Biology: hands-on and interdisciplinary
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Biology: hands-on and interdisciplinary

(Working in the Lab) Basically all organisms age but we
don’t really know the reason why and so our work is just trying to figure
out why this happens to different organisms and if there are ways that we
can stop it. The model organism that we use are flies
and our lab studies aging and flies basic idea what I usually tell people
i’m doing is that we’re trying to make flies live longer different people in the lap do
different things what I do in particular is developing
clones so taking pieces of foreign DNA and then
introducing them into a fly line so that we can create transgenic fly models that
can be manipulated and then studied for aging properties. The particular project
that I’m working on is overexpressing subunits of the proteasome. The proteasome is a complex that aids in
protein turnover so it degrades proteins when proteins are no longer functioning
or they’re too old and so what these flies do now that they’re transgenic is
that their proteasome is working in overdrive so they degrade proteins faster ideally
and we’re just making sure that that’s working out right and we’re testing to
see if they live longer and what other weird things are about them. So I’m just going to load them, one by one. The good thing about
flies is that they are easy to work with and they actually share a lot of
homology with humans. Once you get your data you can analyze
it and it might have bigger implications for something further along the road
maybe even helping humans one day and so being able to think along the lines is
really exciting yeah

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