A New Price Tag for Breast Cancer Genetic Testing
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A New Price Tag for Breast Cancer Genetic Testing

I’m Rachelle Grossman with today’s health
news. Do you think 4-thousand dollars is heavy to pay for genetic testing for breast or ovarian
cancer? What about 249-dollars? Thanks to a California-based, start-up company, patients
may soon be able to see the future of their health at a lower price. Through advanced
software systems, lab automation, and operational efficiency, Color Genomics is now offering
a comprehensive analysis of your genes for just 249-bucks. Company representatives tell
dailyRx News their mission is to make genetic testing available to everyone. According to
their website, the test includes a thorough analysis of 19 genes, including the BRCA1
and BRCA2 genes. These are the ones that normally protect you from getting certain cancers.
Women who inherit a mutation may have an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. The test
works through online ordering. Once you get it, all “you” have to do is provide a saliva
sample and mail it back. The company then connects clients with a board-certified genetic
counselor. It also shares the testing information with your primary care doctor, so you can
create a screening and prevention plan that works for you. Of course, you should always
speak with your own doctor about the best ways to determine your cancer risk.

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