7 Ways Sunglasses Make You More Attractive (Backed By Science)
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7 Ways Sunglasses Make You More Attractive (Backed By Science)

7 Ways Sunglasses Make You More Attractive
(Backed By Science) [0:00:00]
[Music] So, do sunglasses make you more attractive? What kind of question is that? Is the Pope, Catholic? Of course, sunglasses make you look more attractive. And, in today’s video, gents, I’m laying
out for you the seven scientific reasons why. Reason number one, you are going to stand
out from the crowd. So, pop quiz here, let me bring up a picture. Look at all the guys here. Which man do you notice? Well, they all look the same except for that
one man with the sunglasses. And, that’s the point, gentlemen, sunglasses
in a crowded field can help separate you from the pack. So, I was reading the research of Vanessa
Brown. She’s a historian that studies dandies of
the 18th and 19th century. Well, what she talks about they would infiltrate
parts of society to actually try to make change. So, they would dress in a manner that they
would somewhat fit in, but they wanted certain pieces they wanted certain accessories that
would say, you know what? There’s something different about this guy. Example being the poet, Oscar Wilde who in
his time period was a rock star. Here’s a guy that didn’t come from high-level
society, but he would dress in a manner to be able to infiltrate. And then, he would use accessories like sunglasses
to basically stand aloof and to separate himself. And, people would, no, wait a minute, he’s
in here among us, but he, in his poetry and what he’s writing about he’s actually trying
to create change and actually transform things. Pretty powerful if you think about it. Next up, let’s talk about facial symmetry. The idea here is that glasses actually bring
balance to the face. A balanced face looks healthier looks more
attractive. Oftentimes, when we look at a person closely,
you’re going to notice one side of the face is not the same as the other. We do not find this attractive. Why? Because it talks about that person’s history,
their long history that maybe as a child, they dealt with illness. Maybe when they were still inside their own
mother, they actually dealt with a bit of adversity and they actually had a defect or
something. All this people pick up on. So, if someone’s looking for a mate someone’s
looking for a partner, we look for these clues that, is this person actually healthy? By wearing the right pair of sunglasses, you
can start to bring more symmetry to the face. And by the way, if you’re wondering where
did I get these awesome shades from, guys? Enemy Sunglasses, I’m linking to them down
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a great price. You’re not going to find a better deal out
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basically double the price and are the same quality. So go check out the specs on his website. Go – I’ve got also a review, I’ll link
to at the end of this video in which I go through all the different styles. But, it’s a great company. I’m proud to support them and, yeah, I’m going
to go ahead and put a link down in the description and I’ll talk to Aaron as well. I’ll get a special discount code which you
will be able to use down in the description because I love what he’s doing and they’re
great shades and I use them and absolutely love them. Next up, let’s talk about hiding emotions. So, if you ever watched professional poker
players, these guys are wearing sunglasses they’re wearing hats. They don’t want to give away any cues any
indicators of their hand and they understand that the other poker players are constantly
reading each other. They’re looking for body movements, they’re
looking for anything a twitch that can somehow give away what is going on with this person. And, that’s the beauty of sunglasses, they
create a sense of mystery. We don’t know what’s going on on the other
side of those sunglasses. Next, up let’s talk about power. Very closely related to mystery, but do you
ever notice how police officers, the Secret Service, people that are in charge, they’re
wearing glasses. What’s up with that? It’s about not knowing their intentions, very
related to the whole mystery thing. But when people in power why do they have
power? Because that you feel that they’ve got something
on you, somehow they maybe it’s force maybe it’s strength, you don’t actually know what’s
going on. So, when somebody wears sunglasses whether
it’s even a lifeguard, you feel is that person watching me, am I doing something wrong. But, it is something that we do feel people
that wear sunglasses they just give off this sense especially the Aviators a sense of power. And, next up let’s talk about the Hollywood
factor. So, when you think of Aviators, you think
of what? A jet pilot maybe Top Gun. When you see Wayfarers, who do we think of? A wide variety of different actors, but maybe
you think of Jack Nicholson. In any case, we’ve got the whole Hollywood
factor. For the last hundred years, the idea of what
is cool and sunglasses have gone together. So, when you wear sunglasses, you’re cool
you’ve got the Hollywood feel. I mean look at the cool emoji, it’s wearing
sunglasses. Now, this next point was relatively new to
me and this is that sunglasses can help to prevent wrinkles. And this is basically because your eyes are
not going to be squinting, you’re going to open up your eyes and I actually I was able
to read some of the research on this. It wasn’t like to me a huge difference, but
if you’re starting to get wrinkles in and around the eye basically that crow’s feet,
you may want to invest in some sunglasses. If you’re in a sunny area and you’re constantly
exposed to a lot of sun, you want to be wearing sunglasses because you want to protect your
eyes from UV rays. And I think being able to have good vision
and have eyes that are not always squinting, that is attractive. [0:05:02]
And, let’s talk about the power to conceal. So, when you’re wearing sunglasses, guess
what? We can’t see all the things going on with
your eyes. Maybe you were out partying and drinking last
night, you’ve got the whole red eye thing going, guess what? You can cover it up. Or you’ve got the baggy black, you know, right
under the eye kind of thing going on. Again, you can cover it up. And I can tell you that that is a lot more
attractive. Yes, you want to take care of yourself you
want to drink more water you want to maybe use a cream on there that’s going to help
to get rid of that, you want to maybe not go out and party as hard. But point being, if you need to look good
and you simply can get away with wearing shades, do it because you’re going to be able to cover
up that, yeah, that glaring kind of look that you don’t want to get caught in a picture. And, let’s talk about how glasses draw attention
to the face. So, the research I read is actually based
off of regular glasses and it talks about how they can draw attention to the eyes and
sunglasses can do the same thing. So, if you’re outside if you’re giving a presentation
to a lot of people, you all of a sudden instead of squinting all of a sudden you’ve got this
look right here people are going to be more likely to look at your face which is exactly
what you want. You don’t want them looking at the pen, you
don’t want them going off, you want them focused in on you and the message you’re trying
to get across. Now, everything I talked about all the research,
guys, I will be linking to down in the description to an article that has more information if
you’re looking for. And, what video to watch next? Well, guys, how about how boots make you more
attractive? Yes, let’s do the whole attractive thing and
boots are going to make you sexier, they’re going to make you better looking. I cover that in this video right here. [0:06:28] End of audio

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