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Ask Barbie About Science Experiments! | Barbie

– Almost there… just one more drop- oh! Welcome to Ask Barbie,
where you ask, and I answer! Today is all about science experiments. Shan B says, “Barbie, I’d
like to see more stories “focused on S.T.E.M., on
girls playing with machines, “and making their own things.” My friend, Nikki, is great with machines! – Barbie, stop everything! – Okay, Nikki. – I want to show you my
latest greatest invention- the FoodBoto-CH3F, the
world’s greatest chef robot. – I slice, dice, steam rice,
souffle, gourmet, all day! – She can help out with the cooking and say sassy chef catch phrases! – Good food, good life. – Thanks, Nikki! You’re a genius and so thoughtful. – I’m a lean green cooking machine. Let us cook! – Wow, look at her go! – Do you need my help with anything? – Barbie, you do not
have to lift a finger. – Hey Nikki. Part of the fun of
cooking is making things. – You’re right, Barbie. I’ll reprogram FoodBoto-CH3F. Okay, rework the coding, bypass the… update the firmware, and… – Come on, Barbie, stir this! And Nikki, help me chop those peppers. – Sure thing! – You got it! – Let’s have some fun! (hectic clanking) – Oh no, she’s gone haywire! – Ahh! Nikki, duck! – We’re not cooking duck? I’ll get the bugs worked out soon. – Pocky Kat asks, “Can
you do a craft challenge?” I do enjoy crafts, like painting, drawing, and building my very own turbine engine. What? Doesn’t everyone do that? Barbie and Ken, engineers-in-training, are proud to present my biggest fan! – Huh? Oh, I get it. That’s funny. – We built this from scratch
from a class assignment! We just haven’t tried it out yet. – Please, go right ahead. It’s a hot day today! – Be prepared to get blown away! – Uh Barbie, you didn’t
mean literally, did you? – Help! – Turn it off, Barbie! – I’m trying! – Gotcha! Are you all right? – That… was… so much fun! Let’s do it again! – We should make some power
adjustments to it first. Komal M says, “Make clay.” That’s always fun, but I know where there’s some natural clay, come on! I can scoop up some clay right here. Nature’s ASMR. Love that squish! Look Taffy, we’re digging in the dirt like a couple of geologists. What’d you find, Taffy? (Taffy barks) Wow, look at this huge bone! Do you know what this means? (Taffy barks) No, it’s not dinner. We discovered a dinosaur! Time to start diggin’, Taff! Whew, geez does it take a long time to dig up a dinosaur, or what? ♪ The leg bone’s connected to the ♪ ♪ Knee bone ♪ ♪ The knee bone’s connected to the ♪ Well, time to send her to the museum. (Taffy cries) Oh Taffy, these bones
don’t taste good anyway, they’re fossilized. That means they’ve turned to
rock over millions of years. (Taffy cries) I’m sorry, Taffy. They belong in a museum, but you can visit the dinosaur there! (Taffy whines) I know what to do! We’ll name the dino after it’s discoverer. Taffasaurusrex! (Taffy barks) LadySkimp1 says, “Can you make slime?” I love making slime! And I have a class project coming up. Welcome to Science Club. Today we are learning about chemistry. – Chemistry? I thought we were learning
about something fun! – Oh, but it is fun, because we’re using
chemistry to make slime! – Woohoo, I love slime! – I’m so excited right now! – We’ll see about that. – Now, pay close attention, because chemistry is very precise. First, you mix your glue
and baking soda together. Then, add your choice of food coloring to make it whatever color you like! – Any color I like? Cool! I mean, it’s all right,
I suppose and it’s fun… – Then, add contact solution into your glue mixture and stir slowly. – I have contact solution at my house! This is so convenient! Well for anyone that wants to make more slime at home, of course. – After it bonds, you can
mix it with your hands! – This is great! I thought you said this was chemistry? – It is! The glue and contact solution combine to make one big polymer,
or a binding agent. That’s why it’s sticky but
flexible and not messy! – This is even better than magic! Go, poof! – See, isn’t science cool? Thanks for watching Ask Barbie! Make sure to comment
below so I can answer! And now to complete my experiment
of a physical reaction. What? I’m making lemonade, it counts. Bye!

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  2. Hi, Barbie! Our favorite science experiment is making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar! Can you make a baking video? Love you, Barbie! ❤️

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