Bill Nye on the Science of Switching to Chromebook
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Bill Nye on the Science of Switching to Chromebook

Fear, it’s our natural evolutionary
response to the unknown. We humans have developed fear over millions of years to
help us cope with this dangerous world around us, but you’re not living in a
cave. You don’t fear getting eaten alive, and yet you fear something as small as
switching from your old laptop to a new Chromebook. One that boots up as fast as six
seconds, the other takes forever. One has built-in virus protection, the other
should be quarantined. So why haven’t you switched? To understand we need to go
where fear starts. In the brain you want to switch to Chromebook but your Amygdala
is saying, “I’m scared,” while your Prefrontal Cortex is saying, “But you need
a new laptop.” It’s like your cave person brain just wants to run while your
modern brain is saying, “chill out dog, it’s just a Chromebook.” You shouldn’t
fear switching to Chromebook it’s a good decision but sometimes it’s hard to let
go of a bad decision. In behavioral economics this principle is commonly
known as the sunk cost fallacy. Let me give you an example.Let’s say you paid
for a vacation months in advance. Now you work hard, you deserve it but
when you arrive there’s a giant storm and you’re determined to stick it out
because you’ve already paid for it. But I get it
fear of loss can cause a rational attachment to things familiar to us. It’s
called the status quo bias. We’ve been through a lot together. You
know you weren’t you weren’t supposed to see that. But constant updates, patches, it
never ends. Not to mention it takes forever to start up and it won’t be long
before it freezes or worse. But when you switch to Chromebook, which starts up
fast and updates automatically with no interruptions, you don’t have to worry
about any of that. And if you lose it for whatever reason all your stuff is safely
backed up on the cloud and it works offline even with Netflix, which is good
because I have a flight to catch. Remember when we overcome our fears we can accomplish great things. So don’t let fear win, switch to Chromebook.

41 thoughts on “Bill Nye on the Science of Switching to Chromebook

  1. When even after several years large portion of the general public still doesn't understand the benefits of Chromebooks, you have to recruit Bill Nye to explain them they're being irrational. 🙂

  2. You also could bring the Play Store to my Samsung Chromebook 2 as you promised at chromium dot org since 2016… I know I won't have crostini in it anyway

  3. This. Brilliant. "Status Quo BIas" is a thing now. Love it. And can also apply to smartphones (iPhone to Pixel). Loved Bill Nye. Love Bill Bye even more now. LoL

  4. 1:45 WNDWS is really Windows.
    I see what you did there Google.
    To be fair I like Google on everything, EXCEPT CHROMEBOOK
    …For 1 reason:
    No Support for Adobe Products like Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Other than that…Great Job Bill Nye!

  5. Daily Driver: Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 Core i3 Chromebook
    Phone: Google Pixel 2 XL
    Bedroom desktop: ASUS Flip (1st gen) Chromebook
    Retired laptop: Sony VIAO running Windows, sitting in closet for 2 years
    /I ain't 'fraid uv no Android!

  6. I use a chromebook for school. Chromebook is not made for gaming, so I use my Windows 10 Acer laptop with super fast processing and a large screen for day to day activities like gaming or editing videos.

  7. I ❤ my chromebook and ❤ Bill Nye (double especially sweary climate change Bill Nye and Planetary Society Bill Nye, go Lightsail!)

  8. Google, I adore you for using a Chrysler for a car to have trouble starting and fall apart, this is spot on accurate! Scotty Kilmer would Love this! 😂😂

  9. I'm relatively young. The first computer I ever got was a Chromebook. It worked alright for what I really needed, browsing the web, google drive, the occasional YouTube video. A few years later I got a windows laptop, first time ever using windows 10, and I will never as long as I live get another Chromebook. It can't run any applications other than ones on the chrome web store, and for many college students that's a deal breaker. I switched to windows mainly so I could run CAD software like Fusion 360, and unless you only need very simple tasks that a windows computer can already do, there is really no point in getting a Chromebook. Sorry for the rant.

  10. Chromebook is by far one of the worst laptops, can you game on a chromebook NO, can you program on a Chromebook NO, can you record good quality videos and edit them on a Chromebook NO, you can do all of this on a PC and even more, the only good thing on a Chromebook is Google chrome

  11. I want a Chromebook so badly. But sadly, tiny apps are just not replacements for the mass amounts of windows programs that have built up over the decades.

  12. Bill bye has gone from cussing at climate change to Mac ads with the incorrect usage of a fallacy, where has this world gone to?

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