Biracial Couple Forced To Keep Relationship A Secret (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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Biracial Couple Forced To Keep Relationship A Secret (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Hoyer v. Porter,
Horne, and Gentry.Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE:
Good day. Mr. Hoyer,
after 14 years of being in
foster care, you desperately searched
for your father. Sadly, that search
ended when you learned that your alleged father, Mr. James Horne,
was tragically killed. AUDIENCE: Oh. To make matters worse, you claim his family
rejected you. And so, you’re here today to prove to them that
you are indeed his son and finally
have a family. Yes, Your Honor. Miss Porter,
you and your mother,
Miss Horne, who’s joining us
from her hometown, are adamant
that Mr. Hoyer is not biologically
part of your family. MISS PORTER:
Yes, Your Honor. You claim that before
Mr. Horne passed away, he clearly stated that
he had no children, and you believe
today’s DNA results will prove him right. Yes, Your Honor. Finally, Miss Gentry, you are
Mr. Hoyer’s mother. You say you’re
hoping to build a better relationship
with him today by truthfully answering
the court’s questions in an effort
to determine the truth. Yes, Your Honor. You admit
you are unsure who fathered your son. Yes, Your Honor. So Mr. Hoyer,
please share what was it like growing up
without a father? Your Honor, it was like hell
growing up without a father. I was taken away
when I was three and nine. I was in foster care
for 14 years. Got adopted
when I was 14. Never got to learn
how to shave. Never got to learn
how to tie a tie. I don’t know
who my father is because my mom used
to be a stripper. I feel that if I did
know my biological father, my life would’ve been
totally different. And so you were told that Mr. Horne was
one of the men that potentially
could be your father. Yes, Your Honor. When did you learn that? Couple months ago,
it was my 23rd birthday. I went to
my mom’s house
to go say hi. And her new
boyfriend was like, “You look like
your father,” which stopped me
right there in my tracks. I was like,
“Wait, you know
my father?” He was like,
“Yeah, your father
is James Horne.” And this was
the first person that had looked
at you and said, “You look
just like him.” Yes, Your Honor,
and I actually have, um, a photo here. Jerome, may I
see that, please? So this is
a photo of the man you were told
is your father. Yes, Your Honor. When you look at this picture,
do you see yourself? I do in some ways. I see myself
through the smile and through the forehead
and the eyebrows. JUDGE LAKE:
Miss Porter,
all of this time, these years before
your brother passed, he never mentioned
having a child? Never. Were you close to him? Yes, we were very close,
Your Honor, very, very close. He mentioned
on his deathbed that he never had
any children. JUDGE LAKE: But Mr. Hoyer,
you believe he is your father, and you went searching
for his family. Yes, Your Honor. How did you
find his family? My older brother
lives next door to my alleged
father’s brother. AUDIENCE: Oh. And he went over and
asked my alleged uncle about the name,
James Horne. And he was like,
“Yes, that’s my brother.” So my adopted brother
came and got me. Took me over
to his neighbor’s. And that’s how
I met him. What was that
encounter like? What happened?
Take me step-by-step. When I approached the house,
I walked into the door. My alleged uncle was like,
“So you’re my brother’s son?” I was like, “I guess I am.
I really don’t know.” He was like, “Well,
let me see your hands.” So I stuck out
my hands like this, and they looked
at my hands. They were like,
“You do have our hands.” He had the small hands
but the long fingers. I was like, “Really?”
He’s like, “Yeah. “My brother had the same
type of hands as you do.” That actually
got me excited for… For a brief minute. But there was others
in the house that was like, “You don’t look
like my brother.” Okay, so, Miss Horne, when this young man
walks into your home and says he thinks
he’s your grandson, what were
you thinking? MISS HORNE:
Well, um, my son Arthur brought him in. And he said,
“I want you to see him. “See is this
your grandson.” And hear the words
I said. I said no ’cause
I hadn’t heard it before. ‘Cause before
my son left me, he said he didn’t
have any kids. And I’m going by
what he say. JUDGE LAKE: Had your son
ever mentioned Mr. Hoyer or Miss Gentry? No, ma’am. Miss Gentry, why is it they know nothing
about you or your son? My parents, they,
uh, never, uh… Accepted biracial
relationships, never. So we kept this
a secret. AUDIENCE: Oh. We were really in love. Had you planned
to marry? Yes, we…
We did, Your Honor. Did he feel like it would be
an issue with his family? Somewhat. JUDGE LAKE:
So, Miss Porter,
do you feel like it would’ve been an issue? MISS PORTER: No, no. Did you ever hear
your brother was dating… Never. …and was gonna
marry this woman? I ain’t never
heard him say nothing about marrying
nobody like that, no. AUDIENCE: Oh. Miss Horne, did you ever
have any idea your son was in a serious
relationship? No, ma’am. I never heard him
say that. Never. So I guess your
secret was safe because they have no idea? It was a secret. I didn’t even know
I was really pregnant till I was six months. But, like I have
told my son, there is another man
before this man. JUDGE LAKE:
So what you’re say is you were open
and honest with your son that you had also been
intimate with another man before Mr. Horne? Yes, yes. She’s lying. MISS GENTRY:
Me and my sons
talked about this. So when you had your son, was Mr. Horne there? Was he involved
with your son? Yes, Mr. Horne seen…
Seen my son one time. I left out of
the relationship because I had
all this controversy with my family,
all right? Me and my baby. Well, ’cause
when he was born, the secret was out
at that point, right? (AUDIENCE CHUCKLES) Yeah. Okay. And so… When I found out he was dead,
it devastated me, you know? I mean, it just
devastated me because
I loved him so much. No, she’s not
telling the truth. When the first time
we ever seen her was two weeks
after the funeral. Two weeks after my brother
was put in the ground, this young lady came and knocked at
my mother’s door. She says, “I have
your brother’s child.” I’m like, “This not
my brother’s child. “Get out of here!” I mean, we was trying
to keep our cool. But this is not
my brother’s child. JUDGE LAKE:
And why were
you so sure? He didn’t look
nothing like us. Nothing. Didn’t have no
resemblance of my brother. And we still grieving
and trying to find out what done happened
to my brother. I said, “No. “Get out of this house
and don’t come back.” AUDIENCE: Ooh. And you remember
that day? I remember being
shunned away with my baby. So wait, you admit
you weren’t certain that it was his child. No, I was not, I was not certain… So what made you march over to their door
and say that he was his child
if you weren’t sure? I said this
could be his son. It could be? Do you remember
her saying, “It could be?” Or did she say it is? I don’t remember… I can’t say because
this is 23 years later. At that time,
when you turn around, and you walked away,
did you say to yourself, “Oh, well, they don’t want
to be a part of his life, “I’m gonna go contact
the other gentleman?” No, I did not. I just walked out,
and I forgot all about it. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay, and so… You said there is
another gentleman. So where was he,
and why didn’t you
reach out to him? At the time, I think
he was locked up. And… Hmm… I left it alone. MISS PORTER: Your Honor,
it’s sad this young man got to hear what
we got to say. But when she told him
anything about my brother, it was awful. She told him
he was a crackhead. She told him
he was a drunk. She told him
he wasn’t no good. My brother was
an upstanding… Excuse me, did I ever
tell you that? Yes, you did. No, I did not. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) Wha… I remember
the first day… And I believe it.
I believe it. Never have I ever… I remember the
first day I asked… I was about four years old. All I said is
your father is dead. That’s all I said,
and I left it at that. And that he went
to the store to get him
some milk and some Pampers,
and he got killed. That was a lie, too. I never told him
that either. That was a lie, too. Would you like to take
a lie detector’s test? After 23 years, we don’t know nothing
about this young man. It’s a whole lot
you need to take. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) A whole lot. The way you treated me, you think I’m gonna
come back to you? I’m sorry, Your Honor,
but this is getting
off my chest. And how you treated me
and my baby, you threw us
out of the house… Yes! No, we ain’t
coming back to that. Yes, we gonna
go back to that. We gonna go back
to all of it ’cause we gonna
get the truth today. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Today is the truth. And if he is,
after 23 years, he won’t have
to deal with you. He won’t have
to deal with you. Why not? I’ll always
be his mother. Because he will get
what’s coming to him. Why not? I’ll always
be his mother. You might always
be the mother, but you not a mama! A mama! I’m sorry, Your Honor,
but this is a lot on my chest. It’s a story to tell that
I want the world to know… How this woman did
his child right here when he could’ve been
at our household. He could’ve been with us
if he was the child. You didn’t
want him then, and you sure now
don’t want him now. That’s what you think! (MISS GENTRY LAUGHS) But we don’t want you. We want him,
but we don’t want you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) And we don’t wanna have
nothing to say to you. I hope you get
your life together because you bringing up… You bringing up
a whole lot of…
A whole lot… You hurting my mother,
you hurting me. You hurting a whole
entire family. I didn’t bring this up… He don’t know nothing
about no aunts and uncles… You need to come up
and take it up… …no grandparents.
He don’t know nothing. Miss Horne,
I have to ask you because,
as you can hear… (MOCKS) …this is
a very passionate… You’d better not
let me see you… JUDGE LAKE: Excuse me, ladies. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) JEROME:
Act appropriately. Let’s be… Sorry, please forgive me. …appropriate
in court. Miss Horne, I have
to ask you, though. Do you have any regrets that day for
turning her away and saying this couldn’t
possibly be your son’s child? He didn’t have no kids. And the undertaker man
come to my house, too. And said, “We can’t
find no evidence of
his having no kids.” And so,
your belief is, “I just believe in
what my son told me.” Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Do you feel
that there’s any possibility that he could be
your grandchild? He could be.
I can’t prove it, ma’am. I wish there was…
I hope so. You said you do hope so. We do, we do. JUDGE LAKE: Now each of you
have submitted photos. Now this first
set of photos is Mr. Hoyer
at eight years old and a young picture
of Mr. Horne. Do you see
a resemblance? MISS PORTER:
Not really.
Not in that one. JUDGE LAKE:
Do you see
yourself at all? MR. HOYER: I can see
myself in the smile. And then the second
set of photos are these photo. MISS PORTER:
Now right there, that’s when
we noticed it.
And how about you, sir? Mr. Hoyer,
you see your face? MR. HOYER:
Yes, Your Honor. (VOICE BREAKING)
Your Honor, can I say this? JUDGE LAKE:
Yes, you may. This is 23 years… 23 years my brother’s been
deceased to this day when he got hit
on his bike, which…he did all kinds
of tricks on bicycle. That’s what
he liked to do. And when my mother
got a call that he had been
in an accident… They came to us,
and they told us that his heart’s beating, but his brain’s
not functioning. AUDIENCE: Oh. Doctor comes
and tells you you got to pull the plug
on your child. You got to make
a decision knowing that he don’t have
nothing left behind. Nothing, no kids,
no nothing. Only thing
he got is mem… We got memories
of him, pictures. And then for a young man
to come to the door and knock and say
he’s his child. (CRYING) And if he is,
I want him. I want him. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I want him, Judge. Mr. Hoyer, how does
that make you feel? Your Honor, that makes me
believe that there is someone out there
that will accept me. So hopefully, I am James Horne’s son, ’cause I will actually
have a place where I will
be able to fit in. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I don’t like being… Unwanted. I just want
a fairy-tale family. Just a family that
will make me happy. A family that
I can make happy. Not a family that
will despise me just ’cause
I’m biracial. Not a family that
doesn’t want me around because
I’m half black. I want a family
that wants me around for who I am. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And you deserve that. You deserve that,
sweetheart. You do. Yes, he do.
Yes, he do. I think it’s time
for the results. Yes, he do. Yes, he do. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics, and they read as follows… In the case of
Hoyer v. Gentry,
Porter, Horne,as it pertains
to the likelihood of whether Mr. James Horne
is your biological father, the DNA test results
have determined that Mr. Horne is not likely… (MISS PORTER CRYING) …your biological father. (CRYING) See, son, you shouldn’t
have done this. No, you shouldn’t
have done this! You should’ve been honest
with me from the get-go. JUDGE LAKE:
Miss Gentry, I know you did not
just tell him what he should
not have done. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You didn’t just look at
your son and say that. MR. HOYER: You were
never there for me when
I was in foster care. MISS PORTER:
I’m sorry, Judge. You… You gave up everything, your kids, me. And it hurts
for me to see that… See this lady right here
crying next to me. She wanted her brother
to have a son I thought I was. And to find out that
I’m not, it hurts. ‘Cause I don’t know
I understand.
I understand. And, you know,
there’s… There are times in life,
honestly, when… We just don’t get what we so
desperately want. That’s right. And it feels unfair. MR. HOYER:
Yes, Your Honor. Now I would’ve
liked nothing more than to be able to say you were the son
of her brother… On this… …and you are
her nephew. But the truth
is the truth. I still got
love for you. I’m-a tell you, after
going through this, if you need anything,
I’ll be there for you. Thank you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE:
Now that… (CRYING) That… Is what family
is all about. Thank you for that,
Miss Porter. Dustin, we wish you
the best of luck. If you need
this courtroom again, we are here for you. I wish you
the very best. And I’m gonna be
checking in on you to make sure you’re
okay, all right? Yes, Your Honor. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) This is just
another step on your journey.
You don’t give up. I see in your eyes
you’ve got some
determination. Always. Good. And a smile.
Good luck to you,

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