Ancestry DNA results and review #DaymonWarren #DWtech
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Ancestry DNA results and review #DaymonWarren #DWtech

what’s up peeps so what we gonna check
out yep you’re looking at it ancestry DNA where
your story grows I guess before we get started your first time here my name is
Daniel Warren this is the channel like subscribe comment thanks for being here
what I’m gonna do today is check out finally I did this on prime day is gonna
check out the ancestry DNA thing right update it with new features ethnicity
details and more new ways to explore your DNA matches new guided experience
all right or to come with that later when we get the results back let’s open
up the books on a mobile phone don’t know the app easy activation blah blah
blah on a computer activate the kit your your new activation code is located on
the outside oh the spit – I Spit I thought I have appeared okay do not skip
this step activating your kit Unicode is the only way to get your DNA results
there’s all that stuff I’m reading right there participants name
all right after I do all that spit in the tube that’s what we’re gonna be
doing fill the tube with saliva to the black wavy line fill the tube into your
saliva not including bubbles I did something like this at Franklin
Institute so was a beef like a little DNA thing we had only tubing you spit in
and you shake it and it made it hard so I think it’s gonna do the same thing solution and they may love that this is
the solution right there this is the spittoon – right there with the little
thing make sure I get all my spit in there
we got the mailbag box boom boom we’ve got this thing and the solution this
stabilizes the DNA and then there’s some writing on the back of that the
collection baggie I had to wait like a half an hour before I could spit in the
tube right suggest it wait a half an hour before you collect the saliva
fit into the little funnel cup at the top and then I screw on the top there
right so that was pretty much it right for this right here and I had to
register to register ratios real easy I downloaded the apps there was two apps
so just in case you guys don’t know there’s actually an app for
and then there’s an app for the collection it was kind of cool because
that there’s a barcode on here so anything I had to do is scan the barcode
and it registered everything so now I got my little baggie look at a little
baggie right there I put the little I put my collection in the baggie we put
it in the baggie put it in the bag right to register the barcode right there
placing it in the baggie seal it it’s got a soft adhesive and DNA secure it now gets placed into
the shipping box yeah where it’s getting shipped to Utah places in Utah so this
should be in the mail July 23rd and I’m gonna be sending it from Wilmington
or maybe Jersey I don’t know I’m going to send it from someplace
oh it goes all right that’s the first part now we just wait so I got the
results took about 17 days let’s get right into it along with the test
there’s the two apps when you get your results back you go into the ancestry
website and on that website they give you a lot of information the first part
is actually your test result and you get your DNA story and what your DNA
ethnicity estimate and that it lists your percentages
about a different areas and this looks at the whole world it doesn’t just look
in certain areas like some of the other tests some of the other tests they they
look at certain areas this one looks at the whole world breaks
it down by percentages so in that percentage you in mine I got a twenty
nine percent another twenty nine percent then I got a 18 thirteen percent of
three percent two percent of one percent of one percent in a row versa
so it breaks it down by those percentages and then on the map you can
see different areas very useful with a lot of information and just that part of
it so if you decide to share your information with the community what
happens is it cross matches though that information with other people that are
sharing the information and then it will miss possible matches that has like
first and second cousins third cousins and so forth and if they’re sharing
their family trees you can look into that also I haven’t reached out to any
of them but I’ve talked to people about their experience with it and some people
have actually found family members through this so this is kind of her this
hasn’t been a really cool and I actually wish their minds on Facebook and I had
people hit many backs and like because it’s so they’re really interesting so
that’s the DNA matching part will you share with the community then like that
so it shows the different stories that happen in those different areas we look
down at it and then you go through the traits true line so there’s a lot of
information that you actually get with just the DNA test
I found a review on it is uh if you’ve ever been interested in it I would say
give it I mean if nothing else is it kept me entertained and I was able to
share it with my my grandmother’s sister you start creating a family tree right
inside the app so you don’t have to go to your website you can do it right on
your phone I’m really enjoying it I’ve been able to
share it with different people and there’s been enlightening it you know
you’ve ever wondered about it I say get it it’s a lot of fun it’s very
interesting I enjoyed it thanks check me out like
subscribing all that goodness take care of each other
peace out

19 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA results and review #DaymonWarren #DWtech

  1. First comment, well my very first time seeing this ancestry DNA 🧬 cool to watch, awesome that you can do your own DNA test lol 😂. Got to see the results too Full view from us and thank you for sharing

  2. Oh wow I want to do one of these too! This was really cool! Thank you for sharing this with us! I want to learn my background more too!

  3. I have wanted to do this; I am adopted and Know nobody thats blood related to me and know very little of my ancestry at all !! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Awesome dna results my little sisters dad is half gullah geeche from Georgia usa and half garifuna from belize and he is 92% African and 8% native American

  5. Nice Video.. Thanks for sharing your results..I took the test as well.. It was really interesting, but pretty much on point 😊 My husband thinks it’s for entertainment purposes only and a waste of

  6. Wow my new friend this is very interesting I've been working on the family tree through ancestry been thinking about doing the DNA I'm amazing about finding out about this stuff thanks for sharing looking forward to watching more of your videos and thank you so much for watching and supporting my channel too 🌹 💜🤗 👍

  7. New to the fam. I took this DNA test and the majority of my results are from Cameroon. Thanks for sharing!

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