A Day in the Life of a Sustainable Minimalist
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A Day in the Life of a Sustainable Minimalist

I usually wake up at 6 am, but Sunday’s are my lazy days so I got up at around 8 am. I tied my hair with a Zero-waste wooden barrette instead of using a disposable hairband. As soon as I wake up, I practice meditation every morning. I’ve been doing it consistently for about 3 years and on and off before that. I made the smudge stick with herbs that I collected from my garden and it’s made of sage, thyme, and rosemary. I usually set up my meditation timer for about 10 to 15 minutes or do a short guided session using the Insight Timer app. After meditation, it’s yoga time! So to prepare, I placed a few drops of rosemary essential oils into my nebulizer. The scent is very calming and grounding. I recently started drinking more water to better hydrate myself. My yoga mat is foldable. So it’s very minimal, compact, and I can travel with it. My sister also joined me for Yoga with Adriene. I practice yoga because it helps me release tension and it allows me to invite more nourishing movement to my daily routine. But I try not to strive for the perfect advanced pose because I want to focus on being gentle and embracing the imperfection of my form. Practicing every day really helps me stay in touch with my physical body so I can really listen to where I feel stiff and uneasy. It’s actually very hot today maybe because I just did that yoga session. It’s 47 degrees right now in Austin and it’s gonna go up to 64 and it’s sunny! I’m gonna change to another outfit something more summery, although it’s the end of February. Something more summery and more light and breezy 🙂 Some of you want to know what’s exactly inside my closet. I’ll share a full tour of my capsule wardrobe in my upcoming video. I took some CBD oil as a supplement. This one is 2500 mg in strength and it helps me feel less anxious and stressed throughout the day. Before making breakfast, I watered my sprouting tray. I’m currently growing some broccoli, radish, and mustard sprouts. This one is made of terracotta clay and it’s pretty space-saving and I really love it. Now for breakfast, I plan to make a simple smoothie in the morning. I put chia seeds some bananas and some frozen strawberries. I usually drink celery juice before eating anything but we were out of celery so I just skipped it for now. I’m currently growing vegetable seeds indoors for my community garden. Which I went towards the end of the day to water the seeds and to check out my plot. I later went out to the farmers market for a stroll and to get the kitchen knives sharpened. We own an electric vehicle, which we got this year and we love it so far. The charging port is in the front and it’s pretty easy to charge around Austin. We went to the farmers market in Mueller Park and it was pretty packed since it was the weekends. I also came here to buy some soap for washing my hair and body. I’ve been doing no poo for several years and haven’t bought a package shampoo bottle or body wash for many years. We first went to drop off the knives so we can look around for an hour. So I decided to get some charcoal and hemp blended soap. It wasn’t completely Zero-waste but the packaging was pretty minimal so I decided to get it. We later went to the grocery store because the farmers market didn’t have much fruit options. We got half a week’s worth of fruits and some celery finally! I’ve been doing a mostly Fruitarian diet since last year. I really love how simple my meals are because there’s no cooking involved. These are all the packaging and the stickers that were left over. I try to be Zero-waste wherever I can but it does get tough at times. I had some watermelon and other fruit platters for lunch before heading out to my community garden. But I also eat snacks in between and drink smoothies if I need to eat more during the day. I got my biodegradable foam helmet and a recycled plastic bike bag. I wanted to actually get a bamboo bicycle when I first moved to Austin from New York, but it wasn’t within my budget. So I decided to buy one from a small company that’s based in the US. I signed up for my community garden not long ago and it’s almost the last frost in Austin. So I’m excited to put everything out and see some sprouts coming up right now. I have some kale, lettuces, radishes, spinach, and edible flower seeds in my plot. I just love the idea of being in the process of growing what I eat and also forming a deep connection with nature through plants. I decided to get some more herbs to brew tea later in the day. I got some fresh organic sage and some peppermint. The garden is conveniently pretty close to where I live. So I like to use my bike instead of the car. Now I’m going to head out to my Sangha and this is where our practice and meditation, mindfulness, and sharing with my community. This time, I am the person to make tea this week, so I made dandelion tea, so I hope everyone enjoys it! I’ve been going to Sangha and really connecting with the people there every Sunday for about three months. I just came back from my Sangha and it’s around 8 pm right now. I’m just gonna have a quiet night after having dinner and I’m just drinking my sage tea that I got from the community garden. I also added some mint herbs to it so it tastes really good and its really relaxing and soothing. Thanks for joining me today, and I hope to see you again

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  1. I allow my journey to be imperfect. For me, I focus on doing what I can in the moment and doing it with compassion and mindfulness at the center. How do you practice sustainability or minimalism in your life? What changes have you made or want to make to be more eco-friendly?

  2. I love how she considers 8 am a lazy day…when my normal days don't start till late afternoon.

  3. i really like our videos but the music is really distracting and annoying. I would rather have you talk without any music at all since your voice alone is calming.

  4. On one hand, it's kind of a meme that this is her real lifestyle. On the other hand if the average person had half this much discipline we could probably solve the climate crisis right away

  5. Please watch out with essential oils around your cat! most essential oils are very unhealthy for cats.

  6. Love all you do & say but I would love to know where you got your pattern for your shoulder bag you made plz. 💜 🤗👍

  7. this is very inspiring. ive realized that i cant stand to be in my house at all ever- i can barely walk anywhere from the amount of stuff

  8. Food for thought…Would you choose this lifestyle if you weren’t allowed to tell another soul what you were doing?

  9. How do you make sage tea? I live in the southwest and she grows everywhere here. I've made sage/smudge sticks but never thought about using it for tea.

  10. What kind of wallet do you have? What is it called? I have been looking for ages for a wallet like that!
    Btw, I love your videos🥰

  11. "I wake up at 6 but Sundays are my lazy days so I wake up at 8" I lost it . I could never, but it's this is amazing

  12. So what do you do for a living to be able to buy essentials oils and cat food? I’m not judging I’m curious

  13. burning sage is as bad as cigarettes. i hope your neighburs dont have asthma. think about people with asthma!

  14. I assume a minimalist lifestyle not as extreme as yours will help with many of my daily struggles… stress, acne & overall mental health

  15. Its a narcissistic minimalist – she cares so much for her self and her cat have no place to hide in that damn flat – only one more cat tree would not kill her.
    Bat more of the damn essential oils maybe kill her poor cat.
    I wonder why have some people pets at home and do them selfe not adicaitet on theyr needs – they do know fucking nothing abaut their pets – do not respect theyr natural needs.

  16. Truly amazing 🙂 but i wonder if you miss having furniture and clothes. That would be the hardest for me

  17. It’s weird that we are running low on trees, yet us minimalists use wooden items. Yes I know, it’s reusable, which is what I get but why not collect trash from the oceans, sanitize them, and make them into utensils! Someone use this idea!

  18. I have few questions about the use of electrical equipments. For example your nebulizer.: wouldn't be more sustainable using a traditional one that uses heat produced by candles or oil? Thank you so much for your time answering.

  19. Thank you for posting these. I find I get something new when I rewatch. This time I noticed the wooden hair barrette. Do you know where I can find the same one? Thank you.

  20. I would like to keep the chemical herbs, perfumes or burning materials that cause lung cancer as far away as possible.

  21. This is what i want. How old was you when you turned minimilist and how long for you to transition into it. Ive been slowly doing it and gradually getting rid ofmore and more stuff it makes me feel more alive and more appreciative of everything im seeing life differently. Im struggling becaise i live with my bf who is untidy with an over flowig wardrobe who throws his clothes on the floor so i keep tidying them away if i tidy his area it makes no difference because he has too much stuff but its up to him to organize hisown space 😔

  22. Does your electric car make noise or is it nearly silent? I find I can't hear electric cars especially if they're standing still. This is particularly not useful, especially if the car is similar to the surrounding light or darkness, so I can't see them either.

  23. wonderful video!! how do you shop for your cats needs with the sustainable lifestyle? (food, litter, etc)

  24. its very calming …i admire your passion… my self i can make a bit minimalism as i dont like make up, fashion… but for food..maybe difficult. i like to cook, and i like a little bit everything in my plate… thank you for sharing this soothing video

  25. Hope she will will not go "extreme fanatics" vegan zero waste person, because it's no any step to go next… And it's so annoying showing off all her "recyclable/nonrecyclable" things…of course, it's impossible to not have a waste. And if you've got something plastic- use it as long it lasts! And don't be sorry or just throw it out to buy something more "sustainable" instead… If people have no problems, they make them… #howtrendscanspoilyourlife

  26. Would you consider doing a similar video for a workday? I would be interested in how your work-life balance looks like because I struggle with mine.

  27. Imagine if everyone were like her 😍 nor using disposable anymore, zero waste and driving and electrical car, the world would be saved

  28. Please teach us how to prepare smudge sticks from fresh herbs and how to use them. I always try to make them but they never lit up for more than 3 seconds, even when the herbs are dry.

  29. Hello! It’s me. I really loved seeing a day in your life and even though I’m not the same religions you, I love hearing about your practice. Thanks so much for this video. 💕

  30. I'm a little late to the party. I just found your channel. What is the name of that company that makes your bike?

  31. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your job during the week? Could you do a weekday version of this video? Thanks 🙂

  32. wow this is the life I yearn for… simple , healthy and life changing.. I currently have highlights in my hair however I want to dye them to black. Do you suggest I let it grow out until its black or just dye it with some natural tint?

  33. While I’m not a minimalist myself, I love how relaxing your videos are! I’m thinking about trying some methods you use to improve your lifestyle.

  34. I guess I am taken aback by how many are concerned for her health. OMG, look around at the way we eat! I am not worried for her at all. I believe she listens to her body and she makes very thought out choices. You go! I am really fascinated watching this!

  35. May I ask what brand cbd oil you use? It's proven difficult for me to find a higher MG cbd oil and was told for the health issues I wish to treat it is needed in high dosages. As always your videos are calming and inspiring to start living a more intentional life for my holistic health. Thank you!

  36. Right on time got hold of yr channel,thank you for making it eadier for others to follow….and then explore further…Namaste

  37. Wow, we are on the same wave!) we use the same insight timer and I also watched the same yoga videos!! Thank you for sharing!!

  38. On ur lazy days u wake up at 8? Omg on my lazy days I wake up at 4pm and usually I’m forced to wake up at 11 when I’m working.

  39. Je vis en France. Je suis vegan, je travaille dans le commerce et pourtant ma philosophie est très poche de la vôtre. J’ai décidé de me lancer dans le minimalisme que je pratiquais à mon échelle sans savoir que c’était une réelle pratique quotidienne. Mon mode de vie va progressivement changer pour n’être orienté que dans l’utile et la gratitude envers le monde.

    Merci pour votre partage !

  40. This seems like a mental illness. It’s very aesthetically pleasing but this is insane amount of control and food obsession…

  41. As an 18 year old, I'm not mentally organised enough to be this intentionally with my possessions or actions, but I hope to start meditating soon. When I come out of adolescence in a couple years (around age 25), I hope to be mature enough to be on a journey not dissimilar to yours.

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