A Camp Chef Story | An Inheritance
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A Camp Chef Story | An Inheritance

– When I’m cooking outdoors, the best stuff I have is Camp Chef. It’s solid, it doesn’t break. I can rely on it and I know
that it’s going to work. (groovy music playing) From a very young age my family would go camping. As long as I can remember, I was spending time in the outdoors. So in December of 2006, I was running convoy security
operations in Northern Iraq. On this particular night, I was commanding the lead gun truck. My vehicle struck an anti-tank mine that was buried in a pothole. That resulted in my amputation. Now, as I’ve sort of
moved forward from injury, I do a lot of work with non-profits. I’m teaching people how to climb, sharing my experience. I cook pizza at a small
brewery in Ridgeway. You know, food’s another
one of those things where, you know, you cook food for
people and it makes them happy. So, I like making people happy. So this was my grandma’s Camp Chef and, I mean, if I had to guess it’s probably at least 30-years-old. Still works great. When she passed away I got to keep it. It’s an awesome stove, still to this day. It’s simple. Yeah. Simple and solid, and amazing that after all these years it’s still just a great stove. (gas stove lighting) For some reason when I cook
outside it’s just more fun. I think perhaps I tend
to put a little bit more thought into it because I’m
not just cooking as a chore, and I generally tend to cook
much better food outside than I do at home. (birds singing) (water running) For me, food has a lot
to do with what I do. Obviously, if you’re going
to climb a mountain you need to be well fed. Food doesn’t have to be a
chore, it can taste good, and I love sharing it with others. Actually, I’ve really started to realize within the past couple of years I cook my best meals when
I’m feeding other people. Camp Chef really checks all the boxes. (groovy music)

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