5G and SHF/EHF – Physiological Effects & Behavioral Studies from a Declassified DIA Report
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5G and SHF/EHF – Physiological Effects & Behavioral Studies from a Declassified DIA Report

I’ve done some articles on 5G lately so
I wanted to talk a little bit more about EHF Extremely High Frequency as it
relates to millimeter wave and then SHF because in the United States SHF is
being rolled out currently and that’s in that you know upper 20 GHz (gigahertz) and
and into the 30 GHz and upper 30 GHz range and so some of that
falls on the SHF and some falls within EHF and depending on the engineer you
talk to you they may qualify both as EHF so the point is is that when you’re
looking for like safety studies and things like that like for me I’ve got a
little bit confused about these dynamics because like I was trying to tell people
before I’ve never dealt with frequencies that were in that high gigahertz (GHz) range
my experience with SHF was primarily with microwave point-to-point
communications you know these were just like you know like dishes they would see
point to point and create a link between two towers for example and then I would
maintain some of that equipment within the towers and things like that so
that’s what I knew about it aside from that application I didn’t know a whole
lot about anything in that gigahertz range and never dealt with anything
that’s being deployed now as far as that goes as far as those numbers so I just
don’t have a lot of knowledge about how it propagates and things like that like
how far the signal sees and things like that compared to some of these other
things that are in UHF range because I did have a lot of work experience with
those but anyways the reason why I want to talk about this is because I did a
presentation a really long time ago a couple years ago I should say called
controlled offensive behavior it was basically a study of a report that our
government did believe was a Defense Intelligence Agency did in 1972 it
discusses frequency by frequency band almost you know about safety studies
what the physiological behavioral effects are of different frequencies I
put that out a couple of years ago and I really couldn’t get a lot of people to
watch it even though I thought it was pretty important so maybe now folks will
kind of go back I’ll put a link to it I would encourage you if you’re curious
about this particular topic involving 5G to look at part 5 of the Controlled Offensive Behavior report and I’ll put a link to that but if you’re curious about
physiological behavioral effects of frequencies in general based on what the
US government had already studied and conceded to knowing back in the 70s I
would encourage you to go through that presentation it’s a couple hours if you
spend you know time on all of it so you know
but it’s it’s split up into different sections so again one two three four par
four one two and then five and I would encourage you to go back and look at
that because I’m gonna quote from this next piece here and so I’m gonna cut to
that document here and I’m gonna show you some slides and before I do I just
kinda want to remind people just about I’ll show you some charts involving
electromagnetic spectrum just to say that you know if you’re going to ask
people questions regardless of how much experience they have try to be patient
with them because really it’s a it takes a lot it’s really confusing trying to
manage all these numbers inside your mind and everything like that especially
when there’s a lot of things going on so just try to be patient with the folks
out there that are trying to help out with these topics because I
gotta tell you it’s not easy to keep track of all the numbers okay so getting
back to this one that part 5 of this Controlled Offensive Behavior report this
is really where we get into (SHF) Super High Frequency and then kind of getting
closer to (EHF) Extremely High Frequency and actual studies that have been done as
far as behavioral effects and physiological effects so quoting from
that here I’m just gonna go back and do this again I would encourage you still
though to go back and review the entire report but on 109 here from the report
it says a Soviet review article concerning the effects of (SHF) Super High
Frequency wavelength of from one millimeter to one meter on the (CNS) central nervous system is worth incorporation into this report although the work is
primarily physiological it is meaningful because it contains some of the most
important areas of interest to the Soviets and could be correlated to
Soviet work with other frequencies Kholodov reports that the effect of SHF
Super High Frequency on the functions of the central nervous system is of
particular interest so far a few studies have dealt with this subject Kholodov
contends that foreign investigators chiefly American use an (SHF) Super High Frequency field with an intensity on the order of tens of watts per square
centimeter which results in a considerable heating of the brain above
40 degrees Celsius depending upon the duration of the radiation mice and
rabbits have stopped eating for some time or have made spasmodic movements
and even died post mortem examination of the animals have shown that the action
of the powerful (SHF) Super High Frequency field has resulted in destruction of the brain
cells especially extensive destruction has been observed in the inter-brain and
midbrain when the head of a monkey is exposed to a strong (SHF) Super High Frequency field the animal behaves normally for the first minute or two and
then covers his eyes and starts to go to sleep but a minute later he wakes up the
rate of respiration increases the pupils dilate despite the bright illumination
and there is a heavy secretion of saliva after some time the monkey begins to
shake with convulsions and the utter cries if the radiation is discontinued
by the following day the monkey in no way differs from other monkeys who have
not been exposed to radiation if exposure is continued the animal dies
after a few minutes experiments have shown that when men or animals are exposed to radiation there is a change in the sensitivity to sound
light and olfactory stimuli a study of the receptors in the skin the
gastrointestinal system and the circulatory system has shown slight
changes in them after exposure to the action of (SHF) Super High Frequency
consequently the (SHF) Super High Frequency field can act on the first
link in the reflex arc at the same time (SHF) Super High Frequency may act differently on the central
nervous system on the other hand the appearance of slow waves and the record
of the biological currents of the cerebral cortex the inhibition of reflex
activity and the appearance of various vegetative reactions indicate action of
the (SHF) Super High Frequency field on the inter-brain where the higher vegetative centers are
located the data from physiological experiments check very well with the
results from morphological investigations after exposure to (SHF) Super High Frequency reversible structural changes were observed as cerebral cortex and in the inter-brain it may be assumed that those areas of the brain are the
most sensitive to the action of an (SHF) Super High Frequency field although if the intensity or
duration of the action is increased other parts of the central nervous
system will also participate in the reaction Kholodov concludes by stating that only further experiments will help us explain the mechanisms of the direct
action of a (SHF) Super High Frequency field of non-thermal intensity but it can
already be stated that these effects can be produced by an electromagnetic field
other than one of (SHF) Super High Frequency so again stating that it’s not exclusive
to this frequency band but that’s basically a proof of what the
physiological and behavioral effects are and I go into far more detail if you
want to go into that report so just kind of try to give some people some data
points through which to help you with your research
that’s a quotable report that you can go back into from the Defense Intelligence
Agency with our government that does cover frequencies that are already being
rolled out right now as part of 5G just in case you’re wondering what they’re
discussing there within that frequency band does cover that range again a
commercial application involving data transfer does not necessarily equate to
a weapon I’m just explaining to you that there have been studies that have been
put out there that are known internally within our country already dating back
to 1972 at a minimum I do believe we have some other ones that I’ve quoted previously they go even further the state that yes there are issues within
this band and if you go further in that report I even talked about the effects
of other species birds and things of that nature in more detail so I think
that that’s all relevant to discuss too since that’s been part of some of these
recent 5G studies so anyways just some topics to help people out there with so hope that helps thank you

One thought on “5G and SHF/EHF – Physiological Effects & Behavioral Studies from a Declassified DIA Report

  1. Thank you, Gabriel Cruz for bringing clarity and trustworthy engineering to this subject shrouded in the bloodlines of our psychopathic puppeteers . I'm watching this for the 3rd time, to relax my programming around being able to do math (not!) You are such a wonderful teacher!!!

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