Biological Significance of Mitosis (A’level biology)
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Biological Significance of Mitosis (A’level biology)

hello everyone welcome to my channel I’m
Sharmin Today I’m going to teach you biological significance of mitosis
okay so growth the two daughter cells formed have the same number of
chromosomes as the parent cell and are genetically identical clones these
allows growth of multicellular organisms from unicellular zygotes and growth
may occur over the entire body as in animals are we counting or confined to
certain religion such as religion as in the many stems and growing points of the
plant okay and next this is replacement of cells and repair of tissues okay so
this is possible using mitosis forward by cell division and cells are
constantly dying and being replaced by identical cells and in human cell human
body for example cell replacement is particularly rapid in the skin or and in
the lining of the gut and some animals are able to regenerate whole part of the
body for example starfish can regenerate new arms and next Asexual
reproduction asexual reproduction this is mitosis is the basis of Asexual
reproduction the production of new individuals of a species by single parent
organism. The offspring are genetically identical to the parents our sexual
reproduction can take many forms for our easy cellular organisms such as amoeba
okay for multicellular organisms new
individual may be produced which bud off from the parent in various ways and
Budding is particularly common in plants is most common a form of vegetative
propagation in which apart on part of the stem simply grows a new plant okay
and the new plant eventually becomes detached from the parent and leaves
independently so yeah the part will be part of the nest am often overwintering
and structure such as a bulb and tuber. the ability of if the ability to
generate whole organism from single cells or small groups of cells is
important in biotechnology and genetic engineering and is the basis of cloning
okay and next is immune response and that cloning of beat a B and
t-lymphocytes during their immune response is depend on mitosis. so guys
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