Asian Americans Take A DNA Test
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Asian Americans Take A DNA Test

(tinkly music) – Today, we are getting our DNA tested to see where our ancestors are from. – Many of our coworkers have done this before and have gotten wild results, and we wanted to see if this might apply to some of our Asian-American coworkers at the company. (techno music) – My folks have always been really private about our family history. Not only were they private about it, I felt like they’d go out of their way to even hide stuff from me sometimes. – My family is really open to talking about our Filipino heritage. – They have never really told me even where in China I was from. They’re just like, “China.” – My mom and dad always talked about our immediate family. Aside from that, we don’t really interact with aunts, uncles, cousins, or any of that. – We can’t trace my family history back that far. – Now, I think that’s because they actually don’t know too much, either. – The things they told me, I’m like, “Is that real? Are you sure?” (tinkly music) ^- The Philippines has always been conquered ^by various other cultures and countries. ^So it’s kind of hard to say what real Filipinos are. ^According to my dad, we came down ^from the mountains, so we weren’t as conquered. ^- I’ve always believed my whole life ^that I was 100% Korean. ^- And my parents have always said ^my family’s from China, but then ^my parents were born in Vietnam, so Chinese. ^- And my parents have always told me that I am 100% Indian. ^I started thinking that I might have other genetic codes ^in my DNA because my mom was born with blonde hair, ^and then she has an uncle with blue eyes and blonde hair. ^- My parents had always told me I was Vietnamese. ^Recently, I found out I was part French. ^- Southeast Asia is a bit of a melting pot. ^I was raised to believe that I am 100% Lao. ^I don’t think I’m a 100% Lao. ^- And my mom is Japanese, and my dad is white, ^and I found out that my great-grandfather ^was adopted, so who knows? ^- And I’m 50% Chinese and 50% Scottish and Irish. (techno music) ^- As a first guess, most people do think I’m Korean. ^- When I was in the Korean market, a older Korean lady ^started asking me things in Korean. ^- It’s weird because my dad, he works ^as a mechanic, and his client sometimes thinks ^he’s white, which is also very odd. ^- They’ve never guessed anything other ^than Indian or Persian. ^- I would get Chinese, Thai, and sometimes Filipino. ^- I’ve heard Filipino. ^I’ve gotten Chinese. ^I’ve gotten Thai. ^I’ve gotten mixed race. ^People think I’m half Lao, half white. ^- I get Latina a lot, Native American, ^Native Hawaiian, Filipino. ^Usually people are surprised when I ^tell them that my mom is Japanese. ^People think I’m Latino. ^A lot of people just come up ^to me and start speaking Spanish. ^I went to China; some people still ^didn’t think I was Chinese. ^Breaks my heart because I grew up ^in a Chinese restaurant with a Chinese family ^eating Chinese food almost every day, speaking Cantonese. ^I’m a mixed race guy. ^Sometimes you feel like you belong everywhere, ^and sometimes you feel like you belong nowhere. ^- It’s hard to say what does Japanese look like, ^and what does Asian look like? (techno music) – So we got these little kits from 23andMe. – And we’re going to spit in a tube. Mm. (techno music) Wow. – Mail this out. (techno music) ^Because of history keeping in the Philippines, ^and not a lot of access to those records — ^- And I’ve always wondered what my lineage was. ^Bloodlines is a really important thing in Korean culture. ^- I am hoping to find out whether there ^was some mixing back in the day, or there wasn’t. ^I just honestly hope that I kind of get ^this understanding of who I am. ^My entire family is really pale, and I’m tan ^Why am I tan? ^- As an individual, it is nice to feel proud. ^- My family, this is also information ^I can share with them, too. ^- So I just got married, and I’m really hoping ^when I have kids, I can tell them what they are. ^- It will be a way to bring my family closer together. ^My grandmother passed away. ^She was our family matriarch, and she was always the one ^to pass down stories about our family ^and our family’s history, and now that she’s gone, ^I want to keep that conversation going. – So I really hope that with this DNA test, feel like I really, truly do belong somewhere. (techno music) – So it’s been a few weeks. – We’re gonna get our DNA read ^- My name’s Jhulianna Cintron. ^I’m a senior product specialist ^on the Customer Care Team at 23andMe. It can confirm what you already know, or it can totally surprise you. (cheering) – I’m so excited. – According to my mom and my dad, we are full Filipino. – Ray, you are not 100% Filipino. ^Pretty close, though, 99.1% to the Philippine. ^You do have 0.8% Iberian DNA. ^What is that? ^Which could be Spain or Portugal. ^That makes sense. My dad wasn’t exaggerating when we came down from the mountains. I haven’t been this proud about being Filipino in a while. – He’s gonna have a flag on his desk. – No, I know. – I hear you think you’re 100% Korean. Is that correct? – I think so, yeah. ^- So you are 100% East Asian, 97.3% ^Korean. ^- Wow. ^- 1.2% Chinese, and 1.2% Japanese, ^0.3% broadly East Asian. ^- That’s all in his DNA? ^- Yeah. – I feel good about it. I’m proud to be Korean. It feels good to be validated. – Are you now more fond of pot stickers? – Yes, and gilgai, for sure. – I’m pretty sure I’m 100% Chinese, that’s all. (laughter) – You are not 100% Chinese. ^You are 92.2% Chinese, mostly from mainland China. ^You are 7.5% Vietnamese. ^- Oh. ^(exclamations of surprise) ^- What? ^I literally always just tell people ^I’m culturally Vietnamese. I think it does make me feel more connected to my Vietnamese side. It does make me want to go to Vietnam. I’m going to have to go learn to read in Vietnamese. I just kind of picture my arm as Vietnamese. That’s how I kind of… I’m splitting myself up. – Well, I know my relatives are from India, and when my mom was a baby, she had golden hair. I know the north, in general, there is mixing, I just don’t know if that mixing affected my family. ^- You are 100% Indian. ^- I mean, at the some time, I’m still like ^why the hell does my great uncle ^have blonde hair and blue eyes? ^It doesn’t affect me and the way I live my life. ^I’ve been raised Indian. – I think it’s also cool to compare with your siblings because siblings share 50% of their DNA, and so your results are expected to be similar, but not exactly the same. – Well, my parents always acknowledged that we were just Lao. I assume that means 100% Lao. – Because you look pretty mixed. – That’s the thing; I get that a lot. – I thought you were mixed this whole time. ^- You are 100% East Asian, broken down ^into 79.8% Thailand. ^(exclamations of surprise) ^- What? ^- That is mind blowing. ^- Are you ready for the other percentage? ^- Oh, yeah, do you know … ^I didn’t even know there was another percentage. ^I’m still too in shock. ^- So you are 19.8% Chinese. ^- That’s a big — ^- That’s a big chunk. ^- One match strain with Taiwan. ^- I think I’m still processing it all, ^and there’s just many levels to my shock right now. ^It feels like my identity’s been changed. I had never considered being Thai at all. It’s gonna be a lot of fun information to give my parents, and then, maybe, hopefully, one day, claiming my rightful place in the Taiwanese government. (Laughter) – I’m pretty sure I’m mostly Vietnamese. ^There is some French in me. ^- Broken down into 76.4% Southeast Asian from Vietnam, ^20.8% Chinese, ^and 0.7% broadly East Asian. ^2.1% broadly East Asian and Native American. ^Let’s take a look. ^- What? ^- Wait, did you just say Native American? ^I’m not even a little bit French? ^I’m talking to my mom tonight. – It’s important to keep in mind that just because you don’t have this particular ancestry in your DNA doesn’t mean that your family history is wrong. You inherit 50% of your DNA from each of your parents, so it could just mean if there is French DNA, you just didn’t inherit any. The best way to see this is to have one of your parents geno typed. – I am mind blown. I don’t know if I can handle this right now. I didn’t even think I could be a little bit Chinese. That’s a part of me that’s so uncharted. – You like pot stickers more than Gene. – Yeah. My family is going to be nah, that’s all wrong. I’m like, I spit into a tube. – I’m thinking 50% Japanese, 50% British. – [Kane] What’s that smile? (Laughter) ^- You are 49.5% Japanese, 0.3% Native American. ^- Oh. ^- Oh, interesting. ^- 0.4% Broadly East Asian. ^The European is 48.8%, ^but you are not just British. ^- Oh, okay. ^- 21.9% French and German. ^- Oh. ^- 21. ^- Ah, bonjour. ^- You’re more French than Kevin. ^- Oh, my God, Kevin’s gonna be so sad. ^- Our British and Irish reference population, ^you have 19.1% the United Kingdom. ^You also have 2.2% Scandinavian ^and 4.6% broadly Northwestern European. ^You also have 0.5% West African. ^(exclamations of surprise) ^That’s so many different regions. ^- If you were ever looking to travel based ^on your DNA, you have a lot of places to pick from. – So you said that I was 0.3 Native American? Does that mean I have a Native American ancestor for sure? – It’s in your DNA because it was passed down to you from some ancestor. We’re looking at the last 500 years. There are people that might not see Native American ancestry in their DNA. It doesn’t mean that the family history that they know about themselves is not true. It just means that in terms of DNA, they just didn’t get any. – I’ve always just thought I’m half Chinese and half Scottish and Irish. ^- You are 24.2% ^French and German. ^- What? ^Are you serious? ^(laughs) ^That’s insane. ^Oh, my God. ^- And 22.9% British. ^You have 4.1% broadly Northwestern European DNA, ^which is where your Scottish ancestry could also be. ^- All right, let’s talk the Asian side now, ^and please tell me my life is not a lie, ^and that I actually am Chinese. ^Otherwise, I’m totally gonna freak out. ^- You’re 47.1% Chinese. ^- Yeah, my life is not a lie. ^- And then you do have 1.3% Southeast Asian. ^- What? ^That is just mind blowing. ^This really explains why I’ve had sort of ^this connection to France that I couldn’t explain. ^- So after finding out that I was ^100% Indian, I was still curious as to whether there was any mixing at all. My mom took a DNA test, and it turns out that she’s 7% Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, and 4% Scandinavian, so there was some mixing. I just didn’t get any of that DNA. Still cool to know. – I kind of came into it thinking that my parents were private because they don’t want to talk about it, but now I kind of get a sense that they’re private because they just don’t know. – You very often identify with where you were born or where your parents were born. 500 years ago, you don’t have records. You’re not into genealogy, then there’s no way that you would know. There’s a difference between your ethnicity and how you identify and then your genetics.

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  1. I thought i was white for a long time until i look into the mirror one day ( i probably didn't know other races until that day… maybe).

  2. 6.53 I'm Thai, wanna tell you guys that THAILAND is not TAIWAN!!!! Many people confused where I'm from when I was in Canada.
    Laotian and Thais almost speak the same language, we are even the same race, that's why the results becomes Thai.

  3. i seen this video but i didnt reallise i seen it before but when i listened to the indian girl, i remembered her voice and remember how she reacted when she realised she was 100% indian. lol, i dont know why she reacted that way tho

  4. what the hack is of 100% there country's DNA?….we are all mixed blood from near nations…100%japanese?..100%korean?..100%chinese?…who had drew that lines?…

  5. I've been visiting some Latin America countries. And I always wonder how those people are desperately were telling me only about their European (mostly Spanish or Portuguese) ancestors, when in fact they looked like 99.9% native for me. The same way as that Indian girl and Vietnamese guy …

  6. Vietnamese guy was shocked to be Chinese? Dude needs a history course in his own ethnicity. Most SEA asians are darker skin, the white complexity in Vietnamese comes from Chinese migration 🤦‍♂️

  7. Im Korean. I heard that China and Japan invaded Korea several times long time ago and they raped Korean women and took many Korean women for sexual things after won wars. So there are very rare 100% Chinese, Japanes and Korean cuz we mixed long long time ago. Im gonna try DNA test. I dont expect that Im 100% Korean.

  8. Ancestry tells you who of your relation has taken the test. If your aunt Suzy took ancestry then it will say you are related to her

  9. I'm half Japanese half British In terms of close family and soo happy I'm not the only one with this mix
    but putting that aside dat Indian gurl, I would be crying from joy if I found out I was 100% pure, émrâcé dâ râcé

  10. Saliva probably isn’t accurate, because if people have kissed or had any contact through it, the test results would be affected

  11. Hey this probably won't be seen but this is addressed to the Lao guy. Thailand and Laos are right next to each other so it makes sense that the DNA test said you have Thai DNA as it is more well known but that's just my assumption however, Inthavong is a common Lao surname that many people here have, including me so I would say you would still be Lao.

  12. i'm shook when Aria said he's ethnically lao and turned out to be mostly thai. i knew that thai and lao have a really close relationship but… what? do they not have lao ethnicity's info in 23&me? wow i'm super confused.

  13. Why do people want to bash that Indian woman so bad. She wasn't jealous she didn't have any other ancestry. It's just really wierd when your own mom has blonde hair and an uncle who has blye eyes and blonde hair, which is a super rare mix of phenotypes yet end up having everything at the complete opposite side. Back in the day, researchers thought that the people from the Solomon Islands had European ancestry because of their relatively high percentage blonde haired and blue eyed people. It was only recently discovered that this was not the case and that the blonde hair and blue eyes were of native and local mutation. Some things just seem to be too strange to be true, so it's hard to take it all in.

    Btw, why are some of these East Asian people acting like they're half human, half alien? Relax, you're still like 9,5/10 East Asian. It's not that unbelievable. I get that they grew up with a culture that leans more on one side of their ancestry, but they should at least be smart enough to expect nearby regions to pop up in that chart too.

  14. I think the Indian girl has mixed dna that was from a long time ago, before Europeans came. Remember guys, Alexander the Great went into India. Alexandria by the Nicea river was one of the cities he built, so with that, comes the mixing of genes.

    Heck, North west India was probably already mixed before Alexander came. Because it was close to the ancient Sumerians..

  15. See ive had soooo many people tell me I look asain, korean, Japanese, or mongolian mixed. Took a DNA test and oddly .3% thats all. I documented it and its cool to see plus as they get more info or test samples it changes.


  17. Native American DNA is a difficult haplotype to identify. It includes Inuit, which covers from Northern East Asia to Hudson Bay.

  18. i dont understand how there can be a "india" result. isnt at india very differnt kind of people? it is something like to say you are from earth.. also how can there might be a "british" result? isnt english people came from germans, norway and celts? i sense such a results are mostly shaped by not science but marketing criteria.

  19. Being an Indian girl. I will be proud if my results shows I'm 100% Indian.
    Also it's ok to be curious. She had her doubts so she was excited for her results that doesn't mean she isn't proud to be Indian. Indian including NRI are proud to be Indian coz India itself is diverse. If any of you ever visited or plan to visit you'll get my point.. North Indians are different from South Indians as well as West Indian are different from East Indian… In all aspects – Color, physical features, food, clothes and many more..

  20. WTF do you mean by 100% Indian? Are you even aware that India had a lot of foreign invasion and the people are all mixed up. Did you even read the history? WTF 100% Indian supposed to mean?
    When the rest of the people had at least 2 different types of nationalities in their DNA and this Indian girl who had Blond and Blue eyed relatives have just 1 nationality.. a 100% Indian? WTF…

  21. 7:35 I don’t understand how if you inherit 50% dna from each parent how if one side has a tiny bit French you don’t inherit a tiny bit of of that

  22. A lot of Pakistanis and Afghanistanis have Caucasian features, the Caucasian race literally started in Afghanistan/ Northern Pakistan so that might be why

  23. I feel bad for the indian girl… her mom told her she's 100% Indian and so did the DNA test, and she can't accept the results.

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