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Allele Genomics Hub101 Incubator Demo

Do you want to use the most cutting-edge research
to improve your health, but don’t know where to start? Welcome to Allele. Allele Genomics is the first consumer genomics
company to focus on heart disease, and help you improve your health by translating confusing
raw genetic data into simple, actionable reports. It’s easy to create a free profile with
your name and email. Our Heart, Medicine, Nutrition, and Detox+
reports work synergistically together to illustrate how specific genes affect your well-being,
and what you can do to counteract potentially harmful effects. Connect your account to 23andMe or upload
your raw genetic data in just seconds. Make sure to accept the disclaimer.  Once you’ve bought your report at our store,
your genetic risk score is automatically calculated. Our GRS algorithm is the first of its kind,
and categorizes your personalized SNPs, or DNA variations, to make it easy to see which
ones affect your health the most.  We also include a visualization of your
rarest and most common genes, a fun and innovative way to see which genes you should focus on
with your doctor.  Each gene comes with an easy-to-understand
description, complete with helpful definitions and links so that you can become an expert
on yourself. Our Nutrition report details which vitamins
you may need to supplement with, and which form of the vitamin your body needs. Our Detox+ report clearly defines your unique
detoxification pathways, and what you can do to feel your best. If you have heart disease, or family history
of heart disease, you can greatly benefit from our Heart report. Or try out our Medicine report, a simple way
to see how your body metabolizes drugs, to understand how you and your doctor can help
reduce negative side effects from your medications. In one click, you can email or print out your
reports as PDFs and share them with your friends and family. We recommend that you talk to your doctor
about your customized reports, and follow up with any suggestions.  Heart disease is the number #1 killer in the
United States, and we want to help you be treated as an individual, not as a diagnosis. Now is the time for personalized genomics. Now is the time to re-discover you.

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  1. Amazing! My father had a five bypass at 42, very young. we all just found out we have mthfr mutations so we get it why this happened at such a young age. There's a huge connection. I Love your videos on your Geneangel channel.

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