Biological Sciences PhD International Student Profile: Noriane Simon
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Biological Sciences PhD International Student Profile: Noriane Simon

So my name is Noriane and I came from
France after my baccalaureate in order to do my first degree at the University of
Bristol; and I really liked it so much that I continue to do my postgraduate at
Bristol. I’m currently researching plant sciences;
particularly how circadian rhythm regulate water use efficiency in plants, with Dr. Antony Dodd. The facilities and the labs here are just absolutely incredible. So for example there’s this state of the art greenhouses at the top of the building called the GroDome which is really important for my
work; as well as the laboratory facilities for molecular biology as well. So my supervisor helps me to support my research by giving me weekly meetings. So every week I get to talk to him about my research; he points me in the right direction; really supports me and keeps me positive
about the research even though we always encountered some problems, so I find that
really useful. I really enjoy the sort of atmosphere that there is in the Life Sciences of Bristol. So it’s really open and supportive environment. So everyone helps each other; every one teaches each other. There’s no real barrier between
labs; just everyone is a sort of really big community and I really enjoy that. And
there are so many opportunities to socialize as well. So there’s coffee for
example every day; there’s Life Sciences get-together once a month. Huge events organized by the
Postgraduate Reps. So it really creates that’s nice friendly atmosphere and you
just feel like at home. I really like living in Bristol because it’s such a bustling city. There’s so much going on; so whether it’s pub quizzes or gigs or festivals;
there’s always something happening and it’s also right next to the national
parks and it’s not far from London or from Cardiff; which means on your
weekends or evenings you can just go off and explore the rest of the UK;
experience loads of different things which makes it quite unique as a city in
the UK. And I really enjoy that freedom of being able to explore a different
culture a bit more in depth in my free time.

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