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23andMe DNA Results! | Our Ethnicity

You’re so cute, I’m glad I have this on footage Now focus hello. What’s gucci, what’s good? We’re doing 23andme DNA test Because the last one I took was sucky but I’m gonna do a comparison at the end of this video So first, I wanna talk about what we think we know. Where are you from?
From Germany. Man. What’s your DNA, what’s your heritage? Probably Russian, probably German. What do you think like percentage-wise? I have no idea Guess. What do you think?
50/50 50 what? German…50…?
Russian. Really? I have no idea.
I feel like you have more Russian, no? That will be interesting.
M dad side is more Russian. My mom’s side like my.. my mom Is more German yeah I didn’t know that. Your mom looks pretty Russian. To me.
Yeah, I know but That’s why we have to take this test.
Exactly, we’ll find out. And for me like I said in the other video actually I got some things wrong in the other video. My dad’s not from Djibouti, he’s from Ethiopia. Mine’s just a mix of Ethiopian and Somali I mean Djibouti, but ethnically, it’s called Somali I’m very excited.
Yeah. So yeah 23andMe. Let’s go. Aw, I just swallowed all the spit I had. So we’re supposed to Spit in here Until we fill to this line. Frigging lot.
Spit til here. It is a lot, especially since I just swallowed all my damn spit like an idiot.
What is this liquid here? I don’t know my other one had it too. Man we’re supposed to really make this much spit? No problem for me What does that mean bae? Oh It’s just from here to here. Man, i got scared, look. I had so much spit earlier.
Dhaandhaanadan (this idiot). By the way, the spit has to be full without the bubbles
Shutupaaahhh All I’m spitting is bubbles right now. Let me wait. No spit..no kisses. Man, this guy has spit for days. My mouth feels so dry.
Yeah, I think I’m almost there Close it like this Oh wow. And just like that! Very dangerous.
Dangereux. Ooh, mine’s warm Ok, so we’ll be back in what 5 to 6 weeks or whatever and Come back with the results So we’re back not even a couple weeks later, and I got my results back. and I couldn’t wait for him to get his results back. His is still in the middle of analyzing. I’m not tryna.. And I bet it will take weeks as always for me.
What do you mean as always like you’ve done this? Just everything takes weeks
Anyways, so I, yeah. I got my results back. Bae has a computer right here. He’s gonna check it for me So again what I’m expecting East African With the hint of North African/Middle Eastern because that’s what I am. I mean, that’s like the history behind…East African. If it’s goes into specifics, I don’t know between Ethiopia, I mean, I don’t know Ethiopian and Somali.
Do they know that you already had one Yeah, I did do MyHeritage and I think at the end I’ll do a comparison. Or maybe a whole separate video person because someone asked me that in the comments. So yeah, like I said, I don’t know about Somali versus Ethiopia. I think it’ll be very high in Somali. That’s for damn sure. Here we go. Here we go. View your reports. Got it You are 50% Russian okay No, so Lucky Ali: 100%. Sub-Saharan African: 99.8%. I am AFRIKANISCH. Ethiopian and Eritrean: 50.2%
HOLY SHIT! Wow, okay! This is so cool. Somali: 47.6% I’m literally half and half.
Wow. Sudanese. What?!
1.5% Okay. Okay that.. could make sense Southern East African: 0.1%
Okay. African Hunter-Gatherer: 0.1%
Yeah. Broadly Northern East African: 0.3%
Makes sense. European!
Lies. 0.1%.
You’re kidding. Yeah.
Of what?! It just says European?
Broadly European. Is that it? So here we can see Just like here 50/50.
That is so crazy Like I’m half and half Somali and Ethiopian, I can finally tell people that. Ok first of all, I’m not even Middle Eastern Not at all.
You know why it says that though? In this one? Because they have info on East Africa to know that that’s like MyHeritage doesn’t have…
No, MyHeritage is like “East African” But they don’t know…It even said I was Maasai and I’m like you guys don’t have Maasai data. but look There’s this thing they do where it shows your timeline So it shows, okay, so They only have, oh that’s the older. Oh see this is recent.
Mm-hmm. That’s cool So from back in the day 1700s to 1800s African Hunter-Gatherers, Southern East African and then 1840, well, 1750 to 1840: Sudanese. A lot, a lot of Sudanese.
So Somali and Ethiopian/Eritrean Just started in 1900 What’s this gap?
Yeah, what is that gap? Interesting. This is so cool. I can’t wait for mine. How crazy is that? 50/50! Our ancestors started in East Africa, so Even you baby you started in East Africa..just so you know. So yeah, that’s that’s my results. And that we wait for his. They’ll be the next part of this. So our kids are gonna be Beautiful. So, um literally it’s the next day if we waited one more day.. FI NAL LY It’s just the next day. We got his results. And uh don’t mind me looking like trash. But anyways. Alright, so. Okay don’t mind this mess in the background right? That’s his kabarr Dresser. We call it a kabarr. Don’t look! I’m not looking she will tell me everything. First I wanna ask you what you think you are One last time for the people. I think I am Let’s say 70% Russia, 30% German Nothing else? Maybe something Something in Europe.
Wow, really?! What else could it be bae? Afrikanisch? Um, what would you be surprised to see? Polish, Hungarian, or something. Ok, are you ready? I was born ready.
No you weren’t. So Richard: 100% European: 99.9%, so. I feel like I should..
давай! (Come on!) Maybe go from the smallest percentage, up? Cause then it’s like, little little.. And then the big one. Yeah? That’s exciting!
Just do it how you think it’s exciting. 0.1% unassigned just like me What is that again?
They don’t know. 0.1% Italian I will tell that to Luigi. 0.3% Scandinavian,
How much? 0.3. These are a little like..
Could be possible. 0.3% Ashkenazi Jewish Um what’s the next one?
Very interesting so far. Um, 1.7% British and Irish One point what?
Seven 5.5% broadly Northwestern European So it’s in that whole general… Okay, and then 6.4% broadly European so they also it’s just broad 8.3% French and German But it says specifically Netherlands 77.3% Eastern European Specifically Ukraine I’m Ukrainian
That’s it! You’re 77.3% Ukrainian and 77??
77 bae! I thought you said 7.7.
77% Ukrainian and 8.3% Netherlands Wow..wow. Crazy eh? Wow, okay, so the generation thing, okay,? You can see it now. So in the last two generations there was an Eastern European 3 to 5 generations there was a fully French or German person. That’s in Netherlands part And then the rest are like back back then Now I know why I don’t look like a typical German and also not like a typical Russian, right? I mean, I don’t know what a typical German looks like or a typical Russian. But what does it mean? So not even at all Russian? or? I mean Ukrainian ..does that.. count? For me yeah
But why is it Netherlands? Specifically, so not even German bae. You’re not even German.
Cool. Wow, this is so interesting. I’m so glad we did that.
Yeah. Man I feel more connected to Ukraine now. Yeah, that’s crazy. We’re going to Ukraine! We have to. I know people there.
I will tell people I’m you. Yeah, you can tell Slava tomorrow. He’ll be so happy! He will be like “брат”.

100 thoughts on “23andMe DNA Results! | Our Ethnicity

  1. Eriteria and Ehtiopia are countries and Eriterians used to be part of Ethiopia. Moreover there are different types of Ethiopian and Eriterians, some have Middle Eastern and North African about 40% average. Google it if disbelief.
    Countries are not races!

  2. Upload your DNA to gedmatch for free.
    Also do a ancestry.com DNA test. More accurate. It will show your middle east and or North African ancestry!

  3. I keep telling to Somalian and Ethiopian we are the same People only religion divided us see DNA they don't beleave me I feel like I am somali I am Ethiopian I am Eritrian people of Djabuti are from Ethiopia and somalia any ways they speak somali and anfari they where from Ethiopia or somali even there pedant born in Ethiopia

  4. U either somali or oromo. I don't get the djabuti part if UR ISA tribe then ur 100%somali. As for ur mama side she's oromo not amhariic or tigrinya blah blah like ta ha ila dhaafina

  5. some somalis use to have middle eastern in them because of slavery, like the first black muslim Bilal r.a was from Ethiopia. And other countrys in east africa, lika, Tanzania, Kenya, Mosambique….

  6. Your Somali part comes from Djibouti which is mostly an ethnic Somali Country. Djibouti was part of Somalia until the French Colonist annex it (was called French Somaliland) and after independence instead of joining greater Somalia they went separate and formed their own Country. So your DNA is reflection of your mother a Somali and perhaps your father an oromo.

  7. Thank you for this video. It is very helpful. Really awesome to be getting input from East Africans. I am from the U.S. and my results came back with My Heritage at 4.5 % East African (Massai). My mother tested at 1-2% East African but we really dont understand how this is possible? Do you know about any cross migrations between West and east Africans?

  8. Habesha history:


  9. Im somali but somali people and eritrean people think im eritrean somali people always told me hey i thought you were eritrean or ethiopian and eritrean ethiopian people always talk to amharinya or tigrinya i wear hijab but they say your face and big eyes look like us but as i know im somali maybe i have blood whit them i love eritrean people and the music i dont know why but i dont see no diffrance between them we all look like

  10. Your nose is a typical Middle Eastern nose. This test is a joke. And you are a beautiful couple.
    I'm Russian Jewish and my lovely wife is African.

  11. hi girl great video first of all 🙂 i literally got my results today … mine is rather boring i was always let to believe that we had more Eritrean than Somali for some reason and most people i meet assume i'm more Eritrean than Somali.Since i'm a curious person i decided to spend my hard earned money on this 😀 it says my Haplogroup is L3i2 and i'm 99.9% Sub-Saharan African out of this i'm 98.3% Somali, 1.5% Ethiopian & Eritrean and what i really don't understand where it came from but really is Senegambian & Guinean 0.1%
    i guess our people liked to travel…
    i was hoping to find some siblings i didn't know of but instead found 46 1st 2nd and 3rd cousins lol

    Anyways this is all fun and giggles but 1 thing we all can see is that no matter the color of our skin nor our religious believes make us anything but human at the end of the day

    Stay blessed and Happy Holidays 😉

  12. Somali dont need DNA ..somali are pure people and ALLAH create us like that …we are so beauty so intelligent that we fight or get peace when we want …

  13. Waxaàn Ka xumahay inay guur sadaan hablaha soomaaliyeed ajaaniibta maxaaaa sababay kaliya waxay eegayaan cadaanka kama fikirayaaan dhaqankooda so maaliyeed wlhi hada waxaa soo madanaya inaan Ka tagno dhaqanada somalieed dhamaan qurbaha dadka jooga waxaaa qada qaba ajaaniibta xiitaaa ma fiirinayaan magaalbaaa Mise waaa Islam sorry sorry sorry sorry

  14. You Gus are sweet beautiful and I am sure your son or douther will be the most hundsom or the most beautiful girl..please have a kid

  15. Waxaan kaa yaabanahy
    Gabdha maaa Islam baa misi waa Gaalo yacni labaduba maaa gaalaa????waaaayo waa maxay waxa gacanta u marsan fadlan iga so jawaabo ani ingeshlka si ficn u garan mayo????

  16. Thats awesome. Pleased you are both happy with yours.
    I must do mine.
    Born in England , English Mum and Ukrainian Dad .
    Never met him .
    So am I
    or am I in for a flipping big surprise 😱😱

  17. What people seem to fail at realizing is that the Ethiopians who are of Oromo ancestry have been intermarrying with Yemenis for centuries and carrying that back to Africa. that is where the Habesha came from.

    The Pure East Africans tribes are the Beja, Somali Darood, Issa, Hawiye, Saho, Afar, Oromo Karrayyu, Borana, Dorze, and some living in the Sidama region. They all look Negroid and are clearly kindred.

  18. Go sell your DNA people, are you aware of what they can do with that information?

    Consumer genetic testing company 23andMe announced on Wednesday that GlaxoSmithKline purchased a $300 million stake in the company, allowing the pharmaceutical giant to use 23andMe’s trove of genetic data to develop new drugs — and raising new privacy concerns for consumers.

  19. Hi, I don’t quite understand some of your ending comments.
    If Ukraine can considered as Russian, why are Netherlands and French not considered as broadly Germanic cos if u really know Europe history, the Dutch and the Franks who created France are genetically related to the west Germanic tribes.
    Then why would your Boyfriend not have significant Germanic heritage?

  20. She's gorgeous no wonder why she is more than half Ethiopian!!! Ethiopian people are the most wonderful and beautiful people in the world!!!! United and ancient Ethiopia forever!!!!

  21. 23 and me has more info NE africans so they are not saying middle eastern but the others report middle eastern and bantu and that why your bantu ancestry results are so low, interesting!

  22. that answers habeshas complain about Oromos/as other kushite peoole/ being from outside Ethiopia and the truth of them being the reverse

  23. If u are muslim women can u marry non muslim man, and also can I make zina before marrige? Can also be naked like no hijaab??

  24. I love that you guys have basically 100% of your race! That's great because it shows that although you are ethnically mixed, your ancestors stayed within their race. If you care about your ancestry, you should not mix.

  25. First white person I've seen that has not been mostly British. Ukraine has some beautiful women that's for sure lol.

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  28. Great Video! I am Ethiopian as well and took the 23 and ME DNA test and it now identifies the different east African specifically!! PLEASE GO CHECK OUT MY VIDEO AS WELL 🙂 https://youtu.be/h3UrMJbKXtQ

  29. Somali girl is super cute! If i ever date an African chick it has to be either somali, eritrean or Ethiopian,! I am sorry but other African girls too ugly!

  30. 😂 Don’t believe DNA test sister itz fake Some times, I’m 100% Somali and my DNA Result said I’m 100000% Chinese WTF

  31. You talk sis but you can't say you trip Somali is country not race and you can't make all Somali like you I'm daruud jabrti my haplgroub is em35 and my mom jm267 and also daruud and we different so please just talk in name of you family don't Include us.

  32. I am Djiboutian and i believe we are part of 35 million somali nation in horn africa .. Somali nation are warriors I am proud our ancestors

  33. I'm literally always stopped by habesha people thinking I'm one of them and I look clueless when they speak their language. I'm convinced now Somali's have Ethiopian and Eritrean in us. This got me wanting to do 23&me.

    They are looking into it

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