Building a FamilyTree on 23andMe Using FamilySearch – A Segment of DNA
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Building a FamilyTree on 23andMe Using FamilySearch – A Segment of DNA

DNA is pretty great for genealogy, but
you know what’s even better? DNA with a family tree. Howdy, im Andy Lee with family
history fanatics and this is a segment of DNA. Be sure to subscribe to our
Channel and click on that bell if you want to be notified about upcoming
episodes. DNA is a great tool for genealogy, but as with lots of tools it’s
even better when you combine it with another tool. Most the websites had DNA
attached to some family tree except for 23andme. However, that’s now changed and
now you can attach your DNA to your family’s search account through 23andme,
let’s go over how you can do that. So I’m here on the 23andme website and I’ve
already logged in and where you want to go first is you want to go over to your
login information click down and go to this settings. Now the settings is where
you can change lots of different things as far as the permissions you’re giving
for matching, what parts of it you want to see, what parts you don’t want to see,
and that’s where we’re going to be able to connect our family tree. If you scroll
down you’re going to see the account information, then your personal
information, and then there is the section called enhanced profile and
under it there is edit enhanced profile. If we click on that it’s going to go so
that we can actually add some enhancements to our profile we can add
where we call home, we can add information about where our ancestors
were born, about our ancestors family names, and then you see a link to share a
link to your online family tree. Now if you click on that right now it’s going
to give you just a place where you can post a link to your family tree a URL.
Now normally people put in an ancestry URL or my heritage URL and if this is
where you’re at then there’s one other step you need to do to connect family
search to your 23andme data. Let’s go back to the settings page and if we keep on scrolling down to the
very bottom there is the beta program and it says that hey if we want to
become a tester of the beta program then we’re going to have access to some of
the different features that 23andme is still working on. Right now to connect
FamilySearch to 23andme you need a part of the beta program and it’s really easy
there’s a button become a tester, click on that button and you’re now a tester.
If you ever want to go out of the program you can always come and just
stop participating in the program. Now let’s go back up to our enhanced profile,
edit our enhanced profile. When we scroll down on our edit enhanced profile and
click on share a link you can see that we actually have a new option here, it
says that we can create and add your family treated DNA relatives profile
through family search, so I’m gonna click on the link here to go to family search.
Now one thing to keep in mind is if you are managing multiple profiles you need
to make sure that you’re logged on to the correct profile in order to link the
correct person to your information. So on this page you have to click to add your
family search tree to the 23andme, it’s going to come into the family search
sign-in page, you’re gonna want to sign in here, and that’s going to connect your
tree, and just like that it’s done now it’s going to show you some information.
Now one thing to bear in mind is this is only going to show information about
people that are deceased, so if you have living relatives they’re not going to
show up here, for instance it says I have three grandparents listed that’s because
one of my grandparents is still living and so I’m the only person that can see
that person in family search. So if you’re worried about privacy that’s one
thing to bear in mind is this automatically is only going to show the
people who are already marked as being deceased. So I can go down and I can
actually click on these to see which people are being shown there’s my
grandparents my great-grandparents and it actually goes down through
your fifth great-grandparents, that’s six generations that is showing, which from a
genealogical time frame mixed with DNA is right what you want that’s where
you’re going to find how those different matches are possibly connected to you.
Now any time if you want to remove your family search tree from your profile, you
can just click on the remove family search tree from your profile and then
it’s going to go away. Now once you’ve added that family tree to your profile
what are other people going to see? Let’s go over to our DNA relatives and I’ll
show you what other people are going to see now that you have your family
searched family tree attached to your 23andme profile. Here I am on my DNA
relatives page and this is the list of people who match DNA with me. As I scroll
down you can see that there is not much difference between what there might have
been before, but if I go back over to the filters section there’s actually an
option here that I can click on family search and it tells me right now there’s
two profiles that have the family search account attached to them. Let’s click on
this and see what is different between those and these profiles. So I’ve
filtered down to just those two people who have their data attached to a family
search tree. And what you can see over here is that there is a little icon
indicating that they have a family search tree attached to them. So while
this is just a new feature and it’s still in the beta testing phase there’s
probably not going to be many people that you match but I would encourage
people to go and join the beta testing and attach that family search tree to it
and you’ll start to see more and more of these icons. If we go into one of these
matches we’ll see how that data is actually displayed for us. On the match
page it starts out looking the same I have some basic information about this
match and then 23andme gives us our predicted relationship and how that
might fit into the tree, but then in the next section I have my matches family
tree information from family search you’ll notice this looks a lot like what
we saw right when we signed up. So I can actually see that she has all
four of her grandparents listed I can see how many great-grandparents, second,
third, fourth, and fifth great-grandparents. And of course
clicking on these carrots is going to expand that so I can actually see the
names of those people and links to the FamilySearch family tree. I’ve expanded
this out now and I’m looking at this matches third great-grandparents one of the
things I’m gonna be looking for is I’m gonna be looking for any common names
that I might have as well or common locations of where I know my ancestors
are from. But as I’m scrolling down and looking at this if there’s one that
catches my eye that I want to go and investigate further then it’s really
easy because all I have to do is click on that name let’s go to this Carolyn
Elizabeth Craft and it’s going to take me to the Family Search webpage. Now if
you are not signed in then it’s going to give you this minimal information here
but it’s still enough information for you to start finding maybe some other
people that might be related. If you have a family search account then you’re
going to be able to sign into your free family search account see more
information and see how this person links to other people maybe even see how
that person might link to you. Now that 23andme has this link to family search that you can actually improve your ability to use that information, because
that DNA can now be linked to specific people. So if you haven’t checked this
out be sure to remember to go and sign up as a beta tester and then you can
link your family search account to your 23andme data. If you don’t have a family
search account it is free to sign up and you can be part of their one world tree
as well. If you have any questions about linking 23andme to family search put it
in the comments below and I’ll try to answer it and if you like this video be
sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with all your friends.

10 thoughts on “Building a FamilyTree on 23andMe Using FamilySearch – A Segment of DNA

  1. Great Video, but beware of tying DNA records to genealogy trees. DNA privacy is radically different from Genealogy privacy. For example, if you tie a DNA record of a person to a family tree, the unborn great-grandchild of this person may be identified in the distant future, which may or may not be what the yet to be born great-grandchild wishes when they become adults.

  2. I started to get into FamilySearch and building a tree for this very reason, but someone kind of hijacked my maternal great grandmother's line, merged the records/deleted mine. It really kind of killed any enthusiasm to continue working with FamilySearch after hours of work was just erased. And I'm too new to the site so I'm not sure where to go to restore my original records. What I found wasn't very user friendly, in my opinion, and didn't restore any records. I ended up just deleting my maternal great grandmother's line just so I didn't have to deal with it.

  3. One can also build your own family tree based on your dna matches on 23andme, however there are errors. It shows my dads dna matches on my maternal side aswell as other paternal matches correctly on paternal side

  4. It is interesting to watch all these DNA companies getting on the bandwagon to copy everyone else… Ancestry copies My Heritage with their Thrulines. My Heritage copied 23& me with the health reports, and 23& me copies both My heritage and Ancestry attaching DNA to family trees. I dont have a Family Search tree or a 23&me account so this video is not especially relevant to me, but i still watched it anyway. I watch all of Andy and Devons (And Calebs) videos. 🙂

  5. Sadly I get an 404 Error page message when I click on the FamilySearch treelink. I'm a beta tester already, I attempted with both signed in on FamilySearch and not signed in.

  6. Excellent video showing exactly how to link Family Search tree. I already had Ancestry linked which has more information so hadn’t wanted to change that. Now linked both, went and looked at person who also has tree and voilá I found the DNA link – well needs checking obviously but hallelujah- success! Thanks Andy 😀

  7. I’d really like to see Ancestry become implemented into 23andMe the same way FamilySearch was! Mainly because I’ve progressed too far on Ancestry to start another tree on FamilySearch lol

  8. On Family Search, I have my family separated from my children's father's family. How would my daughter go about adding her father's Family Search Tree to her 23andMe account and not duplicating my information? Is there a way to indicate that her tree is only on her paternal side and link to me as her maternal side? Also, what about people who have added ancestors and kin, some incorrectly, to my tree on Family Search? Is there a way to limit how far back the tree goes?

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