6 thoughts on “Catherine Whitlock: “Ten Women Who Changed Science, and the World” | Talks at Google

  1. And these females couldn't do nothing without MEN taking care of them and feeding them!!! Your welcome!!! Except dumb feminazis

  2. Here we go yet again Google pushing the feminist narrative.

    Compared to mens scientific achievements womens achievements are negligible but it will be mens fault this is so Bwhahahaha.

    In this era Western women have been utterly ruined by feminism.

    With thier feminist indoctrinated minds Western women who can hardly cook a meal from basic ingredients or even clean a house sit complaining in a comfortable chair in an airconditioned or heated environment made by men, in factories, designed, built and run by men.

    They drive nice cars invented, built and maintained by men.
    They use a computer invented and programmed by men, built in a factory by men, using electricity discovered by men, transported on a national grid of power lines that were planned and engineered, maintained and made by men, using electricity generated using methods invented by men, in power stations built by and run by men.

    They use the Internet, which uses protocols invented by men, transmitted over cables laid by men, in an international network invented, planned, and made by men. They are fuelled by food that was the result of farms and agriculture planned and created by men, delivered to them by global food networks and transport systems invented and built by men. They are diagnosed and healed from sickness by scientific methods and medicines in hospitals where their new born children are cared for in sterile safe environments, invented and built by men, They live in houses that were invented, planned and built by men, They are entertained by programmes transmitted globally by signal technologies that are beamed directly onto large large and small viewing screens invented and built by men, They are kept warm or cool by technologies invented and built by men, in cities with roads, bridges, shopping malls, movie theatres, hospitals, restaurants and other infrastructure planned and built by men.

    They drink clean water piped into their houses by a national network planned and built by men, from reservoirs and treatment plants that were planned, built and run by men. They are protected by laws invented by men, and enforced by men who risk their lives every day to protect citizens, protect their property and to protect their country.

    Women enjoy the benefits of everything men discovered, invented, created, built and maintain and are treated with special favours (by law) and allowed to do anything they wish in the society men created, even though lives are constantly put at risk by lowering mens higher standards to allow women to gain entry into the military, police and fire services.

    And yet there are so many western women who are so privileged and devoid of hardship that they spend their time constantly complaining that all of this is not enough for them, that men should be ashamed, that men have toxic masculinity that men have too much in this society that they made, and that men need to give even more to women because they are entitled to it just because they were born a women…and emasculated men agree to it.

    Take away everything that men have done, and western feminist indoctrinated women would be sitting outside in the cold rain without anything to eat until a man comes along and offers them shelter, food, warmth and security.

    Women don't create things other than drama and chaos. They are consumers. They don't defend the world nor maintain it. Men built the world, how about we send all women to their own continent and let them start a civilization from scratch.

    Western women are self-entitled fat ass deluded state backed bio weapons who routinely without an ounce of guilt destroy and steal hard working, faithful honest mens children, wealth and livelyhoods and plunge men into abject street poverty or even worse suicide by divorce raping them at a feely whim with no fault divorce with no repercussions or accountability. Western women also wrongly think they are equal to or are superior to men.

    What sane man would go anywhere near poisonous parasites like that just for access to poon. it's bizarre behaviour for any right thinking man yet these deluded women who bring absolutely nothing to a relationship still complain…


    Marriage is the most irrational decision a modern man can make if he wants to survive free and intact.
    Feminism has ruined the chance for most guys (and women) to have a healthy, fruitful, loving productive relationship that we all want. Of course it's all mens fault Bwhahaha.

    Most men, after reaching a particular age want a family, and we're trying to find answers to minimize the risks. No thanks to women these days, mainly raised by single mothers. Sexually promiscuous, no respect for men, no value for the traditional family, materialistic, shallow, and a court system skewed towards whooooooorz.

    This phenomena, while incredibly frustrating for men, will ironically ultimately hurt women the most. Guys have checked out of the endeavor of finding a wife as its just to dangerous and self preservation comes first.

    Billions of women exist on this planet, spoiled low quality privileged, self entitled western women are the bottom of the barrel and nothing special.

    Non feminist Western women need to speak out against third wave feminism which is all about man hating and power. Stand up for your fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, and sons. If you don’t, who will? Men are attacked if we do.

    My comment represents the beliefs of millions of Western men, and it's about time too.

    Enlightened women and guys please share these truths.

    Plus all men should read these articles.

    How to be happy.

    Monk mode.


    Recommended books –

    The Manipulated man by Esther Villar.

    Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clarey (a must read for young men starting out).

    The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi.

    No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert Glover.

  3. Great Respect to these and other unsung heroines who sacrificed their lives and enriched the world!
    Thank you very much Catherine Whitlock for this amazing talk!

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