Beyond the Lab: Careers in Science

Beyond the Lab: Careers in Science

– 15 you understand so my name is Pauline my name is Sam hi my name's Kirsten my name is Ian Saunders my name is a look just see my name's Linda my name is Christopher blouse yeah my name is Colin I would encourage you to study science is that science Oh the but I like to call myself a master of the universe things are always a so so I'm not a completely I'm actually playful for quite regularly although the team is called the Institute of cell and molecular biology currently it's painting bad for college to do a hitch MC and I like to claim to me then I've always loved saying first in stating to you when it was just a variety of all sciences in so geode I took physics as one of my subjects and lonely get all on the quest 8 of 30 books but modern boy women are getting into the industry it's great I love what I do it starts off simple jobs and it replaces want a big transformers motors electric valves as a child I loved to find it Oh things wipe they opened them up in two exclusive things that o we should take screws up and poking fingers about after I've finished my to use it bathroom college I will be going offshore to continue for another two years and to continue mentioning in where I will be owned in between 16 and 18 days in pain – yeah and after that the world's may I stay when I studied science at school I didn't think that I'd be in such a good job a typical day in my job they will open up and get it ready for the public we will do presentations throughout the day and that means getting in the rock pill we have to get into our drives it says the water is pretty cold we have starfish gray mullet we have some small sharks which are our dogfish and we also have different crabs we have two bearded dragons and this one is Jack and we'll be feeding him on locusts today biology was one of my favorite subjects at school basically it was the one where you got to have fun while learning you got to do all the different experiments you learned about the plants the animals in depth as much as you want it to learn and so yeah it was just it was a really good subject to take my name is Collin I grew up in Kigali currently I work in Dundee and my company called proper games I'm a producer here but means and basically in charge of about 14 or 15 guys made up from a developers and artists designers and a whole range of scales I don't protect the haba an average day here at all the one day you could be a long haul day meeting other days you could be sitting playing the latest games now as a child always interested in games and programming that they say that Spokane there are former dreams and get back in their computing so I just took upon myself to walk into a adam smith college and glen office and pick up a prospectus picked up one of the NC courses I started my higher education career at the very bottom subjects are two queer maths English obviously and technological studies physics and chemistry and I suppose my favorite was technological studies but again never really thought about a career just something that really interested me and then wife's came full circle and this is what I do for a living and my producer making the wonderful games with a range of really skillful and experienced people so it's wonderful I'm studying when Ashton at Dundee University based at the Tea Party campus and actually I don't realize know what I was going to enjoy notion if I'm totally honest and in Russian for me is being definitely working with people and from working on the world with you you're opposed to working with your patient Russians really about caring for people and it's essentially tea and some straight voyage but as a few funeral caring person then that's kind of from simple nature here when I was in high school I chose to do maths English physics chemistry and biology I never knew at that time that just apply myself designs or at least trying it I was going to get so much from it when I was at high school I know choosing subjects such as science was seen as a geeky thing to do or something that was going to be really difficult I didn't know then that science could open up such a massive world for me I mean next year I'm going to be going to America and fulfilling a dream really and getting the dream job and a good salary and if I hadn't done my science at school I wouldn't do that like guys what the banya Michael Jackson what's the question name a famous sport up Scottish actor singer Peter alright Michael Jackson always wanting to be a football player and played football from paying their school way up to second disco and was lucky enough the same for my hometown team the team that supported that was Bundy Football Club getting a degree in sports coaching development and as a lowly to work in sports every day from Monday that they they're you know excited in the summer and also getting a very good salary which which which really helps the job is to try and keep children and and all the coastal schools in a famous school fat and apt off and get them involved in sports every day is different and today I've been doing us pirates sports they're an afternoon them doing audience Eden and last week comes with the guy and she better kids for that and eventually a bit before that was a way for France but I rock with Finland and I've children from all over Bundy soar every week different and all reach the same it's good my name's Linda I'm from Dundee I went to school in Dundee and University in Dundee I studied three Stanley grades biology physics and chemistry and then I went on to do physics and chemistry and biology at higher and then I went to University and I studied pharmacology and neuroscience a general perception of science when I was at school was that it was for people who either wanted to be a vet or a doctor or work in a lab and I would say it was one of the last cooler subjects to do and now I work at Dundee Science Center I'm a science learning manager there a typical day we did involve and speaking to all the team make sure they know what's happening throughout the day whether we've got skills and our community groups in or possibly in event at nighttime I would make sure the expression floor was all set up ready for any visitors coming in I might be delivering a science show to some schoolchildren or possibly hosting an event like a cafe science event for some adults that are coming into the center so science is as cool we all do it every day and we're always investigating new things and that's what science is about the state-of-the-art in prosthetic hands for amputees is now a robotic hand so this really intrigued me how you can attach a robot to the human nervous system and have it controlled by by thought alone so my research is looking at sort of taking the existing robotic hand sensor izing it with with sensors like force and position and feeding that pit back to the patient there are lots of reasons we'd like to sensor eyes a robotic hand one would be just so that person can pick up an egg without breaking it pick up a cup without squeezing it too hard another very important reason is that the hand would be accepted by the amputee and my research is looking at how you do that how you provide that feedback interface to the to the patient so we tried really hard did well on my GCSEs and a-levels and then go into university and went to Cambridge University for my undergraduate study in computer science and and then my my passion for science of took overnight I was I was always fascinated about the human brain and how that works in a way it's like to me it's like a computer system that we don't understand how it works yet and my interest in computer science and neuroscience took me to Edinburgh where neuroscience is very strong so so through my love of science I'm getting a real opportunity to help people and make a difference which you know really motivates me and keeps me going I've always loved astronomy I'm really passionate about it and since I was a teenager I've really enjoyed it but and I love science and I think it's so important to to everything to everyday life typical day for me when I go into the office check the emails make sure your supervisor doesn't want anything check the scientific research that's going on I read about you after coffee you can start your own research and it's your computer program that you've got to analyze meet your bugs in it I know I need your data Wednesday and then there's more computer programming but the majority of it is me making sure your your results are what you need them to be sometimes in first and second year science doesn't seem the most exciting thing to do a lot of it as your teacher has to do the work can you just sit and watch and rate over a lab report on it but once you get to your third year you really start to understand what's going on and you discover that science is absolutely everywhere I picked physics in chemistry geography which were my favorite ones to do and then we have to do English and you had to do an art subject I was not very good at English I thought and then when I got onto my hires I took my physics and chemistry and maths because I was told that physics was a challenge if when I came to pick my subjects in second year that immediately sparked something in me and I thought this is I want to prove to people that I can do this and I already knew that I liked signs but I thought physics you know if people see it's difficult I'm going to show them that it's not that difficult and I never looked back gags Susan sighs at school can lead you to your gym job just like me as an active school sports squadron out so things get messed to dice especially it ghettos that science isn't just some wooden subject to do it scale at least many great things late science I wouldn't be able to complete this quest and yet the world will be my oyster soon I'll be doing the team job and getting paid would some money for that I'm living my dream and I want to encourage you to do the same science has opened up a whole new career pathway and plate for me really want to encourage you to consider science as a subject and as a career option try out signs and you'll realize how exciting it is there's always new things to explore and you never know what's going to happen because I never thought that I'd be saying here today as the science learning manager I've done design center after studying and science at school I'd like to encourage you to take bank says you never know kids have fun don't like this science is her history but it's also a future and it's around us every day of our lives whether we realize it or not I think science is for more of you than you actually realize if like me you've got questions to ask like to solve problems and want to know how the world works then science is definitely the career for you it gives you a real chance to follow your dreams and change the world and surely that's something worth investigating you you

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