I know I'm doing a life hacks video I know they're ridiculous but I swear to you I've been using these tricks in my life I really actually want to share them with you and I swear I will not teach you things like you can cook a hot dog by hooking it up to either side of a 9-volt battery I just used this trick at a farmers market there was a company selling sunglasses claiming that they were certified polarized to check whether sunglasses are actually polarized put them in front of the phone screen and turn the glasses if they're polarized you're gonna see a change in the light either the color or the brightness the light from most phone screens is polarized meaning the light waves are aligned along a specific direction polarized sunglasses let through light that is polarized in one direction it's the same thing that these polarizing filters do but most people don't keep polarizing filters in their purse I do so caveat to this trick screen protectors tend to make the light from your phone more randomly polarized so this trick may work differently if you have a screen protector but you can still look at a reflection from glass or water or a car window because on some surfaces at the right angle you'll see changes in the reflection as you turn the polarized glasses oh yeah so at the farmers market the glasses were not polarized and I told them so because in real life I am like you guys are in my comments they started explaining to me what polarization was and how it works and eventually we're removing glasses from their shelves whoops when you're putting away your headphones instead of wrapping them in a loop make a figure eight around your fingers after a day of carrying around your stuff they're gonna end up much less tangled this is the one of its so excited about because I've been doing it for weeks and I can't believe how well it works but it does why because your headphones are like a flat ribbon by wrapping them in a circle you introduce a bunch of twists so when you straighten them the twists stay there that doesn't happen with the figure eight physicists have actually studied why headphones get so tangled and it has to do with the ends poking through the loops that makes knots and then you end up with twisted tangles and your knots so an added bonus of the figure eight is that though you get knots your knots aren't all twisted and you're making smaller loops harder for the ends to find bone when you first get in a hot car you might want to just blast the AC but you're still keeping the hot air inside so open those windows and you may not have checked this setting recycling the hot air is just fighting against thermodynamics so taking the cooler air from outside first then once it cools down inside recycle the air gets hot inside a parked car in the first place because of the greenhouse effect high-energy light comes in the windows gets absorbed by your seats and stuff and then some low-energy light is really wind oohs so the inside gets hot so let out that hot air first to avoid getting shocked by your car while getting out of it on a cold dry day touch the outside of the door frame as you get out that allows the static charge caused by sliding across the seat to flow into the metal frame through your hand so it never has a chance to build up and shock you it even works if you're riding shotgun sorry that one was a stretch to remove the residue from an old sticker put some oil on it and rub it off or wd-40 I had no idea why this works chemistry so here to help me explain is a lane from the channel reactions so why does oil remove sticker residue well it all comes down to the principle that like dissolves like water and things that dissolve in water like sugar and salt are polar oil and water don't mix because oil is nonpolar and water is polar adhesives that don't rinse off with water are nonpolar so putting the nonpolar oil with the nonpolar adhesive mixes this who likes together and allows you to easily wipe it away acetone or nail polish remover can also work since it's nonpolar too however nail polish remover tends to dry out your skin but that's a whole other story for a completely different day Thank You Lane that was awesome I didn't know that's why that trick worked check out reactions I'm gonna put a link in the description oh we made it to the end of the life facts video do you have any life hacks I know you have some lame ones because I tweeted out asking if you had any lame life hacks and I got these Jim tweet me at the physics girl with your hashtag lame life hacks or some legit life hacks related to science with hashtag science life hacks and put down that pen that you're using to carefully think of and curate the comments that you're gonna leave below this video because I have a Pio box I know that I don't really talk directly to you guys that often because my content is about science but I'm a real person real I really enjoy hearing from you guys so if you want to send me letters puns science experiments questions photos hilarious drawings of your unique theories I've really really appreciated the letters you guys have sent so far you have a lot of lined notebook paper okay so here's a joke from me what if Schrodinger's cats favorite theory tune back in next episode to get the answer the joke thank you so much for watching this video also check out ACS reactions they've got some other fun life hack videos with chemistry in them link in the description I'm gonna go surfing so happy physics Inge


  1. Easier to to the figure 8 around thumb and little finger, across the palm. Learnt from the girls in the haberdashery I used to go to.

  2. do a video about experiments you can do with children pls. I work with those little people and always like to hear stuff

  3. 1:30 Why does that make me feel bad? 🙁
    4:41 About the second tip. If your computer gets that bad, you might want to do some maintenance.
    5:26 The theory of entanglement.

  4. The earphones trick makes total sense because climbers stack ropes in figure 8s so that they play out smoothly (tangles can be dangerous when you're halfway up a cliff).

  5. Second caveat to the polarization test with a phone screen… That polarization is a by-product of LCD screens, which many phone screens are. Now though, OLED screens are rising in popularity, and they do not require any sort of polarization to work, so if you have an OLED screen on your phone, don't tell people they're polarization is a lie because you checked on your phone screen.

    Also, on the static thing, this is also a good idea to do when getting gas, as the static discharge can make a spark, which if too close to an open fuel spout, can start things on fire. So best to ground out before opening your tank.

  6. Cooking science life-hack: Those "garlic/onion/fish odor removal" bars are just little blocks of stainless steel (the sulfur compounds that make the odors bind to the metals, removing them from your skin). The knife you cut the garlic up with is almost certainly steel, as well. So instead of buying an extra product that takes up counter space, you can just use your fingers (CAREFULLY) instead of a rag to clean your knife and get the smell off your hands at the same time.

  7. “Bike tyre oil” – I assume you mean chain lubricant – putting oil on your tyres isn’t really a great plan if you intend to not go sideways…

  8. To check polarization, view light through two pair of sun glasses and rotate just one pair. (from an old guy without a phone)

  9. Oh please, dianna, ur telling me u didnt know that oil dissolves anything water can't dissolve? A physics student from MIT ???

  10. Lame life hack: Don't go to sleep so the alarm clock will not rudely wake you up in the morning. It actually works!

  11. I am pretty much addicted to listening to music. I don't even leave the house without my headphones. If I don't have them with me at school, I gat actual separation anxiety. I use the headphone lifehack every time I am putting my headphones away. It takes some getting used to, but IT"S AMAZING!!!!! I have been using it since this video came out! You rock, Diana!

  12. TE AMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. cramped parking so dont try to drive in to a space in one go
    drive as if you are going to bump the car furthest from your approach so directly aiming at it's front or back (depending which way it's facing), reverse and straighten – drive in.. We have a lot of tighter parking in europe so with a big car it's a must.

  14. Imagine watching a non-porno physics related video on YouTube for once and the host starts 4:30 right when my mom enters the room smh.

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