Alien life in space: Scientists discover extraterrestrial organisms in Earth’s atmosphere
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Alien life in space: Scientists discover extraterrestrial organisms in Earth’s atmosphere

British scientists believe they’ve discovered
life in space. No it’s not little green men but rather tiny
organisms in the Earth’s stratosphere, which is the second layer of our atmosphere. Scientists at the University of Sheffield
found the microbugs on a research balloon they sent 27 kilometres into the atmosphere
during a meteor shower last month – similar to this one they sent out for another experiment. The tiny organisms were discovered when the
specially designed balloon landed back on the ground near Wakefield. But the experts
insist that the organisms are not from the Earth’s surface and strict tests were carried
out to avoid contamination. Professor Milton Wainwright, who led the team
said that the size of the particle found on the balloon was too big too have been lifted
from earth. He said the discovery of the alien organisms could be revolutionary.

73 thoughts on “Alien life in space: Scientists discover extraterrestrial organisms in Earth’s atmosphere


  2. So they were in the earths atmosphere. They could have easily come from earth, just because they said it's unlikely doesn't mean it's impossible. Scientists find 100s of new kinds of animals, bugs and bacteria each year.

    Let me know when you find ET…

  3. What exactly would be extraordinary about learning they find microbes?, this is just the tip of the ice berg.

    As the saying goes, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  4. This could suggest life could exist in certain layers of a gas giant's atmosphere, like Jupiter. So this is fantastic news. Thank you ITN.

  5. life is ternasios & once established is known to try to use eyery possiable resorse life hs been evolving on earth for bilions of years we know less about tht than we do about virgil 9 what ever that fuck that is ?

  6. Earths is a cooking miracle of life i dont find it hard to believe these organisms orgin is from earth i wish they said if these organisms or tissues or cells or whatever were alive or not

  7. hmm.. It seems abit too far fetched …..

    But i do believe there is life on the other side of the moon , even under the surface. Machines and creatures. Did you know giant mushrooms grow inside caves on the moon?
    They, the moon creatures, are planing an attack. We must defend ourselves!!

  8. this is great! even the smallest life forms from alien locations could point to the existence of perhaps more intelligent life somewhere deeper in outer space 😀 also, for those that are interested, i'm pretty sure that they're sending out a rover to europa (one of jupiter's moons) in 2016 to look for micro organisms beneath its surface, and it's coming back in 2019. i can't wait 😀

  9. maybe few organisms can survive in space and travel allover the universe… and maybe thats how life started on earth.. and maybe other planets?

  10. They were discovered during a meteor shower. Are they implying that these micro organisms rode here on the meteors and were released when they burned up on entry? If not, they can't really be classified as alien if they exist in our atmosphere. It is still an amazing discovery either way.

  11. My thoughts exactly. the atmospheres of gas giants have enormous variety of climates making places of diverse climatic permutations and combinations available for life to thrive. But we all kind of know it isn't it.

    I mean its more of finding proof rather than determining if life exists. Thanks ITN. interesting stuff.

  12. This is disturbing ~ the fact that these scientists can simply bring "unknown, ALIEN, FOREIGN microcrap back to earth..
    It just takes some stupid random act like the one performed here to go wrong in some way and create a new virus that wipes us out… as if the human races doenst have enough on its plate to worry about …
    The stratosphere is there to protect us from harmful space microbes !! They don't belong here on earth !!!

  13. haha, you dumb yanks have spent 100's of billions traveling all through the solar system looking for life. yet us brits managed to find the first evidence using a fucking balloon hahaha

  14. Is this some sort of fucking competition to you? the Viking 1 found microbes on mars more than 30 years ago, grow the fuck up.

  15. wtf are you talking about? they re suggesting that the life came from space, pulled in by earths gravity and ended up on the collection plates attached to the balloon. You know as in extraterrestrial haha fantastic, the yanks always love to be the best, the biggest and the first to do anything. Yet they rarely are, but they always think they are regardless of facts. the country that invented fox news haha

  16. Your jus a complete idiot trying to priove a point when it's completely fucjking fake and not true to go in to space you have to fall out the earths atmosphere having done that how the fuck would he make back in the earths atmosphere when he's in orbit?

  17. And I'm from uk and it ain't rocket science to realise uk is fuck all without America they wipe our asses every year jus dumb bellends like " biglikeinnit " trying to be smart when he clearly knows nothing apart from the streets

  18. Stop arguing dumb virgins you can't change someone's views with your stupid keyboard and stupid words. Oh yea go America

  19. Being in the stratosphere does not imply from whence they came.How about the possibility that they ascend from the troposphere, being extremely light. slow witted idiot.

  20. 1. There is no mechanism for bacteria to be ejected 41km into the stratosphere; the most violent volcanic eruption throws debris ~30km
    2. Bacteria would succumb to gravity and fall (a 10µm particle is too massive to have came from the surface)
    3. There is no wind in the stratosphere
    4. The Tropopause prevents particles reaching farther than 20km

  21. Seriously, scientist have known that aliens exist for decades, isn't it funny as soon as the government shut down, the U.S revealed to the public that area 51 does in-fact exist and now we have found alien life, coincidence?

  22. You may be scientifically correct, for I don't want to bother searching subjects which do not interest me.
    However my comment was that since the stratosphere is part of the Earth system, it is not classified as "space" and so the video titles is incorrect and misleading. Thus acquitting me of your accusation of me being a fool.

  23. I'm sure there is alien life out there, but people have trouble accepting that the earth isn't the center of the universe. Great video! Hope to see more like it!

  24. hm im  a metaphysics student … there's evidence of extraterrestrial  life.. such as bacteriologic  stuff y'all learn at high school.. in the other hand there is no evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence.. earth is the center for intelligent life and physical.remember life on earth started it as there is no reason for universe to have far more advance consciousness ,, 

  25. How do the scientists know the micro-organisms are extra-terrestrial?
    Have they correctly taken precautions from contaminating the samples with terrestrial microorganisms, when they were opened in the lab?
    Was the lab a level 4 containment facility with adequate quarantine equipment?
    Was the sample canister properly sterilized before it was installed on the instrument gondola?
    Was the sample collection canister properly shielded from terrestrial microbial contamination whilst it ascended the atmosphere, and then whilst it returned to ground level?
    How did they make sure no terrestrial micro-organisms broke in after the instrument gondola landed/impacted on the ground?
    Was the sample collection canister properly sterilized before transport from the landing site, kept in proper quarantine during transport, and then sterilized thoroughly again before it entered the laboratory?
    Were proper quarantine protocols followed whilst the sample collection canister was in the laboratory?

    How did they prove the micro-organisms shown are of extra-terrestrial origin? Did they perform a DNA test?
    Did the DNA test involve PCR, and how did they make sure the PCR process did not favour a coincidental assembly of terrestrial DNA sequences?
    Were there any other nucleic acid bases present; i.e. not the ACGT that characterizes terrestrial forms of life?

  26. Ive seen much bigger examples of those things photographed by astronauts. In fact they are quite common up there.The theory is that they are amino acids that have evolved to live up there on the edge of space. But the funny thing is that theyre identical to the ones living in the sea as well?

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