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Biological Sciences Summer Research Project

[ Music ]>>My name is Francis
Villablanca and I’m a Professor of Biological Sciences at
Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. There’s a group that’s called
the Dunes Collaborative and they’re trying to decide how to restore the Nipomo Dunes
system and we’re providing them with data and information that will facilitate decision
making towards that restoration.>>My name is Sierra Jaeger. I’m an undergraduate Biology
student here at Cal Poly. Our immediate experimental goal
is to study the connectivity of the Oceano dune
system, particularly as it applies to small mammals. So, we want to learn
about how native rodents and other small mammals move
through the dunes as part of a larger mission to conserve
and improve wildlife habitats.>>Basically, we’re
doing mark recapture, which means we capture
individual animals, give them a mark and then
try and recapture them. The recapture allows us
to keep track of them, how long they survive,
where they move to, maybe how many young they
have, all the sorts of things that allow us to understand
the population sizes, but also the movement patterns.>>So, all the information
that we gather allows us to determine how close together
these dune protected areas should be and it informs
other management decisions that impact the health
of the dunes and stuff. [ Music ]

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