Amazon Rainforest Fires – What you need to know
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Amazon Rainforest Fires – What you need to know

[Music] so there are fires raging in the Amazon rainforest over the past few days there’s been a massive surge of attention towards this on social media which is good but as always it’s led to a lot of misinformation being spread around so I felt like I needed to make this video just to clear a few things up and to explain a few things a little bit further this is not going to be a comprehensive look at the entire situation and I want to keep it as brief as possible so that you can get the information that you need as quickly as possible but hopefully it’ll fill in a few blanks for you I’ll put timestamps down below so that you can jump to whatever section that you think might be most helpful for you and I’ll also provide links to a bunch of articles that I’ve used for this video and if I’ve missed out any information that you think is important then please leave it down in the comments below I’m not a journalist I just wanted to make a video using the information that I’ve found doing research of my own all right let’s get on with it now first off I just want to say that if you’re passionate about a cause please be careful about the links and the images that you’re sharing recognize this image how about these they’ve been thrown around the internet by a whole load of well-meaning people in the past few days but the thing is none of these images are from this year’s fires in the Amazon rainforest this one is from 30 years ago and this one isn’t even from the Amazon it’s from India now the reason I brought this up first is because I really believe that spreading misinformation can bring more harm to your cause as it can be used as ammunition by the people that are against it and this actually happened with this image between the French and Brazilian presidents all right so what is actually happening so Brazil Space Research Center has reported that preliminary data suggests that it’s detected over 74 thousand fires in Brazil between January and August this year which is an increase of 84 percent compared to the same period in 2018 and over half of these fires were in the Amazon rainforest this is the highest number since these sorts of records began back in 2013 and so far the amount of carbon dioxide being released by the area is at its highest levels since 2010 these are just preliminary reports though confirmation is still needed nASA has even stated that using a different mechanism it detected fairly average levels of fires in the Amazon basin over the same period compared to the past 15 years and it’s even detected below average amounts in certain regions so don’t treat these figures as 100% correct it could turn out that there are less fires but it could also turn out that there are even more fires with even more recent estimates suggesting that the amount of fires is increasing more and more rapidly all right so does this mean that all the social media hype is potentially over nothing in my opinion no not at all there are still a massive amount of fires occurring in the Amazon right now but despite what a lot of social media posts and some articles might make you believe the whole of the Amazon rainforest isn’t on fire and we’re not about to run out of oxygen to breathe these fires aren’t all happening at the same time although it has been reported that thousands of fires are happening across the Amazon simultaneously now I think that a really crucial detail for everyone to understand is that it’s likely that the majority of these fires are occurring in areas that have previously been cleared for the most part it isn’t really the fresh lush rainforest that you imagine when you think of the Amazon rainforest that’s actually burning but a vital distinction that comes with this is that these aren’t wild fires like you see in places like California the Amazon just doesn’t burn like those sorts of drier landscapes and so natural wildfires are really rare no these fires that are happening right now are mostly intentionally set human-made fires you see fire is a crucial part of a technique known as slash and burn farming which is used to clear land and convert it into agricultural land in the case of the Amazon rainforest trees are cut down they’re left to dry and then they’re burnt they do this for a number of reasons including the fact that weirdly soil in the Amazon is pretty poor in nutrient content this is because the ecosystems and the organisms within it are so efficient and quick at recycling organic material that its nutrients barely reached the soil when it decays instead they’re locked up in vegetation so burning the trees that have been chopped down creates ash that new crops can be grown in and that new pasture land for cattle can be created with but these farmlands are quickly worn out so new areas of forests need to be cut down and set alight in order to create new land for cultural use in the Amazon these fires are set in the dry season which is what it is right now and during this dry season fires can more easily spread so these fires that were intentionally set in these cleared areas spreads into that primary growth the green lush rainforest growth which can lead to wildfire breakouts and can be extremely damaging the farmers in the region do this every year at the same time which leads to the question if the estimates turn out to be true why the increase of fires compared to previous years this supposedly hasn’t been a particularly dry season so it’s got to be something else and it’s most likely due to increased deforestation and it’s this issue that I think is most important about this entire situation the fires and the damage they bring are awful yes but the underlying cause of them is the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in order to make it useful the different industries now in the Amazon the leading driver behind deforestation is to convert it into pasture land for cattle which accounts for around 80% of current rates deforestation rates in the Brazilian Amazon have actually been falling dramatically since around 2005 which was seen as an environmental success story but in recent years that trend is reversing 20:18 showed Brazil’s highest deforestation rates in ten years an early data has suggested that July this year showed record rates possibly as high as several football pitches worth of forest every single minute and with increased amount of deforestation for agricultural use comes increased amount of fires at this time of year again I have to stress that the data suggesting there are increased numbers of fires this year is preliminary and it needs to be confirmed at a later date now some have suggested that the increases in deforestation for this sort of use are down to the policies and the views of the recently elected president Olson ro who has rolled back environmental protections and promoted the clearing of land by loggers farmers and miners for economic growth which could definitely be the case or whatever the cause deforestation is the underlying issue and if deforestation rates continue to increase we could see a 40% loss of the Amazon rainforest in the next 50 years which could clearly be devastating for the entire world for a whole heap of different reasons now I’m not going to be covering these reasons in this video bowling an article by the World Wildlife Fund which does a really good job outlining them so although the details of what’s happening and not completely understood just yet the take home message is that it indicates an ongoing process of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest that is potentially increasing due to political and economic reasons now some of you might be wondering what you can do to help now the first and the simplest thing you can do is simply share this video help me spread the message and counteract some of the misinformation that’s being spread on social media and online now secondly you can talk with your money look at the products that you’re buying and look at where they’re coming from and make an informed decision about whether or not you want to continue to support those products this can also include reducing your intake of beef seeing as Brazil is the largest exporter of beef in the world the idea goes that the less the world demands the less demand for increased agriculture there will be and lastly consider supporting organizations that actively try to protect the Amazon rainforest a couple that I’d suggest are Amazon watch rainforest trust and Amazon conservation team I’ll include links to all of these down below so you can easily find them and I’ll also be joining you by donating everything that I earned from the aspect science patreon last month to Amazon watch alright so this was a little bit of a different video to normal but I really felt the need to make it as quickly as possible and just get it out there to you please consider supporting what I do on patreon and thank you to everyone who has already done so as always your support means so much right so until next time you keep discovering the world around you and I’ll see you then you [Music]

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  1. Please SHARE THIS VIDEO if you found it useful. Thanks for watching. Time stamps below. Selection of sources and links in the description. ✌🌎🌳
    If you would like to contribute subtitles in your language, please do here:
    0:00 – Intro
    00:54 – Fake photos and their consequences
    01:38 – What is actually happening?
    02:37 – Is the social media hype all for nothing?
    03:04 – A crucial detail to understand – the fires are started intentionally
    03:37 – Why the fires are started (Slash and burn agriculture)
    04:45 – Why are there so many this year?
    05:00 – The most important issue – Deforestation
    06:00 – President Jair Bolsonaro
    06:20 – Summary + Conclusion
    06:55 – What you can do to help

    If I missed anything, screwed up any info, or if any info has been updated since I wrote and filmed this video, please add it to the comments section and make people aware of it. I tried to collate the information I found whilst doing my own research, but as I'm one of those human folks I do make mistakes.

  2. Here's some things. It's hard to keep fires going during the wet season, which is now. Remember, if it's summer up north, it's winter in the south. Fires are good for forests and carbon dioxide is what plants need to convert to oxygen. The problem with the Amazon has been going on since the 70's, but with climate change (as it always happened since the beginning of Earth) the planet will evolve and other rain forests will flourish. Maybe not in this lifetime, but generations to come and that's if humans can keep from killing each other off and reaping natural resources. Mother Earth has its ways of purging the infection (us). It's why research, development and the heart of pilgrimage and adventure will guide beyond this planet to explore the vast beyond to protect the human species even though we are the worst parasite on this planet and possibly beyond

  3. Thank you for this clear and balanced perspective. It has really helped me understand the situation better.

  4. 40% loss. That will lead to a shutdown of the hydrological cycle and the Amazon would automatically tip to a savanna. If we lose more than 27% it's pretty much done.

  5. Thanks for correcting a lot of the disinformation that is being spread and explaining the story behind the fires
    The problems in Brazil need the truth to confront the perpetrators not a lot of hype

  6. You’re inaccurate too, yes intentionally set, but 2 points- #1 the fires are encroachment on indigenous lands, #2 the fires are seen from space, the soil of the Amazon is prone to rapid soil erosion like no other soil on Earth. Your first half of this video is sugar coating this catastrophe.

  7. Many of the problems could be solved with other ways of farming in South America. When I was there many years ago nobody knew about clower and alpha. There are also lots of nitrogen fixing trees.

  8. Nice video. It's real journalism, it's impartial, something extremely rare these days since journalists are endangered species.
    I'm wondering how many of all these people criticising and spreading fake news will give up eating beef and soy (the cattle is fed with soy). Less hypocrisy and more attitude 😉

  9. Yes, beef is bad for the Amazon. With more and more Impossible burgers and Beyond meats popping up in restaurants, the choice should be obvious.

  10. I’m curious about the net effects of US farmers who willingly lose business 4trump tariff war and take subsides. This has sent HUGE business to China supply side, captured by Brazil and Canada to pick up that slack, which in turn ignited more of these fires to slash and burn lands in an effort to replace US farm products that trump Tariffs have taken off the table. Losing US farm business to Brazil via trump tariff war, shows a direct cause & effect loop. One that is clearly VISIBLE from current satellites in Earth’s upper atmosphere. What about that?

  11. This was really excellent mate. Sometimes the "simplest" videos are the most effective. You've grown with every video but this one had an academic swagger to it. It was direct, confident, informative and interesting. Really happy that it's being seen by so many people! Nice work mate, keep it up. 🙂

  12. More than 90% of the Amazon Deforestation is due to ANIMAL AGRICULTURE ( Cattle ranching / growing crops for this cattles for Beef / Pork ) , Going Vegan or reducing meat consumption is the ONLY WAY TO STOP THIS DEVASTATION

  13. Thank you so much for exposing the truth Sir! You gave me lots to think about without the sensations most people do.

  14. Looking for the pinned comment with timestamps, but where are the TIMESTAMPS? Misinformation can bring more harm to your cause when you don’t pin information that was promised in the video description. Peace and one love ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Well I lost all faith in humanity. Glad to know that there are many other people out there that cares and are trying to do something right now but I’m just going to say it now. I hate humanity and for what ManKind has done to this beautiful planet. Thanks for this video and I’m a Forestry Ambassador so seeing this hurts me a lot since my job is to inform people about forests and animals and why they are important and need protection. I feel so useless over here because I can’t do much however, I have been telling literally everyone I know and told them to tell their friends. I also alerted my Ambassador mentors and friends and hopefully we can start raising money or something. My school has also started to think about starting an organization to raise lots of money and somehow dethrone the president there. Thanks again. Stay positive people! you can help by planting many trees and trying to buy as much land as possible!

  16. You did a good job with the video, but in my opinion, the misinformation you talk of is minor, regarding the photos. Not everyone can fly down to the Amazon and take a photo during this 3 week period when the fires have increased and run out of control. I'm getting my information from the New York Times, which is a trusted source. Your describing the destruction of the Amazon as normal with statements like "But these farmlands are quickly worn out, so new areas need to be cut down and set to light, in order to clear new land for agricultural use." You say. I'm sorry, the rainforest does not need to be cut down and set to light. I'm glad you support preservation of the rainforest, but your explaining of the misinformation and why farmers do what they do, and data that shows that deforestation hasn't increased as much as we think, gives the apathetic and the greedy excuses to do nothing about this urgent problem. If some people's alarm and reaction is factually a little extreme, it is for a very good reason. Many scientists have concluded we have only 15 years to turn around carbon emission or else there will be no turning back.

  17. The soil in the Amazon rainforest is the poorest and most infertile in the world. If one cuts down the forest, it is irretrievably lost. The humus layer is quickly washed out. Three years after clearing the forest (at the latest, nothing will grow there. What remains is washed out, worthless soil.

    Note: Buy grass fed beef.

  18. "Nothing will benefit health or increase chances of survival on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." – Albert Einstein

  19. 3rd world held by the balls by 1st world globalists/financiers.

    $ = deforestation.

    Human extinction within 60 years at current rate of species extinction.

    No one is listening 🙁

  20. Preserving life on this planet and caring for the environment is of particular interest to those who have generated descendants and / or those with a high level of awareness and awareness. An economic model that destroys the environment creates an inappropriate development model, a misconception, of false progress / development.

  21. It's being burned. Fires don't ignite in wet rain forests. So please, save it.
    Saying goofy things like 'social media and on-line' raises a red flag.

  22. Just my amateur perspective, just let the major media and the world panic about the Amazon even if this scientist/narrator says it's not accurate, at least it will wake up the masses to caring about the natural world and how it supports us. Maybe they'll quit going to McDonald's, Burger King etc and have soy burgers instead, from a meat consumption standpoint.

  23. Truth is that they started the fires for soya and money. Simple. Don’t beat around the bush. Money is the root of all evil. Money is not evil you are. Every single one of us.

  24. We have taken more flights in 2019 than the whole of 2018, we still drive gas guzzling cars, we haven't changed our agricultural system. We're doing so little as to be nothing. The Amazon fires are just part of this uncaring attitude.

  25. what you need to know is that i predicted this would happen, as i have numerous other developments in this crisis we're calling 'the future'. what i also predicted was that climatologists were being intentionally conservative in their estimates, creating a false-hope optimism that we have time/the power to stop the looming cataclysm that we all know in our hearts (unconsciousness) is unavoidable. that prediction i made more than ten years ago, and since then, all estimates have been drastically revised to shorter time-frame estimates of when the excrement hits the fan. remember when they were using the year 2100? then in was 2050, now it's come out that by 2030, blah blah blah. the point is, once they backtrack, they lose cred., which brings me to this guy. his message starts as; 'don't spread exaggerated misinfo. re; these fires.' then he follows with so many qualifiers, one of which is the fact that he is not a journalist (nor climatologist i'm guessing), simply a guy who cares who happens to own a computer. now, he follows the first flaccid attempt by a lot of other pathetic 'shoulds' that will make a difference if you do it, but it's a difference that amounts to less than one divided by over seven billion. the reason this number is less than estimated world population is because you and i and this guy are not the 'change agents' that bolsenaro and trump are, let's face it. we don't make the real decisions like clearing the amazon r.f., and frankly, we would have no business doing so. but that doesn't mean we should lie to ourselves so that we can feel better about things. europeans and their american spawn already cleared their forests, centuries ago, then we only got better at paving over and burning stuff. compared to those campesinos, we in the west are responsible for releasing more carbon into the atmosphere than anyone in the developing world before we are out of training pants. then we have kids of our own…the point is, we have no right, business telling brazilians what to do, no matter how disgusting it is. that's what humans do. don't procreate. quit bullshitting yourself with your progressive humanist delusion. we the people are in control of nothing, and the decision not to try and save this planet was made by our masters before we were born. deal with it. the plan is to consolidate all the wealth/resources, use them to colonize another planet, then take a very limited # of 'humans' to that new world and restart the process of trashing another ecosystem. that is our heritage and destiny, and as i saw this latest chapter in the collapse from many years ago, i see the truth behind and leading up to our 'future'. really people; don't have kids…


  27. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of truth. You know the tree by it's fruit and your video is presented with apparent facts that could help anyone further discern what is actually going on, as much as possible from a distance. You just earned another subber..I'm glad I found your video.

  28. What a disaster the world has becomes. Just think of how easy it would be to put the fires out if the world worked together as one. Don't think about the cost or whatever other stupid reasons we can come up with. This is our home, but we can't save it because it cost too much. I can't believe we still let money decide how quick we get to the future.

  29. Beef, pig and chickens eat the majority of Soy produced. Indirectly, we are causing deforestation through our addiction to meat. I eat meat but probably once a month literally. Here's an article again by the wwf It's a significant driver. Mark

  30. I love your realistic and objective approach. The case for safeguarding the Amazon basin is so much stronger for it.🙏

  31. Bio-Physical Collapse: In the Amazon, nothing is adapted to fire. Humans are not adapted to pesticides. Plankton are not adapted to acid. This is Full Spectrum Collapse.
    The plants and animals that make up temperate and boreal forests have long been adapted to fire. In fact, many plants, animals and insects depend on fire to survive, not so the rainforest.

    In the Amazon, nothing is adapted to fire. What the Amazon fires mean for wild animals

    Likewise, humans are not adapted to chemical poisoning.

    Teenagers estimated to have higher levels of prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides from agricultural spraying showed altered brain activity, finds one of the first studies to use advanced brain imaging to reveal how exposure to these chemicals in the womb changes brain activity.

    It's the same for Alaskan salmon. They're not prepared for life in hot water. Alaska is warming 3-5X faster than the rest of the planet.

    The Rivers Are So Warm in Alaska That Salmon Are Dying

    Oceans are acidifying 100X faster than anything in the geologic record. Such rapid onset acidification has never happened before. The plankton that produce our oxygen cannot adapt.

    Acid oceans are shrinking plankton, fuelling faster climate change

    The world is collapsing not just from climate change. It's collapsing on every level, from the bio-chemical level, up to the macro-planetary level. Thinking that the earth will be fine without us is simply not true. We are destroying life from the cellular to the planetary scale. What we are doing to this planet is even worse than what the asteroid of 60 million years ago did, because we are destroying the oceans on every level, from mega-fauna down to micro- flora and fauna.

    We have become so cut off from reality that we ignore child slaves in the Congo who mine minerals for electric cars, which will have absolutely no effect on the climate, but make us "look" really really cool.

    4 year olds are working as coal miners so you can drive an electric car: Awful human cost in squalid Congo cobalt mine that is never considered in 'clean energy' crusades

    Elon Musk Promoting "Lifestyle" Not Climate Help, Says Singapore

    We care more about green jobs and green profits, than about actually saving our planet.

    China's Air Pollution Is So Bad, the Sun's Rays Can't Reach Solar Panels

    We have to stop burning trees for electric power, and plants in our cars. We have to stop pretending this is good for the climate and environment. It's criminally delusional. Europe gets 50% of its green electricity burning imported trees. They plan on burning palm oil in their cars until 2030.

    Palm oil: Indonesia and Malaysia push back as EU clamps down

    Most of the damage has been done on a planetary scale, at every level over the last 60 years. Most of this damage cannot be reversed or stopped, but we're not even trying to face the reality of we are doing.

    The last I heard, Israel just attacked 4 different countries in the Middle East. War can do more to accelerate collapse than any other delusion we suffer.

  32. Appalachian fire Witch , I did educate myself, I saw hundreds of MELTED CARS nowhere near any wood that had burned , in fact the MELTED cars were right next to trees that were UNSCATHED WITH ALL THEIR LEAVES INTACT. You probably believe the Towers were brought down by two planes. Keep up the good work of fighting the fires, started MANY BELIEVE BY YOUR OWN G0V; , Have a nice Day, as they say Stateside.

  33. The 20% of the world's oxygen figure is VERY misleading. Rainforests like this (and most forests, actually) use up the oxygen they create. From how it was explained in another video, think of earth like a giant room filled with air. You've got what you've got despite photosynthesis from plants and trees and algae. And what we've got is reportedly going to last millions of years.

    It is NOT the oxygen we need to be worried about. It is the CLIMATE, and the loss of life, biodiversity, and a wellspring for medicines and potential medicines.

  34. Almost perfect, his analysis failed to add that Amazonia currently corresponds to 60% of the Brazilian territory and that the territory for agriculture is 13%.

  35. Way to ruin the momentum. The pictures don't have to be an exact picture to make a post. Everyone understands this – it's the sentiment that matters. Animals are dying. So showing animals in distress is valid. Expecting everyone to head down to the Amazon and trudge into the fire to get an actual picture is ludicrous. Anyone who thinks so is probably a sociopath just looking to squirm out of caring and everyone knows this – except you apparently. The fires were set on already cleared land so it's not a big deal according to you, and yet reports that 'illegal' fires were set and indigenous people burned off their lands are everywhere and there was even a flyer posted telling people to burn down the forests to show the president that 'they were not afraid to work' – this is from actual journalists and people who live in the areas. And then you say you care and 'give me money'. I don't think so.

  36. So your plan is to stop buying products from these people and oppress them even further, which will force them to sell their products for less — having an effect of them needing to ramp up even more production. Your not a thinker but you make a good video. Lower poverty even more and you'll get even more sex slaves and hungry people. Quit trying to feel good about yourself — all this bullshit virtue signaling. All nations need to go through an industrial revolution to become safer, freer and of course, cleaner. Like the nation you live in!

  37. Evo Morales, president of Bolivia dosen't want international help.
    Today, so many animals and plants are still dying. We need International Help.
    Wwe're using #soschiquitania #SOSBolivia please spread this!
    We need help
    You can see on Instagram a profile that shows what's happening in Bolivia @waterthruskin
    Sorry for my english

  38. we Will lose one third.. of our trees …one third of our water… One third of our land And StillNo One Will Listen… Revelations…

  39. I think it's also important to tell that Bolsonaro is always lying about everything that is happening, and also even fired scientists for for doing their job and shared data as they always did, Bolsonaro is a authoritarian president and we need help urgently!
    Deus Salve o meu Brasil.

  40. There was even states in wich the skies became completely black at 3pm like it were night, and rained black water from the skies, some people thought it were the end of the world, well, not sure if they were wrong.

  41. Great work, even I made a small video on this hope you have seen and it included one of the pics you mentioned which was 30 years old..

  42. How much of that rainforest is already gone …? What about INDONESIA… It's a bigger disaster for its forest ..our forest .. boycott beef…

  43. What people have to understand is that the leftists are using anything they can to support their narrative regarding their so called 'climate change' agenda. The fires in the Amazon are not even at any record levels at all. What there is a Rightist government, and that's all.So the leftists are going to town on misinformation. These are mostly man made fires.
    But, the left will use whatever they can to push their agenda of overtaxation via fear mongering. Don't vote these know nothings in. If they are in power, vote them out.

  44. I’m wondering suddenly the whole world is giving a shit about what’s happening in Brazil!


    What happened to the native forest in Europe?? 🤔🤔🤔

  45. Since 2003 the records are clear: this is routine slash-and-burn agriculture.
    "Record rates"? No. It's closer to the average of the past 15 years.
    It's actually kinda low.
    As of August 23rd we had 105,558 fires.
    This time of year in 2005: 205,000 fires.
    On average: 120,000 fires.
    The media is lying to demonize Bolsonaro because he is right wing. All of a sudden, these fires are a problem. Also the photo that has been circulating is a stock photo from 2003.

  46. The meek shall enherit the earth.
    Meek – quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive.
    Clearly we aren't meek, the animals are.
    Conclusion: We're all gonna die.
    Have a nice day. 😊

  47. I appreciate the video, no spin. My gripe is with your use of words like "less" and "amount".
    These represent quantities not numbers. English distinguishes between what are called counting nouns like cars and mass nouns like water. I can have an amount of water but I must have a number of cars. I can have less water but I must have fewer cars. I know it does not sound correct to you but the sign at the express check out lane should read "10 items or fewer" not less. If you don't agree LOOK IT UP. I hope someone learned something from this.


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