Artificial Intelligence and the Biological World
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Artificial Intelligence and the Biological World

I was inspired to make this video in
response to a debate that I saw between Elon Musk and Jack Ma and I feel like an
overwhelming percent of the people who watched the video and who commented on
the video were very Pro musk and very like against Ma’s philosophy of allowing
humans to be humans and just being like these creative beings who use AI as a
tool versus implanting something in their brain to make them smarter and
more competitive with technology the notion to increase the bandwidth of
human output by merging AI and the human brain is incredibly irresponsible
anyone who has ever uploaded anything regrettable to the internet understands
the implications of immediate impulsive action nature moves at a specific pace
due to perfect intelligent design faster and does not mean better our human
ability to deliberate consider and meditate on our reasoning is the very
thing that gives us intellectual superiority over other biological
species suggesting that the biological miracle that is the human mind is
inferior to mechanical computation is misguided perhaps it would be true in a
technological world but this is not a technological world this is a biological
world a biological world where technology can be used as a powerful
tool to assist in our biological evolution but because AI is incapable of
ever sitting outside and enjoying a sunset or appreciating the scent of a
flower it fundamentally lacks the intuitive drive to care for and protect
our planet technology is the very reason why humans fell away from our
relationship to the biological world in the first place and because we’re
pouring our efforts into a virtual existence our biological environment
suffers ironically now we look to technology to save it
while artificial intelligence is becoming such a large part of our lives
we cannot allow it to create the illusion that it can serve as an
adequate substitute for real intelligence
I’m just gonna say something that’s gonna be very unpopular and I’m very
aware of how it’s going to sound to people but I have to say it and that is
that technology is not our future technology is not our future biology is
and right now we cannot afford leaders who have fear-based ideas of the future
fear is weakness and weakness cannot survive in a biological world unless of
course it’s supported by technology instead we need leaders who have the
intellectual and emotional intelligence to use the tool that is AI to correct
the current environmental imbalances for which we are responsible attempting to
save the planet by creating superhuman cyborgs is like trying to paint your
living room in the houses on fire biology is supreme intelligence biology
is where science meets spirituality and by spirituality I mean pure life force
energy it communicates with us it tells us when things aren’t right and when we
ignore our biological responsibility to adapt for the biological benefit of the
planet that is when we become obsolete look machines are sterile this is a
world of mutation and adaptation and spontaneous change those are the things
that drive our growth and evolution securing a forward moving future for
life to have a purpose eradicating these uncertainties these natural biological
opportunities to build stronger and smarter DNA and replacing them with
mechanical structure and reasoning will truly and ultimately be the cause of our
extinction technology is a world we have created biology is a world that created
us and that’s why biology will always win
it would prove more beneficial for us to spend our creative energy not on you
know making ourselves less human with faster brains but on making ourselves
more human with better hearts the next step of human evolution is not
artificial intelligence it’s emotional intelligence you

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