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Cell Biology, Genetics & Molecular Medicine

The Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular
Medicine discipline of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences graduate program is focused on training scientists for the future of medicine. The CGM discipline is a gateway to all basic, biomedical and translational
research with an emphasis on understanding the molecular pathways and mechanisms underlying human disease with a goal of translating these findings
toward personalized or precision medicine. I chose to come to the UT
Health San Antonio because of its focus on biomedical research. The staff here is
very warm and welcoming and during the interview process—they didn’t push me to
join CGM. In fact they just tried to treat it as a door that I could walk
through. Areas of strength within the discipline include stem cell biology cancer research neurodegeneration virology and molecular medicine with an
emphasis on interdisciplinary research such as cancer genetics and systems
biology. The best thing about this program is that students can customize their research training because it’s a broad program. It offered courses for the
basics of stem cell biology and it also offered a course on bioinformatics that
actually did help me for my own research. Students choose the CGM discipline for
their training because of its interdisciplinary nature and because they can customize their plan of study to match their goals during their
graduate work as well as to prepare them for their future careers once they have
graduated. What’s great about my research is the clinical implications that it has but the challenging part about my research is there’s a lot to learn about
the disease Affiliated core facilities available to CGM students include the Bioanalytics Single Cell or basic core and the optical imaging core Working
with my mentor has been a great experience she has an amazing work ethic
and she really does a lot to help not only myself but the other people in her
lab. My mentor is a superb person as well as a phenomenal scientist. She allows me
to thrive in her lab by providing me all the necessary materials in order to do my research but then also stimulates my mind by guiding me with
one-on-one meetings and providing me opportunities to learn by training in
different facets of biology. The CGM IBMS graduate will be trained to enter any
specialized field of modern biomedical science in academia industry education consulting or medicine The CGM leadership advisors and faculty will be
there with you every step of the way to guide you towards success We invite you
to learn more by visiting our website

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