Alien: Isolation | Getting chased by Mr. Perfect Organism
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Alien: Isolation | Getting chased by Mr. Perfect Organism

hey how’s it going you may remember this video my sit had got corrupted so to do this all over again and fuck my ass and call me dead I also people told me not to read this shit you do is fucking boring so can I stop doing that yeah we could go scrap yeah boy anything so behind you fuck you know I’m gonna fucking help this guy because he was going to kill me you saved my life you killed that guy oh hey here we go I was afraid to say if I was going to get corrupted again thank God well well what except rewire what’s that Shiksha okay Tish today stable system Oh got it I got it okay if I can hide oh shit shut the fuck up if I can’t hide something something’s gonna come from me did you hear that ha you don’t fucking scare Oh Stan am I just going around instead the same say it’s a symbol of fuck you heard that you fucking heard that you wasn’t just me it’s fucking recording you fucking hurt fuck save yes door locks that oneself in get one I don’t know about that one this one is close this just more open you can go through here but I’m gonna check the check out the other door oh shit check the elevator up to six seven communication what fuck holy shit I feel fucking Oh Shh [Laughter] I am whispers go fucking out that fucking curtains get a shit out of me oh no no no no don’t kill me no no no no I mean I was or what I was upstairs excuse me can I can I take del I’m gonna have a range some sort [Music] fish in a barrel if it go all over again alright alright I knew you well I have to call first I ninja or she is coming back oh no oh I have to go where they came from please walk away stay awake jackass we’re gonna get through this I need you alive I’ll fucking [Music] joke I think she went downstairs come on I’m not going down there no way she’s got your hack tool it didn’t work we’ll find another way out we’ve been here too long already why didn’t they want to come down the stairs I wonder no no no no no no no oh mama mia mama mia mama mia let me save holiday better quinoa oh my fuckin this lucky meals like Julius nothing fucking heavy knife I grab the fucking gun key card okay okay I’m gonna vomit you’re gonna puke all over my setup oh god fuck you uh I don’t want to walk Oh fucking it was me Oh please don’t please no please dong my only worry is that I’m 100% you know full chips up belly [Music] don’t shit Wow fuck was done [Music] [Music] [Music] hmm this one this one and this one I’m a fucking hacker man [Music] disable security lockdown that in here no it’s not in here it’s probably here oh you again [Music] just following me the fuck is watching me more hacking don’t worry hey 100% watchdogs sure I didn’t get it what am I supposed to do oh no no no no no no no [Music] Oh No [Music] Oh fucking air [Music] Oh what I’m not gonna risk it let’s go we’ll have to hack it this this this okay oh god damn it oh shit where is it this this yes okay oh the fuck but fuck you sir it’s a fucking robot hello my name is Ripley Amanda Ripley I need your help please take a seat someone will be with you shortly no wonder seats ms/ms in the tech race I am tours require yes I am NOT e’en pronouncing it wrong ocean I need to get into control it’s an emergency don’t you realize what’s going on Obama has the situation in hand your registration is almost complete key card required forget it I’ll find my own way in okay datian this dumb buy some water – right there it’s been modified what’s that which shows my objective I guess that’s nice I don’t trust you yeah ah you enjoy those minigames they’re actually more you know they distract me call me down for the rest of the game it slashed like that was going let me pass it’s me Hughes don’t you recognize me listen to me we’ve got to re-establish long-range communications get back I’m warning you I’m not gonna mess with them I’m probably working with the alien that’s some height level theory shit here move over mo nice yakkung Oh games – too fucking intense for me come on yeah come on central communications hub speaks in employees only is it going to open Oh so she is looking for us did he see me he did see me fuck focus you afternoon hello sir oh well I’m running I’m on fucking money fuck H Shh oh please don’t come in here what what fuck no no no no no no no get out of there where’s where’s the revolver Oh No oh fuck I’m dead we’re back in here there’s a dude in dear public innocent investing only like less time [Music] oh what the fuck how the fuck do you see me Oh No [Music]

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