me’s den den or anything else fuck economies I think liberty prime want some words of time buyer Luke’s your balls

  11. I have to say, I'm not a fan of sticking the old animations in to match the narration. The still images related to the topic at hand are perfectly fine.

  12. think about this family extremely poor in poverty strugging to pay rent. rich grandmother dies and leaves 8.8 billion dollers to her cat not to her family

  13. Um that is so rude when you said that someone called Tom started the fire me real name is Tom ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddddeeeeeeeeee

  14. Meanwhile the rest of us struggle….I wonder what many of these grandchildren didn't get the money? I mean I realize that future generations spend without earning but was it because they didn't visit enough or the departed wanted them to earn their own way, because if they did it just out of undeserved spite then….I don't know how to end this statement. Just spite? Awful.

  15. Tbh, if I had a relative who would inherit the pets way more than any human relatives then I could be sure said pet was the first thing to be served on the dinner table.

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