Arts & Humanities in Web of Science Core Collection
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Arts & Humanities in Web of Science Core Collection

Web of Science Core Collection spans far more
than just science, including over 1800 journals across all disciplines in the Arts & Humanities
– let’s look at how searching Web of Science can easily help you make surprising connections
to related research that may even shift your perspective… This topic search for the Northern Renaissance
artist Hans Holbein the Younger brings me scholarly articles that discuss him, and are
found in the fields of Art, History, Religion, and more. But there is another way to search the arts
that you may be missing. Because Web of Science Core Collection is
a true citation index, we capture all cited references from each scholarly publication
we ingest – even to non-journal items, like works of art and other primary sources. These citation links are connections that
reveal a story of how scholarly research is influenced. Take a look at this example. This painting, created by Hans Holbein in
1533, contains a visual puzzle. Standing in front of the painting, this distorted
image isn’t recognizable. But if the viewer changes their perspective
and moves to the right, the image of a human skull snaps into place. Holbein’s use of anamorphic perspective
was a novelty of the time, but what about today? Searching the artist, Hans Holbein, and the
name of the painting, The Ambassadors, using Cited Reference Search in Web of Science,
I can see that it’s been cited by over 50 scholarly articles. This book chapter from the field of Cultural
Studies and Psychology, which cites the Ambassadors, examines how perspective is used to manipulate
environments in video games like Monument Valley. How do we experience that shift as viewers
and participants? What we see shifts as our perspective changes,
much like the Holbein painting. This chapter also links us to research in
the natural sciences on spatial intelligence, mental rotation and human cognition. The Arts, Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences
– it’s all connected. Opening pathways to new discovery and shifting
your perspective.

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