Ancestry DNA Test Results and Review
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Ancestry DNA Test Results and Review

Hello everyone! I’m Natalie welcome to my channel. If you like my videos please subscribe. Today I am talking about my ancestry DNA test results and a little bit of a review about my experience with the ancestry web site and the DNA test. So two months ago I took the DNA test. I have a video of me unboxing the test and leaving my sample which I will include in the description box below I’ll include a link to that if you’re interested in seeing that phase of the DNA test, but now finally my test results have arrived and I can show you what that looks like and talk to you a little bit about my experience. So let’s talk about the timeline: how long it took to wait for these results. On the website, on the website there is a page where you can track your results I activated my…um…my DNA test I sent it the same day. I mailed it the same day. um… and then it told me…they told me that it arrived on January 10th and then on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, I was notified that the processing had begun the processing of my sample had begun and then finally my results came in on February 21st. So that was a total of about two months of waiting for my test results. So now I will show you what the DNA results look like and what the website looks like and the features that it has. Here we are on my homepage once you sign in and click…oopsy… once you sign in and click here up top, the DNA portion this part here. This page comes up and it shows your DNA results. You can click here. We’ll start there and there’s a few other things you can do as well, but let’s start here with the DNA results. So here we are. We’re viewing the “Full Ethnicity Estimate.” So this is what the page looks like. If you’ve never seen it before, they have the results the statistical results as well as a map with a corresponding color to the results. So as you can see…um…it says that I am approximately 32% percent Great British, 25% Italian-Greek 16% percent Eastern European 8% percent Scandinavian and 6% Irish. These are the main regions. However there is what is known as “trace regions” and they give you a little bit of information on what trace regions are and this shows that there…um… you have a trace amount of genetic ethnicity in this…um…in these regions and you can choose to show all the regions. By clicking this plus sign here you can see specifically or clicking the little check box here at the bottom. It says “show all regions” and on the map you will see that these come up. All my trace regions. but just to keep it simple I’m going to stick with just my main regions. And for each region you can click on it and read about it. Let’s click Italian greece, since I am in Italy. You can read about it. They have statistical information, maps, as well as historical information which is very interesting you can take time and read about each ethnicity on the map. One thing to keep in mind about the genetic results is that there are certain regions that… there are certain genetic information or historical information that you can’t know from these results. For example, if you are curious, if you know you have a lot of Eastern European in you and you’re curious to know if your family spent more time in the Ukraine or in Poland, for example, there is no distinction on DNA test for that. Eastern European is Eastern European. There’s no country distinctions. So you’d have to find that information not through a test, but through historical research. The same goes for Italian and Greek. Those are non-distinguishable. So…you… don’t think you’re going to take the test and be able to tell the difference between Italian and Greek. Same thing for Spain and Portugal. It’s just listed as “Iberian Peninsula” and that goes for some other regions as well. So just know that there is no genetic distinction between certain…um…countries. It just goes by these regions here that are listed. Let’s see another feature that’s on the website with your DNA and that is the possibility to find DNA matches. Now this was really cool and surprising. I did not know about this. So right next your ethnically um…estimate, when you click on the DNA tab here…it can show…it shows you the possibility to find your DNA matches. These are people who have already taken the ancestry DNA test and their DNA is in the ancestry system and they can show you if they’re your cousins or relatives that are close or even that are more distant. For example here it shows that I have 104 4th cousins or closer. And I can click here to view all be any matches and it’ll show me a list of people that are related to me. Now this was really cool. Like within the first day of receiving my results I actually got a few messages. There is a possibility… there is the possibility to send messages. I got a few messages from people who were related to me that I didn’t even know… I was.. that I didn’t even know we’re related to me. So it was pretty cool and I would really recommend that aspect of it. I thought it was really fun to be able to connect with people who are DNA matches. It’s very fun. So all in all I think the ancestry DNA test was a good experience. It’s not the end-all be-all of your genealogical research but it is another piece to the puzzle that comes with learning about your ancestry. So I would recommend it. I don’t know how it compares to other DNA tests on the market, other companies, but it will be interesting to see the difference. I’ve only tried this one and I was very happy and satisfied with it. It’s actually really cool because I was surprised even by some of the results. I had a general idea of my family’s history but I was still surprised. I didn’t realize they had so much British in my DNA. So that was really interesting to see. Anyway that’s all I have for today. I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you in my next video. Take care! Bye!

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