49 thoughts on “250 MCQs for General Science for Govt. Exams (UPSC and SSC) from Class 6-8 (NCERT) [Part 1/2]

  1. Thnk u so much sir … but all these topics we have cover up in our previous classes … Humble rqst plz make a video on 9th nd 10 class .
    Thnk uh 😃😃😃😃

  2. Sir, tachometer used to measure the rpm in the engine. When you accelerates the vehicle without moving (Neutral) then the tachometer bar has increased….

    Speedometer measure the speed of vehicle through rotation of the wheel.

    Hence, the tachometer does not deal with wheel of the vehicle.
    Thank you..

  3. Bro you are vedios excellent…make vedios on 9-10-11-12th as early as possible.. thank you…for your support to aspirants

  4. What are u trying to Tell men…if u go like that what concept we understand stupid fellow explain slowly or change the person who explained this

  5. Sir make videos on Olympic Games :- Its History and all its stats.
    Make videos on Landlocked countries.
    Importance and Advantages of Hosting an International Sports Event.

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