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Cell & Molecular Biology | Western Colorado University

We’re in the middle of a biotechnological revolution and so it’s very important but that students
understand what’s going on and the applications of those new
technologies for example there are tools now that will enable us to put genes
into mosquitoes so that the mosquitoes lose the ability to propagate viruses
and parasites such as malaria The Thornton Biology Program is just outstanding
so it’s an undergraduate biology program where you would do research with
professors and it teaches them a lot of critical thinking skills Trying to be a physician, I’m aspiring physician critical thinking is huge because you’ve
got to be able to put together the pieces of what the patient is saying
what the patient is showing But when you’re looking a patient in the face and they’re trying to tell you about something that’s really upsetting them
or bothering them they don’t want you thinking about ten different things they
want you to be involved in that moment and I don’t think it’s just that we just
need healthcare professionals we need really good health care professionals we
need people that really care about patients and are willing to take the
time and focus their energy and do the research When you’re doing research
you’re constantly thinking about why am I doing this what is this gonna help me
with how does it matter and if it’s wrong what did I what went wrong did I
do something wrong that is just not work I think it helps my improvement with how
hard I have to study for my classes to get to that level of understanding Doing research with Casie has been an amazing opportunity. She’s been
really encouraging and patient and showing me all these new techniques and
sitting down with me and going over it you know without her guidance and
mentorship I’m not sure that I’d be looking at grad schools because she
helped me see how passionate I am about the sciences We need those people that
are going to be really strong, passionate health care providers and there will always
be a need for that And then sometimes though we’ll catch them and they’ll work
in our lab and they’ll go on to graduate school to become a research
scientist Most individuals don’t think about things at the micro level. My field
tries to get down to the cellular level to understand how the mechanisms work
that produce the cells of the organism We’re using today for example tools to
produce immunotherapy for cancer therapy and we’re able to do that because we
understand how cells work

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