Can We Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light? | Mass Effect Science Explained
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Can We Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light? | Mass Effect Science Explained

Hey there, welcome to Playnoggin. I’m Julian, your brain’s player 2. Today we’re going to take a closer look
at Mass Effect. And Mass Effect 2. And 3. But not Andromeda, that’s not out yet.. The Mass Effect series is rife with topics
that would be perfect for Playnoggin: Artificial intelligence, futuristic weapons, and *ahem*
extra-terrestrial breeding. But for the humans in the game’s universe,
they would have never been able to meet and mate with blue space-ladies if it weren’t
for the discovery of faster than light travel. See the nearest star to our sun, Proxima Centauri,
is over 4 light years away, meaning light, the fastest thing in the universe, takes 4
years to reach it. Our Galaxy is over 100,000 light years in
diameter. If there are other intelligent races spread
all across it, we better figure out some way to up the cosmic speed limit if we’re going
to interact with them. Mass Effect tackles this problem by dealing
with… um… mass. Particles of light, called photons, have no
mass. But anything with mass, say a nice chunky
human or a spaceship, cannot travel at the speed of light. They can get close, but never 100% light speed,
that would take more energy than there is available in the universe. To solve this problem in the Mass Effect world
there is a rare element, which, when electricity is applied, creates dark energy which affects
the mass of objects in its field. Hey that’s where the name of the game comes
from! Most of that explanation is mumbo-jumbo, and
worse, reducing your mass to zero is a really terrible way to achieve light speed if you
want to get somewhere in one piece. Elementary particles like electrons and quarks
have mass because they interact with something called the Higgs Field. This field, first theorized by Peter Higgs
in the 1960s and confirmed with the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012, is everywhere
so everything is constantly moving through it. Massless particles like photons and gluons
however, do not interact with it, so they’re free to zip about at light speed. If you were to counteract the Higgs field
somehow, your electrons would become massless and would travel at the speed of light too. You can imagine how this might alter the chemical
reactions in your body a bit. But assuming you didn’t die from turning
chemistry on its ear, you still would be far from massless because 99% of the mass of your
atoms comes not from electrons or the quarks that make up the protons and neutrons in the
nucleus, but the energy it takes to bind the quarks together. Remember energy and mass are related because
E=mc2. So to become truly massless you’d have to
do away with these binding energies too. And as you might have guessed, that’s what’s
holding you together at a subatomic level. No amount of weight loss is worth being torn
to shreds. Plus if your particles were massless, then
they still can only travel the speed of light, not faster than it. All in all Mass Effect’s solution for breaking
the light speed limit is… well, it’s terrible. You wouldn’t make your date with the blue
space-lady on the other side of the galaxy because A) it’d take you thousands of years
and B) you’d be a bit of a mess by the time you got there. But if humanity is to travel the stars and
spread across the galaxy, we either need to spend generations traveling in space ships,
or we’ll have to find a loophole in the cosmic speed limit that doesn’t unravel
us at the seams.

100 thoughts on “Can We Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light? | Mass Effect Science Explained

  1. It's also scary because you're making a blind shot at something that might not even be there anymore. Say something's 1000 lights years away from you, it takes 1000 years for the light to reach you. If you're travelling towards it, the light will reach you quicker. Once the light reaches you, it would still not hold accurate information because that light is 500 years old (Assumimg you and the light began travelling towards eachother at the same time).

  2. I understand you have limited time to work on these video's, but you missed an opportunity to talk about wormholes.
    Like with a wormhole you don't go faster than the speed of light, but you make a shortcut.
    Maybe something for next video.

  3. sci-fi hypotesis: if there are gravitational waves in dark matter it means that dark matter acts like a liquid. there might be some dark matter currents flowing through the universe and we could build some kind of sail on a starship to follow them. we could also create an engine able to suck it in and push it faster behind the ship so it would act a a jet engine acts with air

  4. It's simple use portal guns, according to portal 2 they are once you throw a portal its instantaneous (Cus how else you gonna throw a portal to the from earth and as soon as you step threw it youre on the moon) [Pretty sure it takes like 2 ish light minuets to get from earth to the moon btw]

  5. Heard of that one hyper drive like thing people have been working on that would bend space making it possible for anything to go faster then the speed of light in one piece?

  6. I think Mass Effect has a pretty smart way of dealing with this.
    Humans don't understand the technology because it's not there's. They just know they supply it with element zero and power and it works. That's why Andromeda takes place in such a different time. They have FTL travel, but no relays, so they fly to Andromeda at FTL speeds, but still slower than what a Relay could have done because Relays work on a level the galactic races don't understand because the Reapers made them.

  7. As a teacher of AP Physics 1, 2, and C who just got done teaching special relativity to my juniors in China…. I approve! I'll be forwarding this to them with my magic ways, to hell with the Great Firewall.

  8. If you watch the show "How the universe works" on science channel, their is a episode called "Star Man" that explains how we could colonize the universe, so, you can go watch that

  9. Veritasium explained this very well. The information your atoms transfer with each other in order to work the way they do travels at light speed, anything faster and your entire structure would unravel.

  10. A alcubierre warp drive is the solution. The warp drive would form a space time bubble that would move the ship itself since space itself is able to go faster than light.

  11. Well you didn't understand it correctly. The mass effect field works like a bubble of energy around your starship, anything inside this bubble does not get affected. Its the energy bubble itselt that gets its mass reduced. So in theory you can actually move a lot faster than light. It would be even faster than warping time in front and the back of the ship. Which is already thousands of times faster than light. According to the great Bob Lazar this is how most races travel through the Universe. The alien race introduced in Mass effect Andromeda actually utilizes warping space to travel and they are slower than human ships that travel with Prothean technology. So in theory Mass effect games space travelling would work if we could control dark energy. Warping space travelling works by controling gravity with the use of unumbtaineum fission reactors through the input of electric current and mass effect fields space travelling work by using element zero or eezo reactors that control dark energy and generate mass effect fields. One can even theorise that both could be used to accelerate and to brake and stop by simply activating one to go forward and another to brake. Now the propulsion works much as our fuel propulsion works with the starship absorbing the elements needed from the space surrounding it which makes it an unlimited amount of fuel. But the Bob Lazar gravity reactors work via the use of a tractor beam. In other words you can, in theory, travel to Andromeda in just seconds actually. Sounds absurd, but so does quantum entanglement. It's all theorised physics and quite possible if we find these elements. Thank you for reading. Peace.

  12. Here's my two cents. If you make a metamaterial of something light like aluminum or graphene with tons of tiny vacuum plates stacked in a parallel and got this to pump vacuum energy, known as dark energy in the Mass Effect universe, by oscillating under electric current you would not get zero mass, you would get NEGATIVE mass and begin to move at a faster than light speed proportional to your anti-mass.

    Check this shiz out:

  13. I do hope you are aware of there are several theories about traveling faster than the speed of light as in through wormholes is one of them portal is a good example of wormholes although currently we do not have the technology to create portals due to the fact that it needs negative Mass

  14. I've always understood it to be that being able to travel the speed of light is a property of being mass-less, its mass being a property of not being able to travel at the speed of light (or greater).

  15. how about we use an alclubierre drive? it moves spacetime in a wave, requiring no fuel or exhaust to be jettisoned like real rockets due to the use of exotic matter (matter with a negative amount of mass) your starship can ride this wave very fast, and likely much faster than the speed of light

  16. if you could have teleportation power we would not need speed or anything we could just teleport! so we should maybe focus more on that although that would break like a shit ton of laws about how you could cut matter so that you could take it''s place

  17. How could you not mention Einstein-Rosen bridge? This is by far the most promising method of traveling across the universe in no time. We could create something quite similar to the mass effect's mass relays actually.
    PS: I know this wideo is 1 year old but I just discovered your channel yesterday and I love it 😉

  18. can you wait for andromona now? well i can im so didipointed D: }: i was so sad to see the end of mass effect SCREW TEAM B THEY CANT MAKE MASS EFFECT D: why dous it have to end this way

  19. Finally someone said it. Travelling at lightspeed would not get you on the other side of the universe in a couple of hours. Mass effect tech is nonsense.

  20. Oh lol I always thought Mass Effect solved the problem by this:
    Element Zero, when electricity flows through it, creates a sort-of field around it. This field encompasses all matter inside of it and has a reducing effect on the matter's mass. As for massless matter, such as photons, the gain negative mass and thus, inside the Element Zero field, the speed of light is increased allowing non-massless matter to travel simultaneously slower and faster than the speed of light.
    Any way that's how I always saw it, however, it is very confusing to explain and understand when you know that the speed of light can't actually be increased due to the law of special relatively.

  21. The Alcubierre Warp Bubble is one possibility, the wormhole concept is another possible option! 🙂

  22. Destiny 2 plzzzzzzzz😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😢😢😢😢😢😢😕😕😕😕😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😃😭😭😉

  23. Actually you're looking at it all wrong. In Star Trek the Warp Field doesn't touch the ship or the ship would be torn to shreds. In Mass Effect the field simply envelopes the ship and the ship travels "riding" that field. And because the field can generate negative mass or negative gravity if you will, then any small impulse by the ship in any direction sends it traveling much faster than light.
    The real actual problem for those that actually understand this way better than you. Is that some data collected at the LHC seems to indicate that if you travel faster than light then you actually move backwards in time.
    Also colliding with objects would never be a problem. You could even go straight through a planet, although not stars. Really because no planet has so much mass that it would disrupt the field, only stars and objects of even greater gravitational pull.

    So your entire logic only fits because you assume the field is actually making the ship and everything in it massless. When in reality all the game really tells us is that the ship's mass is reduced to zero. Well… If you envelop the ship in a field of zero mass but the field doesn't affect the ship or anything inside it then because the ship would be using that same massless field to ride through space, it would be able to move at light speed and much much faster. Really because the key lies not in breaking the laws of physics but to go around them.
    A simple solution that you clearly never thought about it or worse still you did but because it would ruin your point of view you chose to neglect that possibility.

  24. Little late to this, but I do know a way to travel super fast.
    Simply create a bubble of spacetime, where spacetime in front of you is being contracted to make it easier to traverse and expand behind you to push yourself forwards.
    This way, everything inside the bubble could move really really fast.
    The only problem is expanding spacetime is requires negative mass and manipulations of spacetime would be very hard.
    Other than that, however, we can travel as fast as we want.
    Einstein only said we can´t go faster than the speed of light in spacetime, he didn´t say anything about making the spacetime move faster.

  25. The excuse should be is that they found a substants with negative mass and it can go faster than the speed of light. At least that makes a little more sence

  26. I think it’s a lot better then every single other idea of let’s just throw a hyper drive in the ship and zoom around.

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