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Alex Morgan Team MOLECULE

I love that soccer’s a team sport. It’s
the most played sport in the world. I was just a really active young girl and once
I started to play soccer I really gained these friendships… and not only was it a
team but it was just kind of like a sisterhood. I’m Alex Morgan and I play
soccer for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. I also am an Olympic gold medalist and a
World Cup champion. When people ask me how much time I usually spend during my
day playing my sport, it’s kind of hard to say just those two hours I’m on the
field. It’s really a 24-hour sport. Sleep is probably the most important recovery
tool that I use. I do find when I’m able to wind down and actually get into that
deep sleep, my recovery is just much better. I first heard about Molecule when
they reached out to my team and wanted me to try out a brand new mattress that they
were launching. I thought it was a really interesting concept because I never
heard about a mattress that really helped positively affect my sleep, my
recovery. Every professional athlete knows how important sleep is, and I would
extend that beyond athletes and say any active person just knows how important
it is to get quality rest and to wake up feeling recovered. I use the entire
Molecule sleep system. You could actually feel the difference with Molecule sleep
products. They’re very cool to the touch and extremely comfortable. It’s air
engineered from the ground up for maximum cooling, and it’s this cooling that
helps your body recover at its maximum rate. Their team of sleep doctors and
neurologists have worked really hard to guide product development. It’s tested
and trusted by elite athletes like me, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson. I was
definitely impressed by the effectiveness of Molecule products. I
felt like I was getting better sleep and having less interruptions, and I find it
all it just works really great together from the mattress to the sheets the
duvet. I use the pillows in the pillowcases as well. Me and my husband
are really happy. What I was really excited about is that they’re making a
dog bed and I know my pup, Blue will be super excited about that. Discover the Molecule difference for
yourself at

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