Biochemistry-Molecular Biology at DeSales University
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Biochemistry-Molecular Biology at DeSales University

Biochemistry-Molecular Biology is one of
the newer majors on campus and it was designed a few years ago for students
that are really interested in having both a biology component and a chemistry
component to their education and we find that students are really motivated to
get a lot of lab experience in our courses that’s kind of the design of the
program is to have as much laboratory experience as possible as they go
through the years in the major. The bio chemistry majors are taking laboratory
courses both in biochemistry molecular biology, advanced molecular biology so
all throughout the four years there in the lab you know six hours nine hours a
week getting hands-on experience in many different techniques. We want the
students to be able to touch every instrument that we have. Most students
during their junior and senior year do research mentored by a faculty member.
They have the opportunity to design a project they work in the lab under the
guidance of the faculty and then at the end of the semester they traveled to a
local or national meeting to present their research. There’s several local
companies that come to me every year and they’re looking for our graduates who
have coming out with a bachelor’s degree going right into doing medical testing
and medical research so our students are highly sought out for their laboratory
skills when they graduate. We have students who choose to go on and work in
research labs as well as different medical labs we also have students in
the last two or three years who are in medical school in pharmacy school as
well as dental school. We really pride ourselves on our small student faculty
ratio the students really get to know us so the faculty themselves are in the
labs with the students teaching them and instructing them so the students are
always dropping by my office I get to see them and get to know them really
well. I’d encourage you to to come to campus come from one of our overnight
visits come for one of our tours and meet the faculty and meet the students
ask them how they feel about our classes and you’ll find that our students who
really are excited about the experiences that they’re getting here.

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