Big Data meets Genomics Research
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Big Data meets Genomics Research

My name is Dr. Alex Feltus and I’m an associate
professor in Genetics and Biochemistry at Clemson University. This is video abstract
gives an overview of the article we’ve recently written. I’m a bioinformaticist. I use genomic
data sets to be able to find gene interaction in various crop species. My goal is to advance
crop development cycles to make crops grow more quickly. And I found in the process of
doing this that I’m also a Big Data scientist and I have to transfer data across networks
and process it very quickly. And I recently found myself in the past couple of years up
against pretty serious bottlenecks to be able to do my work. I am Dr. K.C. Wang. I’m in the faculty in
Clemson University Electrical and Computing Engineering Department. I’m also the networking
CTO for Clemson’s IT organization. So in this paper, what we really wanted to show
to the readers was the multiple aspects of the Big Data transfer problem and particularly
for the genomics research community. On the one hand, what we wanted to show is that there
are actually a lot of available technologies in place today that can solve the Big Data
transfer problem. And actually create an exciting time for a genomics researcher about how they
can transfer their research workflow. But at the same time, we also want to point out
that there are challenges to that. And to get all these technologies working in the
right way together does require some complex engineering, and that’s why we encourage
the genomics researcher to seek out collaboration with your local IT resources, be it your IT
organization staff or be it your colleague researchers within the IT domain.

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