A DNA Test Reveals Our Body’s True Age
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A DNA Test Reveals Our Body’s True Age

– Doctor! (upbeat instrumental music) Curly and I are getting
the telomere testing done. This is a scientific test that tells you how old your body
biologically thinks it is. – I’m super excited to just see, like, how my body’s doing on the inside ’cause I put it through a lot. I’ve been drinking and smoking weed since I was, like, 15 years old. – I’m 27. However, I have done a lot of living. – I’ve had three years of
living a healthier lifestyle where I don’t drink, I
don’t smoke cigarettes, and I actually go to
the gym and I exercise and I eat healthy so I just wanna see, like, how are we doing, girl? How are we doing in here? – Welcome to Rejuvalife
Vitality Institute. We’re gonna talk about the telomere test. A telomere is the nub at
the end of your chromosome. Every one of your cells in your body can only divide a certain number of times, and every time your cell divides, it shortens the length
of the nub until when the nub no longer exists the cell dies. Aging is really all about the number of cells over time that die. Hi, I’m Doctor Berger. – Nice to meet you. – There’s a difference
between the chronological age, the age that you are
because of your birthday, and your biological age. How old are your cells? Nutrition, movement, stress, and sleep; those four things are so hugely impactful. – Okay, so who do you
think’s gonna be older between the two of us because
you partied more than me, but you’ve also spent the last two years moving the needle back. I haven’t changed, I
actually had Taco Bell on the way over here,
and I still drink a lot. – What if I’m the older one? – What if they say I’m, like, 13? – What if I’m, like, 104? – Dude, honestly it
could go either way here. – There’s always hope. If your biological age is greater than your chronological age, you can do so much to bring it back. – How do we get the
test done, what happens? – It’s a blood test. – I’ve never watched someone
get their blood drawn before. That was it? Damn! And now we wait. – We’ve got the results. You’re on. – Yes! – So Curly, your test is very interesting. Now, what this shows is, you
see this little black dot? Well, that’s you, that’s where you stand. and actually the nice thing
about where you stand is that your estimated
biological age is 30.6. – Wow! Way to go, that’s your age. You’re literally, like, .1
month older than you should be. After all that years
of all that expletive. – When we talked last
time you told me that, you know, you more recently have tried to clean up your act,
that’s what you told me. – Three years sober. – Three years sober. – Like, haven’t done
anything and I quit smoking and I’m in the gym,
like, four times a week. – So that’s really important. And interesting because, of course, the fact that you’re exercising right now and that you quit smoking
and you stopped drinking has really, I think,
probably had an impact. – You’re actually bettering your life. There’s science showing it. – Which brings us to Kelsey, so Kelsey– – I’m 27 years old. – Kelsey, you’ve been living a full life. – Yeah. – In more ways than one, self-admittedly. Unfortunately your telomeres
are not enjoying that so much. – Oh, Curly, how old am I? – Let us take a look at your situation. So your dot is right here. – [Curly] What does that mean? – That means her biological age is 38.2. – Doctor! – So I hope that this becomes a bit of a wake-up call for you. – That’s crazy. It’s basically saying I’m almost 40. – You have to quit drinking because it’s shortening your lifespan. – Oh, expletive. – I hope this motivates you to refocus because this is a clear indication that, you know, you need to. – I feel really bad about all
that nutrition stuff, too. I had fried chicken for lunch today. I knew something like this
was gonna happen eventually. – Don’t get me wrong, I miss
cigarettes, I miss booze, I miss, like, throwing some
back and having a smoke, but it’s like– – Not at the expense of my life. – To better decisions, to better choices. Check in with me in 40
years and see how I’m doing. (upbeat instrumental music)

100 thoughts on “A DNA Test Reveals Our Body’s True Age

  1. oh wow kelsey can be such a b can she at least not curse in front of the doctor? i get she's being herself or whatever but honestly she just looks disrespectful.

  2. Yep that's the typical generic American woman who's in their late 20's, but look 35 and somehow still act like they're 21.

  3. Jesus that explanation was really not correct. There are plenty of cells in your body that replicate indefinitely. These are stem cells. And cells don't they when the telomeres are too short, they just don't replicate anymore. Where did that guy get this MD/PhD?

  4. I just came from watching that video Kelsey was in about the 50 drinks from each state. The results of this test are not surprising in the slightest lol

  5. Quit smoking (cigarettes and weed), became vegetarian 3 and a half years ago, sober 2 years ago, and just starting to work out again. Keep it going:)

  6. Stop drinking, stop drugs (even weed), stop eating so much, exercise and you'll live longer. It's that simple

  7. Kelsey swears a looooooot. It's ok to use "bad words" when they are needed or with friends, but is it necessary to do so in front of the doctor?!

  8. That's why you should just take kratom instead of drinking. Doesn't hurt your liver or impair your driving like alcohol does

  9. I hope Kelsey really did make some changes. I honestly thought she was 35+ and she seemed like she was tipsy during the whole video :- I wish her the best fingers crossed

  10. Me watching this late at night when theyre talking about how important sleep is be like…

    …yeah, I'll go to bed right after this…


  11. I don't feel like Kelsie will change. No offense, but I don't see her caring enough to put in the work and dedication to change.

  12. Im 12 and i sound and look like 16+. One time, there was a boy who is 18 yrs old and he was like texting me (because i saw him in a resort and my cousin knew him a little bit and he searched my facebook account through my cousins fb) he said his gf left him and blah blah blah and i thought that guy was hitting on me i said that i was only 11 (it was last year) and he said Oh! I thought you were 17 or 18 i guess it was kinda awkward for him. Believe it or not.

  13. Kelsey is definitely my least favorite buzzfeed person… I cringed so many times during the video where she and Eugene tried drinks from 50 states. She showed up already acting trashy drunk!

  14. I'm not surprised, state of women and how they live today. Plus she's so annoying, shut up and get out of curlys face dammit. Definitely a far lefty libtard

  15. Good one! However living a long life doesn't equate to quality of life! So enjoy yourselves when you can! Peace and love everyone! <3

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