Amazing Earth Facts To Blow Your Mind
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Amazing Earth Facts To Blow Your Mind

Our planet is amazing. Orbiting around the sun at a whopping speed
of 107,218 km/h, that’s pretty fast for such a big body – and though Earth can’t
step on a scale – NASA calculates its mass at 5,972,190,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg (five
septillion, nine hundred seventy two sextillion, one hundred ninety quintillion kilograms). However, our planet is continually gaining
and losing mass. We take on an estimated 40,000 tonnes of space
dust that the earth’s gravity pulls in like a giant vacuum – this dust is vestiges of
our solar system, broken up asteroids and the matter that never turned into planets. But we lose mass largely due to gases (farting
earth drawing). Gases like hydrogen are so light that they
are escaping through the atmosphere at a rate of 3 kg per second – that’s 95,000 tonnes
a year. But what about us? The human population in 1987 was 5 billion
and it is now estimated at 7.6 billion! Do our bodies and all the structures we put
on the surface of the earth affect the mass of the planet? No, because we are actually made up of existing
matter on the planet. That matter is atoms – and we’ve been able
to identify 118 different kinds (elements) but what makes up 90% of us is just 3 elements:
oxygen (65%), carbon (18.5%) and hydrogen (9.5%). Two of those elements make up the liquid vital
for life: water. Our oceans cover 70% of the planet. At its deepest depth the Mariana Trench is
measured at 10,994m – for context if you put the base of Mount Everest at the bottom of
the Trench, the peak would still be 1.6km underwater. Our oceans are still largely a mystery – with
only 5% of it explored. With more knowledge we could better understand
how the Deep-Sea Octopus (Graneledone boreopacifica) had the longest egg-brooding period ever recorded
(pregnancy). This committed mama located in Monterey Bay
wrapped her arms around her 160 plus eggs, protecting them for 53 months without eating
the entire time, how she survived so long is still a mystery. Similarly inspiring – the bowhead whale can
live to be 150-200 years old! In 2007, a Bowhead whale was found swimming
with an arrow-shaped harpoon fragment embedded in its blubber from hunters from over a century
ago. But the oldest animal is the antarctic glass
sponge and is estimated to be 15,000 years old – that’s older than the pyramids, older
than the wheel. Meanwhile on land, the Bristlecone pine is
the oldest living individual tree at 5067 years. But ‘The Pando’, a clonal colony of 40,000
genetically identical quaking aspens in Utah is estimated at 80,000 years old and is considered
all one tree! Plants, have a myriad of strategies to defend
themselves. A recent study revealed that some cope with
being eaten by setting off a molecular chain of events that causes them to grow back bigger,
produce more seeds, and increase chemical defenses. Meanwhile, the pebble toad defends itself
from predators by tightening all of its muscles turning it essentially into a rubber ball
that can bounce down mountains out of harm’s way. When the pistol shrimp wants a snack they
simply snap its claw to shoot out ‘cavitation bubbles’ to stun/kill their prey. These bubbles are the formation of vapour
cavities in water that happen due to the rapid pressure change. When these bubbles collapse, they generate
temperatures of 8000 degrees fahrenheit – roughly the same temperature as the sun’s surface. Speaking of heat – the bacteria Thermophilus
aquaticus can live in scalding hot environments and can survive temps of 80 °C (176 °F). For most organisms, the bonds holding together
the proteins we are made of begin to denature around 45°C, causing the proteins to lose
their shape and functionality. The Thermophilus aquaticus gets around this
by producing heat tolerant enzymes that increase the number of bonds that hold the protein
together. At the other extreme, our planet can be frigid,
−89.2 °C (−128.6 °F) being the lowest recorded temperature. Animals cope with winter in different ways. Where bears choose to sleep slowing their
heart rate to 10 beats per minute. While the tiny red-toothed shrew will shrink
their own heads, reducing their skull and brain mass by as much as 20 percent as a means
to conserve energy. How we survive is one thing – but what we
contribute to the planet is also significant. Though it may seem obvious to you that animals
like your cats and dogs have unique personalities, several scientists had long rejected the idea. Now there are confirmed surveys to measure
the unique personalities of chimps which are a product of natural selection. All of this action occurs on the earth’s
crust which by volume only makes up 1% of the earth. There’s a lot of life on our amazing pale
blue dot.

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