BIO 2192 UNIT 3 – Transferring organism from a Broth to a Deep
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BIO 2192 UNIT 3 – Transferring organism from a Broth to a Deep

So this video outlines how to transfer bacterial culture from a broth and inoculate a deep. Now the tool I’m going to use here is a needle and you use a needle when you are going into a deep because you need to actually stab into the agar medium So I’ve got my starting culture here, and I just want to point out the labeling before I begin. I’ve got my name I’ve got the name of the medium I’ve got the date and the organism name And I’m going to have that same type of labeling that you see over here on my own uninoculated medium So you want to keep that labeling consistent, so you know what organism you’ve got in there what type of medium you’re using Okay, so I’m going to pick up my broth now often with broths the organism settles into the bottom and a sediment during storage And incubation, so I just want to do a little flick or a tap is okay Just enough so that I turned the sediment up And I kind of get that cloudiness moving through the broth So I know the bacteria is getting mixed in but I don’t want to do it so vigorously that I actually Splashing it up into the lid so kind of find a way to mix that with the tapping or the flicking without Splashing it up into the lid. You never want to invert invert the tube because that certainly would get the broth into the lid So I’m going to take off the lid, and I’m going to lay it face down onto a clean Kimwipe and Then I’m gonna go ahead now and pick up my deep Do the same thing I’m going to remove the lid Place it facedown on the Kimwipe Know which lid is going to go to which tube so keep find a way to keep track of that now I’m starting with my sterile needle here I’m going to go down into the broth Okay Pick that up and transfer that over to the deep. I’m going to go ahead normally You’d be holding on this one and just move this you can see a little bit better As I go down into the deep I want to go about half to Three-quarters of the way down you never want to go all the way down into the bottom Try to make it as straight as you can pull that needle back out and I’m gonna replace my lid And replace my other lid and Then I would go and sterilize this needle. And that is how you transfer culture from a broth to a deep.

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