[BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference 2019: the movie
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[BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference 2019: the movie

I’m very excited about the direction in which computational biology is developing. Everybody in the field realizes the enormous potential in this current amount of Big Data that is being generated now. SIB has been organizing [BC]2 since 2003. I came to attend this bioinformatics conference to update myself about the latest trends in this field. We’re all still thinking about how to make the best of this data, how to harness its power. How do you get from complex multimodal patient data, to biomarkers that help predict if a patient has a high risk of getting a certain disease or not? It’s important to have conferences which are multidisciplinary. We’re not trying to just show our research and methods, we’re also trying to understand what is the most important problem the other people
are trying to solve. [BC]2 Conference is highly timely: it’s really the future of medicine and digital health. Medicine that is going to be much more data-driven, predictive, personalized and proactive. Sitting in here you get like a first row seat to see a glimpse into the future. It’s a really great place to meet people working in the field. I think there’s also a big need in academia and the industry for this kind of work. We’re very happy to provide, through SIB, [BC]2 as a platform to foster
excellence in data science. The winner of the Early Career Bioinformatician Award: Eleonora Porcu. Today I received the Early Career Award
for my work on Mendelian randomization approach integrating expression data with GWAS data. For me it’s a huge honour receiving this award. Best Graduate Paper Award: Jochen Singer. I received the Best Graduate Paper Award for our work on the identification of mutations in single-cell datasets, which hopefully will help us to lead to new treatments for cancer in the near future. [BC]2 is the best meeting in Europe to get an overview of what’s going on in computational biology.

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