4 Month Relationship Leads To $92,000 In Child Support (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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4 Month Relationship Leads To $92,000 In Child Support (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Wooten Jr. v. Baccus.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Smith, you
and your father Mr. Wooten are suing to prove Miss Baccus is not his
biological daughter. You say your dad owes
more than $92,000 in back child support,
for a child who isn’t his and is on the verge
of losing everything, because his income is
being garnished by
50% each month, to pay off that debt. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Baccus, you say that
Mr. Wooten is your father and when the results
prove you right, you demand
Miss Smith and the rest
of your father’s family apologize for treating
you so poorly. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, Miss Smith, how do you think Miss Baccus
has ruined your father’s life? Primarily through the actions
of her mother by being very deceitful
with my father from the very beginning
of their relationship. They initially did not
start garnishing his wages. It wasn’t until later,
when he started drawing
Social Security that they began to garnish
half of his wages. So up until the point
that they started garnishing
his wages, it was going into arrears,
drawing interest and now is over $92,606.06. AUDIENCE: Wow. If that’s the case,
then he should have
showed up when I showed up and when they took blood
from me just to have the test. He should have showed up
for the test and we wouldn’t
be here today. Miss Baccus is saying
they drew blood? Yes, ma’am.
I was a young girl. When my mama finally decided
to have child support papers
on him. She made me go to the doctors. First of all,
I remember being young
and scared, and I started crying
for my daddy. They made me
sit in this chair, and there were about
five or six doctors, they held me down
and drew blood from me. And all I remember was
I kept screaming
for my father. And I ain’t never stopped
loving my father, and I ain’t never stopped
loving my sister, even if they don’t claim me. But they’re gonna learn today. They’re gonna learn today. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Your Honor, my father never
received any paperwork requesting his presence
to have a DNA test done. He was not requested
to come to court to prove that
he was not her father. BACCUS: My father?
No, I’m his child. And guess when
I was conceived? I was conceived a year later
after him and my mother
was together. And they was together
for seven years,
so you tell me. SMITH: They were not together
for seven years. See… Let me explain
what happened. Yes, Mr. Wooten. WOOTEN: When I met her mother I think about two months
after we had been together, she said she was pregnant. Four months after
we were together, we broke up. Well, Daddy, you and Mama
got two different stories and I’ve come
to find out the truth. Because Miss Daniels
is a liar. So, Mr. Wooten,
you’re saying the relationship
was four months long? Yeah, and when she was
four months pregnant with her,
we broke up. I realized that most
of the things that she was
only interested in was me helping
her financially. One of the first things
she asked me one month
after we was together, was to help her
pay her car loan. When Miss Baccus’ mom
said, “I’m pregnant”, did you think
it was your child? I didn’t question it
that it wasn’t at that time. So, when did you start
doubting that? WOOTEN: When she… My mama said I was
a planned child. When she became pregnant
again, a year later, and she wanted
to get back together. When I got back
together with her,
I had asked her, has she been seeing
anybody else
before we got together? And she said no. We got together, three weeks
after we were together… Father, no disrespect
and not to interrupt you,
but my mother told me… I sat on the couch
and she told me that you had said that
you wanted another child. That’s what was told to me. But you’re telling me
something different, so that’s why we’re here today
to get some order. Your mother… When I met your mother,
three weeks into knowing her
she wanted to know why… She told me y’all were
together a whole year and then I was born
a year later. Allondrea, please… Man, Daddy, I’m not even
feeling nothing that
y’all saying right now. That’s why I brought
y’all here and we’re gonna
find out the truth. ‘Cause you and CC
will apologize to me
and my mother. I do not owe you an apology. Yeah, you are.
You’re gonna see one.
You’re gonna see one. Watch. You’re gonna pick
your face up today. Mr. Wooten, when
you found out… When I found out that
she accused me of being
the father of the second child and I told her
that was impossible. Because we’d only
gotten back together… Because my mom… Wait, is Miss Baccus
the second child? No. She’s the first one.
Right. That’s the first one. So the first one,
you felt like you were
or were not the father. Miss Baccus…
You said I am the father
or I’m not? I didn’t really say anything.
I just went along
with what was going on. You went along with it? Yeah. So, Miss Smith,
did you grow up knowing that there was
a possibility you had
a sister? Yes, Your Honor. I did grow up knowing that
a child was born at the end
of their relationship. As we were growing up,
myself and my two brothers, we did not discuss Miss Baccus
because we did not know… Girl, don’t make both
our brothers roll over
in their graves. One way or another,
whether she was actually
my father’s child because Miss Baccus’ mother has a long history
with our family of being extremely deceitful,
lying constantly… My mom can be messy at times
because she is real dramatic, but I know she knows who… JUDGE LAKE:Okay,
Miss Baccus…
BACCUS:I’m tired
of the rumors.
Her kids found me on Facebook
a couple of years ago. Found me on Facebook,
was praising me. We found our…
You’re the lost child. No, Miss Baccus sent me
a Facebook request and I accepted it
because I did know her. And then after I
accepted the friend request then she would
post up pictures online, “Don’t me and my sister
look just alike?” No, we do not.
We don’t look alike. JUDGE LAKE: Let me see
that evidence. Thank you. This is a Facebook post. Yes. That’s a picture
at my granny’s funeral. And it says,
“Gotta love your siblings. “Laugh out loud.
I keep my father
and my brother on point. “And I am my sister’s keeper.” My grandmother
made peace with me
before she passed away. She told me about the rumors. She told me that she do not
like my mother at all. Not only did my granny
say that… SMITH: That is not true. Because I started to get up at
the funeral and tell them
what my granny said. But I said that’s not
the proper time. This is the proper time,
’cause my granny loved me. And she said I am a Wooten. She said I walk like a Wooten,
I look like a Wooten,
I talk like a Wooten. And I am standing
because I know I’m a Wooten. I am holding up
a birth certificate. True enough, my mama was wrong
for hand-writing it in, because he was not there
when I was born,
he came later. She wrote it in
because she knew
who her baby daddy is. That’s one thing
my mama do know. Let me see this evidence. This is your
birth certificate? That is my birth certificate. But when I filed
for my new one, it came up blank on his name.That means she wrote it in.Yeah, my mama probably…You know, a little crazy
for making a crazy move,
but she knew
who the father is.
So it is your contention that
because your mother
was so certain who your father was,
she wrote his name in. BACCUS: She wrote it in. My mother told me
he was not there
when I was born. He came later on,
after in the hospital. Do you have evidence as well,
Mr. Wooten? Well, I just have
the original copy. JUDGE LAKE: May I see that? BACCUS: He never denied me. And this is
the original copy,where the name of the father
has been left blank.
But, Your Honor,
in this picture it don’t seem
like that he denied me. And in this picture,
with my sister holding me
next to my mother, didn’t seem like
they denied me. Will you hand
those up, please? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Please explain to me,
what is this a picture of? BACCUS: That is
my mother,that’s me in the middle
and that’s CC on the end.
That’s why I can never stop
loving her.
And now she’s making me
mad right now,
but I still got love ’cause
I am my sister’s keeper,
for life. Your Honor, as a young child,
I did take that picture and I am smiling
in that picture. I did not know
whether or not that she was my sister
or not at the time. And so, Miss Smith,
as you listened to
Miss Baccus’ testimony, she was included
in your lives at some point
as a part of your family. Yes, she was, Your Honor. Do you remember
as a child the moment
when all of a sudden it was determined that
she would be excluded,
instead of included? Your Honor, the reason… The reason is because
she was not the only child that came through my family
that ended up being excluded because they were not family. They were treated as family
while they were there. You wanna sweep me
underneath the rug so bad,
but you’re not going to, baby. I’m still here. You let me get old now… Responsible adults can take
care of their family. And I’m tired of you lying… One at a time. SMITH: I am talking. I don’t care!
When I have to care about you, I’m supposed to
care about you now? Girl, please.
I’m getting order today,
that’s why I brought you here. One at a time. One at a time. Yes, it’s order, CC,
’cause you’re out of line. Miss Baccus is lying, because my grandmother
despised her mother. Yeah, she hated my mom. She hated my mother.
She loved me. She didn’t like her either, because she looks
just like her.
No, she did not. Daddy, didn’t I get
you and my grandmama
back together? Did I get you and my
grandmama back talking? She didn’t claim you. JUDGE LAKE: Hold on.
So, Mr. Wooten… WOOTEN: I know she feels like
she had a part in that… Why that came about was,
my mother was dying. And I would not deny her. You know, I never… My mother for years
kept saying, “You know
she’s not your daughter.” And up to that point
when I told my mother,
I said, “Yes, she is.” And that’s when my mother
decided to apologize to her. So you told your mother
that she is your daughter. I stopped… Trying to stop
the drama here… You have to understand that… BACCUS: They’re only
doing this ’cause
it’s all about the money. It’s all about the money. It’s all about the money. If the money wasn’t involved,
they wouldn’t be saying this. But it’s cool, ’cause you’ve
been hurting me for 34 years
and I’m not taking it. Miss Baccus, please explain
to the court what this
is a picture of. Okay, that’s a picture of
my mother and father
when they were together.My mother held on
to that chair
for over 20-some odd years.Didn’t get rid of it
till about maybe about
eight years ago. You hear me? Why would my mother
hold on to something
like that? A woman ain’t gonna hold on
to something like that
unless she knows. She had gotten it from
another family member. That chair
was not that special. During the time that
her mother was with my father, when my father left for work, because Gayla,
she did not work. When she was at our home, she would have
men come to our house. You’re 12 years old, you… JUDGE LAKE: Let’s calm down!
Let’s calm down, ladies.
Let’s calm down. She would tell me that
that was either her cousin or one of my dad’s friends. I did not know any difference. You can go jump off a bridge
with that statement.
I swear like yesterday… I was raised to have
respect for adults. We did not stand in a room
when adults were talking. When they were talking,
we left the room. So I did not stay in the room
when she was talking
with them. But when my father
came home, there was no mention
of these men
in and out of the home. BACCUS: Girl,
if that’s the case,
you would’ve said that and your country town would’ve
been talking about that
for a long, long time. Later in life in hindsight,
looking back on the situation that I even brought it up
to my father. (AUDIENCE GROANING) Miss Baccus was so young, she did not know everything
that was going on… And so those experiences
seeing the different men… Time after time,
different circumstances… You’re a liar!
Why are you lying on
my mama like that, girl? …how much more of a liar
that Miss Daniels was. Like, seriously… CC… That is the basis
of your doubt? That was the basis
of my doubt. Hold on, Miss Baccus. You’re gonna have to
let me talk in this courtroom. All I want is for
the financial ruin over this back child support,
over $90,000, I want that to stop. If she is not his child,
I want this finished
and done with. Because he was about
to lose his home. When my father needed
medical care, I was the one there taking him
back and forth
to his doctor’s appointments. I was the one that was there
at the hospital with him, when he had surgery. But you’re not
the only daughter. But you’re not
the only daughter. I was the one that set up his medications… You’re not
the only daughter. JUDGE LAKE: Let her finish,
Miss Baccus! I was the one there
taking care of his wounds, I was the one that is
still there helping him
pay his bills that he could not afford. So if she felt so strongly
that this was her father,
where were you? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I’m gonna tell you
where I was. I’m gonna tell you
where I was. Now, look back at me.
I’m gonna tell you
where I was. My mama was protecting me. And me and you both know why. Protecting you from
your own father? Protecting me from
your rumors. From all y’all rumors.
Protecting me. That’s why I got you here
today. I called. Not y’all. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) You sitting up here not
claiming me. I really ain’t
got no time for you. ‘Cause at the end of the day,
I got a man that came
in my life at 10 years old, that brought me to my daddy. My step-daddy
brought me to him. They sit at the same table,
you hear me? So at the end of the day,
my step-daddy had to take me
to my father because I was treating him
like crap. He wanted to know
what is the pain that this young lady
is going through. So my step-daddy
loved me so much, he brought me down here
so I could be with my father. And we have
some type of relationship. I talk to him now. I talk to him
on a daily basis, but now you wanna come
on and act like I’m not? You don’t know?
You don’t know? My challenge and my skills
and my face and my structure and me standing here by myself
with nobody behind my side even when her own daughter
wanted to come stand
by my side today is gonna show and prove
that he is my father. All right, ladies, gentlemen, I think I’ve heard enough
and I’m ready for the results. Jerome, would you please
go and stand
between the families? We wanna make sure
this is handled respectfully. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Wooten Jr. v. Baccus,
when it comes to
34-year-old Allondrea Baccus, Mr. Wooten Jr., you… And I am standing
because I know I am a Wooten. In the case of
Wooten Jr. v. Baccus,
when it comes to
34-year-old Allondrea Baccus, Mr. Wooten Jr., you are not her father. AUDIENCE: Oh! I know this was not the answer
you were expecting. No, it wasn’t,
but I had to do it.
I had to do it. JUDGE LAKE: Yes, you did. I’m tired of the rumors. I was tired of being treated. So now I know why
I got treated like I am
and I’m good. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I wanna… I wanna apologize
to the Wooten family,
for my mom’s BS. CC, I came here with
the confidence that
knowing he was my father and knowing
you was my sister. So now that I know the truth,
I’m sorry. Mama, you gotta pay that back. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) She’ll always be
a daughter to me. It doesn’t matter. Mr. Wooten, as it relates to
the back child support, this is a situation
you will have to take up
in your home state. There is no guarantee
under the law, that that debt
will be canceled out. Well, he needs my help,
I’m gonna help him. ‘Cause my mama knows
I stand for the truth. That’s all I ever wanted. Well, family,
I’ll tell you. This has been
an emotional day. And I just hope that
going forward, the passion that you
exhibited on
opposite sides, will lead you toward
one another. It sounds like
your whole family
knows this young woman. And so maybe you all
can extend
an olive branch and let her know
that she’s not alone. You’re gonna have
a conversation with your mom. Anything that don’t kill me,
make me stronger. JUDGE LAKE: Yes, absolutely. This didn’t do nothing
but add to me. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Absolutely. I wish you all the very best. BACCUS: Thank you. Court is adjourned.

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