24 y/o Genetic FREAK + Brad Castleberry will Box Kenny KO + MORE

24 y/o Genetic FREAK + Brad Castleberry will Box Kenny KO + MORE

all right what's going on you guys Nick here with Nick strength in power so I've got a couple interesting stories for you guys today the first story that I want to talk about here is this young up-and-coming bodybuilder by the name of Nick Walker now Nick is only 24 years old and he just competed this past weekend in the South Jersey Championships where he won the overall title at that show and a lot of people have been sending me screenshots and pictures of him from this show just talking about the incredible potential that they think he has and how good his physique is at such a young age and I really do agree with that sentiment I mean at 24 years old this guy does have an insane amount of muscle maturity and muscular development and really the main thing that stands out to me is that kind of genetic roundness that he has to his arms and his delts in particular this photo here that you're looking at of this most muscular with the hands clasp in the front that to me looks very reminiscent of like a Phil Heath or a Kevin lavro knee there's crazy round shoulders crazy round triceps crazy round biceps those super overdeveloped forearms and it's really one of those qualities that it doesn't really matter how hard you train for it's just one of those things you either genetically have that roundness or you don't and this guy has it and again he's only 24 years old so he's showing a tremendous amount of potential as a bodybuilder now a lot of people that were sending me these photos were saying to you know kind of give my opinion on how he would place at the Olympia or how he would look next to IFBB pros or just compare him to certain IFBB pros now I think some of those requests are a little bit premature while this guy does have an incredible physique he is not an IFBB Pro the show that he won was an amateur show and he did not win his pro card there so we're not even talking about Anaya could be Pro here yet so I think it's a little bit premature to be talking about how he would place at the Olympia or how he would look next to certain top Olympians on stage but I do agree he has a tremendous amount of potential for 24 years old and really the only criticism that I would have for him based on the photos that I saw the show what be his conditioning could be much better he does have great shape he does have great structure he has a lot of muscle mass for his age but overall I think the conditioning could use a lot of work just based on what I've seen from this show so far do I think this guy could turn pro absolutely do I think he could do very well as a pro absolutely but I do think it's gonna take some time you know it's the more years of competing and really nailing down that conditioning to really be a successful pro but do I think he could get a pro card absolutely and I do think it's pretty impressive the physique that he has for how young he is I mean I'm 26 years old and I consider myself to be pretty young this guy's two years younger than me probably twice my size so I am pretty impressed I wanted to share this guy with you because I think in the future this is gonna be a guy that we need to be looking out for this is gonna be a guy that's gonna be dangerous in the future probably going to be a pro at some point in the future and yes probably do some damage and some pro lineups in the future now the next story that I have for you guys today I want to defend my boy Joseph Bain you're here for a second this is arnold schwarzenegger son the one that is pursuing bodybuilding specifically classic physique now this past weekend Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter Katherine Swartz and ager got married to Chris Pratt he starred in Jurassic world The Avengers movies big movie star big actor so yeah the wedding's a big story the wedding was this past weekend you got Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter marrying a big movie star of course a lot of mainstream news outlets are gonna cover this but one thing that I really didn't like and that I found to be very very distasteful about the way they covered this wedding is rather than specifically just saying no congratulations or just reporting on the wedding almost every news outlet that I saw tried to put a spin on it a negative spin towards Joseph and all the headlines are about the wedding itself the headlines are like Arnold Schwarzenegger love child not invited to his daughter's wedding and these like they're just so they do him so dirty in these articles and I just wanted to defend him for a second because I was reading some of these articles specifically the one here from Fox News and when I was reading the article they don't even know that he wasn't invited to the wedding they just know that he wasn't there the first sentence in this article is despite not being present and the next that they have impossibly not invited to so they made this headline just on the assumption that he wasn't invited they don't even know and all these different news outlets are making the assumption that he wasn't invited and they're making that the whole story so let's not even take into consideration how he might feel if he wasn't invited or the fact that his feelings might be hurt let's go ahead and make this a national news article on pretty much every mainstream news publication about this wedding just putting him on blast for not being there and then here's the kicker I was reading the rest of this fox news article and here's how dirty they do him in this article they go on to say Joseph a budding bodybuilder who greatly resembles his father follows Katherine and her siblings Christopher and patrick Schwarzenegger on Instagram but none of them follow him back like why would they put that in the article they're just trying to do him dirty here and I thought it was ridiculous so I just wanted to take a second to use my platform to defend Joseph for a second and just kind of point out how dirty these other outlets are doing him because in my experience Joseph is a really nice guy the few conversations that I've had with him have been really positive after I did the commentary for the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio he even sent me a message saying that he watched it and that he thought I did a good job and that really meant a lot to me so when I saw these articles it really made me feel bad the way they were they were just doing him dirty in these articles man so I wanted to defend him here Joseph I've got your back bro all right so the next story that I have for you guys today a couple days ago we talked about he taught a yamagishi making a comeback of sorts at this past weekend's douse your rope a Super Show where he competed at the 2:12 showdown as you guys probably already know he used to be a men's open bodybuilding competitor and is now competing in the 212 division and in recent years he's been kind of hit or miss with the package that he's brought to the 212 stage but at this particular show he was a thousand percent on possibly the best conditioning he's ever brought in his career and when we reported on that story two days ago we have reported on what we saw at the prejudging and how good he looked in those comparison photos and in his individual routine at the prejudging and when we made that video we didn't know yet if he had won and he did in fact end up winning that – Europa – 12 showdown defeating Mahmood al dura who took second and Santi Aragon who took third now following this victory a lot of people are messaging me asking if I thought that he'd a Tata could win the 212 Olympia with the absence of Flex Lewis in 2019 and that brings me into my next story here now I do think he d'etat – looked fantastic at this Dallas Europa Super Show but the guy that I think is going to be the most promising 212 bodybuilder and probably the next 212 mr. Olympia winner is Derek Lunsford I think that Derek Lunsford is really one of the most promising 212 bodybuilders in the division and he is my pick to be the next 212 mr. Olympia assuming he brings the conditioning that he needs to bring to win that Olympia I think he is going to be the heir the Flex Louis's throne he's got really everything he needs from a physique standpoint to win that 212 Olympia now he recently did a guest posing this past weekend actually just a day ago and that is the video you're watching right here now I think the one weak point that Derek has is he could add some size to his legs but other than that from an upper-body standpoint having a small waist v-taper very complete physique I think Derek Lunsford has all the makings of the next 212 mr. Olympia champion I think even with he'd a tot of being an insane condition like he was at the Dallas show even if you brought that conditioning to the Olympia I think Derek Lunsford would be nearly impossible for a guy like he they taught at a beat and I think Derek Lunsford is really the next in line to win that Olympia now the final story that I have for you guys today is the most recent confrontation between Kenny ko and Brad Castleberry and I believe there's been about four separate occasions where they confronted each other at these Expos now and this is the most recent and in this confrontation it's a lot friendlier than the other ones that's the first thing that I noticed right off the bat Kenny ko had a much different approach to this one but in this particular confrontation and it was much friendlier and there was a much better conversation Kenny ko puts the offer on the table to have a charity boxing match with Brad Castleberry and Brad Castleberry actually accepts this charity boxing matching he said he's down for whatever and he actually says he'd be more down for it to be more of a mixed martial arts type of thing where there's actually some grappling or wrestling involved which I think would be advantageous for him because obviously Kenny ko is gonna have some reach on him so I was actually pleasantly surprised that he accepted Kenny K was challenged now the question to you guys is will he actually follow through with this charity boxing match I'm gonna go out on a crazy limb here and say he's not going to have anything to do with it and we're never going to see this happen just based on his track record in the past I don't think we're ever gonna see Brad Castleberry and kenny ko in a boxing ring I think it's just not gonna happen I think he accepts any call-outs that he's faced with in person and then as soon as he's away from that person that call-out is not happening so that wraps it up for the video today guys I hope you did enjoy it please give it a thumbs up if you did enjoy it please subscribe to this channel if you have not subscribed already and as always thank you guys for watching Nick strength empower signing out

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  1. In reference to Joseph Baena…is commonplace racism in America. Most of the time "y'all" don't notice it.

  2. I'm a little surprised you didn't do a story on the idiot who tried to steal Arnold's bike while he was working out at Gold's Gym and almost got tased for it.

  3. Lunsford looks great but what about Hadi Choopan
    ? Is he still having trouble getting into the country? I havn't heard anything about him forever.

  4. Joseph Baena is a great guy and only deserves love. Whether it will be in bodybuilder, acting or anything else, Joseph will create his own legacy.

  5. Thanks for the news and updates. You're always on point, with the bodybuilding and fitness community. You have some real talent for this stuff yourself and I look forward to more content. Thanks again.


  6. WHAT??… Media Outlets lie about stuff & put nonsense in their headlines just to get more viewers & likes… NO WAY ?? 😭😭

  7. I bet brad’s too big to throw power behind those punches. Kenny will just to have to throw jabs all day.

  8. in all honesty, Kenny Ko towers over Brad Dingleberry and looks like he could bodyslam Brad, no matter how fakely roided up Brad is.

  9. I remember when there was a 25 year old Russian who they thought was going to devastate the bodybuilding world until he tore his pec training and was never heard of again.

  10. Wtf? If he is following them, they not following him, he not at the wedding, its pretty fucking self explanatory man, regardless how you think he is great guy

  11. Brad looks like he should box in the special Olympics. He looks like Quasimodo from the Disney animated movie.

  12. I see more of a jay cutleresque physique. I loved the physique hidetada brought, i just hope he adds more size on his arms. I hope hadi would be able to compete this year. He can win the 212. And id honestly take kamal over derek, in my opinion he shouldve taken 2nd last year.

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    If you see it you can't unsee it .
    That guy is top heavy .

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  15. Hey Nick, I think you have to look at the 20yo Emir Omeragic. He is so young but placed 3rd at the amateur olympia in Spain this weekend. Could get the youngest Pro of all time

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  18. All I see is another reckless 24 year old
    Next video you will talk about the 70s and 80s and how it used to be better

  19. He has crazy potential, but so did Dallas. I hope he takes care of his body and pays close attention to what is going on inside as much as he does on the outside. Rip Dallas

  20. Dingleberry is never going to show. He has accepted pretty much everything and never shown…..and never will.

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