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Hii!! We’re super excited right now I couldn’t even sleep last night BTS – DNA is relased! Before we started, we kindly ask for you to watch the video till the end Cause we have some good news especially to the people who lives in Europe We will mention about those a little But now let’s get started! Nevermind Sude We forgot to plug the speakers The shooting *.* He looks perfect! Organic chemistry? I love the colors! It reminded me… a meme. Nevermind. Oh… i get it. They all look perfect I get teary eyed again! The song is awesome! CANT My hands are shaking *Yes we’re fangirling* Restart Yeah, turn up the volume Whoaa! Jin is a beauty! Damn! Damn it’s great! *Hyped up* S: I’m loving the MV! The colors!
I: I’m dying. Couple dance!!!!! *Vkook* *Gulp* Perfect….. I’m going nuts The way they sing is totally different! Oh that move! It’s really different from the other songs Whoaaa the dance is lit!!! *Shook* *Biased* This song is totally related with my major!! (Molecular biology and genetics) Not for me. Architecture maybe..? So cute *.* With black hair… he looks gorgeous. They all are gorgeous i’m going crazy. It’s hot in here My major…. WOW! This move is AWESOME! So good!!! DNA! This part is really good.
Yeah! *Can’t handle* THE CHOREO THOUGH Whoa WHOAAAA Can you imagine the dance practice!!! The live performances!! I’m losing it right now Why? Why so perfect? They were so perfect! I loved the choreo! I’m so looking forward the see the practice We see V a lot in this MV. Yeah the first part was great And i feel like we didn’t see Namjoon and Jimin a lot Jimin was in the intro maybe it’s because of that… We didn’t hear rap a lot because of the EDM Yoongi’s part was so good!! *Biased* The MV was really related with chemistry and biology We saw one thing about my major (architecture) That one construction But the rest of the MV was… made for me kkk By the way! We have some good news. You should talk about the first one. I’ve been following a tumblr page for a long time It should be ‘BTS concert in Germany’ They usually share things in German but they share the big announcements in English There’s a project that has been going on for a long time about the BTS concert in Germany and a few days ago they sent a group to Seoul. They came back with an announcement They also working together with so many fan sites in Europe too. We saw that Bangtan Turkey is also in it too. They’d talked about the concert. And learned that the Europe tour was something that they’ve been thinking for a long time But as we mentioned in our another video about the Europe tour, Because they have to work with different organisation companies they couldn’t plan the tour. But an Europe tour is possible for 2018, as they say. And i think for Germany they’ve found a company So they think that the Germany stop of the tour is highly possible. And now for the other countries they’ll start planning the details and stuff And for Turkey, we think that Bangtan Turkey should do something about it And also the votes in My Music Taste is really important for the company’s desicion. Yeah, they don’t want to lose money so as a number we have to be crowded So we’re planning to talk with Bangtan Turkey too. They probably talked with them or follow them already But that’s the situation. So we have to work harder. We have to show them how much we wanted that concert and how crowded we are so that they’ll think about adding Turkey in the tour. But even the possibility of it makes me so excited and happy. The 2nd news is… The one’s who use social media had probably see this In some countries ARMY’s request from the radio programs for to play BTS’s songs. And many of them succeed in it before. We want to do something like that. Why are you laughing? We don’t know how possible it is but But if too may people come up with the same request which is BTS-DNA, we thought that they could play it on the radio It’d be great for their recognition in Turkey and also for the Turkish Armies. And for that we are planning to talk with other fan sites. We hope that they’ll join. And for the details we probably will share something on Instagram. If you want to join too, you can put a comment and we can discuss about it. Or you can send DM’s on Instagram. Or if you have your own Instagram page you can share it too. If we’ll reach the large masses it’ll be more possible. Cause the song is really good. It’s a hyped song, something they can play on the radio. That’s all. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter. We love you guys, bye!!

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  1. Kızlar sonunda aslında reaction ilk 24 saat izlemiycektim ama sizinkini görünce dayanamadım=) tabiki destek oluruz ben boş kaldıkça aklıma esne radyoya tweet atıyordum zaten ama organize olursak burda 6,8 bin kişiyiz. Bu bile bence yeterli bir sayı sadece hedef belirlememiz lazım diye düşünüyorum =)

  2. Cutest reaction as always! I'm so happy everyone got a fair part of the song and good screentime^^ And the entire album is incredible 💕 Let's hope for European tour dates (and let's hope everyone actually gets tickets lmao..) Sizi seviyorum, Sude ve Irmak ☺️🌸

  3. Kesinlikle isteriz yani ve nereye tam olarak bighit turkey dediğininz facebook tan mı instagram mı kime nasıl isteğimizi belirtelim ona göre tam öğrenmek istedim yaymak için 😜

  4. Tamam herkesin zevkine saygı duyuyorumda bu şarkıda ateş basmalar gözlerin dolmasına bir anlam veremedim açıkçası

  5. bencede bangtan turkey ile iletişime geçilsin.radyo programı fikride çok iyi.bts Türkiye'ye gelmesi hayali bile insanı heycanlandırıyor.

  6. Tepkileriniz o kadar tatlı ve içten ki bayılıyorum resmen. Abone oldum Bts ile ilgili her şeye reaction çekin pliz. Çok eğleniyorum sizi izlerken bir de çoğu yerde tepkilerimiz benzer. 😀 Hadi kolay gelsin.

  7. 손에 한글 문신있네요? 글자가 화양연화? 맞는지 모르겠네 ㅎㅎㅎ한국에 대한관심이 많나보네요.얼굴도 정말 이쁘시고..친구중에 검은머리 여자분도 이쁘던데..그분좀 나오게 해줘요ㅎ

  8. You so cute!
    TV Choun News thinks so too )))))
    170920 [TV Chosun News] BTS' #DNA Music Video surpassed 10M views in 8 hours @BTS_twt #방탄소년단

  9. BTS'İN DNA Comeback 'I geldi birde bunu'da izleyin , ,


    Streaming is not the only important thing. We should vote for AAA- Asian Artist Award -BTS! Take ur time and vote please we are second.
    Its very important—–>

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    ! 1M Army=1M votes!

    Lütfen sizde voten yapin türk armyler

  11. That's so great for Europeans! My daughter works for a charity that puts on Jazz Festivals and she had told me that there needs to be a company that will act as promoters for the concerts which includes taking care of all the logistics including venues, ticketing, advertising, and transportation, accommodations, artists' fees (usually 50% in advance) and for he crew and artists and their staff including backup dancers, etc. She had also said that since there probably isn't one promoter who can take care of all of Europe that would be different promoters for each country.

    BTS had their own Comeback Show and I was also thinking that you would enjoy the live stages that are now made into Bangtan Bombs. Please react to them if you have time. They were amazing!

    [BANGTAN BOMB] ‘No More Dream’ stage @COMEBACK SHOW ‘BTS DNA’ – BTS (방탄소년단)

    [BANGTAN BOMB] ‘MIC Drop’ stage @COMEBACK SHOW ‘BTS DNA’ – BTS (방탄소년단)

    [BANGTAN BOMB] ‘MIC Drop’ stage @COMEBACK SHOW ‘BTS DNA’ – BTS (방탄소년단)

    BANGTAN BOMB] ‘고민보다GO’ stage @COMEBACK SHOW ‘BTS DNA’ – BTS (방탄소년단)

  12. meraba bende armyyim bende bts i seviyorum.ayn çok güzel şarkı bende sizi bugün gördüm beğendim ve abone oldum. ARMY….

  13. Seeing all these reactions I feel so different because I see other armys just staring or squealing cutely and covering their mouths then there's me who completely loses my shit and control of my body running and jumping and rolling all over the room flailing my limbs and every inch of my body around screeching raptor noises and choking on the dirt I'm picking up from my room and sucking in by chance and legit crying and legit dying of suffocation and suffering turning into a shitball of dust then I end up on the floor with a bunch of knocked down and probably broken shit beside me and my room a complete mess and my hair a complete mess and everything a complete mess and I'm still shrieking at the top of my lungs and suffering even to this day I'm still dying from it I haven't recovered actually all that is an understatement but whatever
    But I never share my reactions because I don't want to be involuntarily sent to a mental hospital
    I'm serious that could happen and I don't want it to soooo

  14. Bence bilmeyen arkadaşlar için istek yapılacak yerlerin linklerini atın Almanya daki Türkler yaşadı resmen onların çabasının azıcığı bizde olsa ne güzel olurdu

  15. بليز بليز بليز انا اكثير بحب الفيديوهات بس ممكن تحتو ترجمة بلعربي، ،،،،

  16. 방탄이 너무나 좋은이유
    7명 개개인의 장점을 모두 살려내어 노래를 만들고 배역이 주어진다. 주연.조연이 구분이 없다. 7명 모두에게 돌아간다..이것이 매력인점이 난 놀라울뿐이다

  17. Birşey diyeceğim skdjwjd bighit abimizin sokaktan geçerken gorseli müq diye koyduğu adamcağız seokjinie nin neden bu kadar as kamera çekimi var kdmckwj

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