Carson Optical Professional Biological Microscope MS-160 HD
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Carson Optical Professional Biological Microscope MS-160 HD

hey guys this is Doug from Carson and today
we’re going to check out a professional level biological microscope of ours
called the MS-160. the MS-160 comes with a set of 10 power
wide field eye pieces which are great for all around research. we’ve also included
a 16 power wide field set for an even closer view. the benefit of having a wide field eye
piece is being able to inspect your slide with a much larger viewing area. the eyepieces sit on top of a fully
adjustable binocular head that can rotate 360 degrees. the frame of the microscope is made of
metal. it’s well built and very sturdy. the fully adjustable binocular head can
be positioned to fit anyone. being able to have two eyes on your specimen will
make locating and focusing much easier and will also decrease the amount of eye
strain when used for a long period of time. this microscope comes with four
different objective lenses to choose from. a 4 power a 10 power a 40 power and a 100 oil lens. this particular lens functions by using
the oil immersion technique. just place a tiny drop over your slide
and carefully submerge the objective lens into the oil. this process will bring out details that were impossible to see otherwise. the results are also strikingly clear. to figure out the magnification range of your microscope just
multiply the power of the eyepieces with the power of each individual objective
lens. in this case our 10 power wide field eye pieces will give you a range from 40
to a 1000 times. to get deeper into your research, the 16 power wide
field set has a range of 64 to 1600 times. something as basic as a leaf sample can
bring you incredibly detailed results. the chart above represents the eight
different magnification settings that you can choose from. this microscope comes equipped with a
mechanical stage that allows you to easily navigate through your slide. the
knobs are stacked to the right of the stage and add a ton of precision and control. we’ve also added linear scales on the
sides to help you measure how far your slide is actually moving. another feature included with this
microscope is an adjustable diopter. this will compensate for any differences that
your left or right eye may have and is the first step towards getting the sharpest
image possible. the coarse and fine knobs can be found
on both sides of the microscope. they have a nice fluid field that’s great
for getting the stage to your ideal focal distance. as for conrolling your light source, you’re able to adjust the LED to any setting that you’d like. to give you even more control of
your light the MS-160 includes a built-in iris for regulating how much
light passes through the slide change the contrast or background color of the light by
adding a colored filter into the holder found underneath the stage. we’ve included a blue filter to get you
started. also this microscope comes with the
universal AC adapter that can work in other countries where the voltage may
differ. the MS-160 is a professional level
biological microscope that packs a ton of power and comfort. i recommend this to any professor,
scientist or enthusiast. i hope this video was helpful and i’ll
see you next time

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