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Amazing Life Together | The Science of Love

Julian: So far this season we’ve talked to
some really amazing couples and have received some really great feedback from you viewers.
One story we want to highlight is this young couple, Liz and Ryan Bauer. Now they’re on
a journey to figure out what makes a really great marriage. Together they have started
a movement called “Amazing Life Together” and here they are to share a bit of their
incredible journey with you! Ryan: So I’m Ryan, this is my wife Liz we
just got back from the first part of our “Amazing Life Together” road trip!
Liz: It’s our dream to get out there and to meet amazing couples around the world. To
document their stories and share them with everyone.
Ryan: No matter what a marriage isn’t what you think it’s going to be when you say “I
do.” Liz: You don’t ever think about those hard
times that are going to come up and knowing that you’re not in it alone, there are other
people that have walked those hard paths, I think is one of the best things about this
adventure we’ve been on is learning that we’re not in this alone.
Richie: It’s hard. Yeah we have our own coping strategies, not just coping enjoyment strategies
if you will, but it doesn’t make it easy. Molly: Stick with it through the struggles
because it’s the struggles, it’s during that hard time that you want to up and leave, but
once you get through it you’ve got that strong history, you’ve been through these harder
times, you know you’re going to make it through. Stick with it!
Matt: When I was applying to business school it was always we are looking at business school
and you just said it again we were talking about it, it was a “we” thing even though
it was my education, it became very much us. Liz: One of our favorite piece of advice that
Natalie and Richie gave us was that you should never compare your marriage to someone else’s
marriage because what you’re seeing out on social media, which is so easy to share often
times is someone’s highlight reel. The good days of their kids not necessarily the temper
tantrums that are happening behind the scenes. You know you’re seeing those really happy
moments and it’s so easy to compare yourself to that marriage or to that person. We really
hope to show in the stories that we’re able to share that life isn’t always perfect but
it certainly is amazing! SoulPancake,

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