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China Creates Genetic Super Babies | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored, It’s a baby! Or possibly a super baby. Or, really, no one knows. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. In our top story, a Chinese scientist may have created the world’s first genetically engineered
babies. “A Chinese researcher claims to have helped
make the world’s first gene edited babies. Twin girls whose DNA he says he altered with a powerful new tool that lets scientists
edit the genetic code. I feel a strong responsibility that it’s not
just to make a first, but also make it an example.” Well, China is great at using people to make
an example. He Jiankui says he edited the DNA of the twin
girls to make them immune to HIV. “He says he edited embryos for 7 couples
in IBF fertility treatment. So far there’s been one pregnancy. The gene editing was done using a tool called CRISPR-Cas9. It works by making a cut in the DNA to disable
a specific gene.” Now his claim has not been independently verified, so we don’t know for a fact Dr. He did what
he says he did. But even so, it’s created a huge controversy. Gene editing is banned in many countries. Guess what? Not in China. The reasons most countries ban it are: One, this is a totally new frontier so no one knows if other genes might be accidentally
affected. And two, if the girls survive to adulthood and have
kids, it will have changed the human genepool, affecting future generations. But Chinese authorities have always been a little less strict about the rules. At least about safety rules. Political rules are very strict. But the Chinese Communist Party has managed to draw scientists from around the world with promises of big state-backed dollars, and none of those pesky ethical restrictions. Which is how you have scientists in China experimenting with things like… head transplants! It’s a no brainer, really. But in this case of editing the genes of human
embryos, the international backlash has been intense. “More than 100 scientists said in an open
letter the use of CRISPR-Cas9 technology to edit the genes of human embryos was risky, unjustified and harmed the reputation
and development of the biomedical community in China.” The backlash has been so intense, that even official Chinese state agencies
are getting involved. “China’s National Health Commission late
on Monday ordered officials to ‘seriously investigate
and verify’ He’s claims. Shenzhen’s Health and Family Planning commission said it was investigating the ethics committee and review process of He’s work.” Also, we don’t even know for sure if the
girls are immune to HIV. This is what happens when science is conducted
in a black box. No one knows what’s real. Even the school where He worked Southern University of Science and Technology is trying to create some distance from him. “This research work was carried out by Professor
He Jiankui outside of the school,” the school said, calling it a “serious violation of academic
ethics and norms”. But when has unconstrained scientific experimentation ever led to anything bad happening? Though what the Chinese Communist Party giveth, it can also taketh away. So what do you think about the possibility
that China is genetically engineering human babies? Leave your comments below. And before you go, now is the time when I answer a question from a fan who supports China Uncensored with a dollar
or more per episode on the crowd funding website Patreon. Joseph Bergeron asks, “Why doesn’t the P.R.C. put pressure on
Mongolia to reunify with China, as historically both Taiwan and Mongolia (and
other lands) were a part of the Qing Dynasty’s unified
territory? Is it because they aren’t culturally Chinese, because they want a buffer state with Russia, or some other reason?” Interesting question. It has to do with the Soviet Union. Near the tail end of World War II in 1945, at what was called the Yalta Conference, the US wanted the Soviet Union to join the
war against the Japanese. One of the conditions was that the area we now know as Outer Mongolia
would be independent. Well, not so much independent as a Soviet
satellite state. Now remember, at the time, China was ruled by the Republic of China government, which was also a US ally. And since they were too weak at the time to
challenge the Soviets, they agreed to it if the Soviet Union agreed
not to support the Communists inside China. A few years later, the Communists took over
China anyway, and formed the People’s Republic of China. They weren’t able to challenge the Soviets
either. “As late as 1989 then-Chinese leader Deng
Xiaoping was still complaining to the Americans that
Stalin had ‘severed’ Mongolia from China.” And when the Soviet Union fell, Outer Mongolia truly became independent. But maybe someday, the Chinese Communist Party will try to give
Mongolia a taste of some of that win-win cooperation. Thanks for your question, Joseph. And remember, if you want to have your question answered
on the show, sign up to support China Uncensored on Patreon. Go to to learn
more. We’ll give you some cool perks as well. Once again, I’m your host Chris Chappell. Thanks for watching China Uncensored.

100 thoughts on “China Creates Genetic Super Babies | China Uncensored

  1. You have to be a special kind of idiot to test this technology with HIV resistance.
    "oops we were wrong, guess you will get AIDS after all"

  2. First let me address the eugenics claim. Eugenics is the elimination of bad genetics by MURDERING or sterilizing the people you don't like. This isn't that. This is the elimination of unwanted characteristics or the addition of wanted characteristics to people who haven't even been born yet. Totally different.

    That said, I'm actually very hopeful for this technology. Now that we've conquered nature, there is no more pressure toward any particular evolutionary outcome. Evolution happens when creatures die before they are able to reproduce, ensuring only the fittest for the given environment pass on their genes. Today, everyone lives long enough to reproduce. Nature isn't selecting anyone, so if there's any hope for us to improve as a species, we're going to have to take matters into our own hands or stagnate.

    I think banning this sort of research is just silly fear-based nonsense. Of course, we should allow it. It makes no sense NOT to allow it. Just be sure to do it in a transparent way so that the process and results are open to review so we can all know the outcome. We fear the unknown … so let's make sure there is no unknown. Problem solved.

    Finally, banning it here doesn't mean no one is going to do it. They're just going to do it somewhere else and the people here will miss out on the fantastic advancements that become possible. It's like all the states that are still banning medical cannabis. It just makes no sense.

  3. Do u like the world "normal" hooman created? wars. Poverty. Violence..
    Maybe genetically engineered Generations would do differently .. I for one..liked it

  4. We should put babies in a artificially made area where they think it's real and let them be for 1000000 years or so and see what stuff they come up with that we didn't.

  5. mongolia is a ideal buffer state between Russia and China.Big and empty! insane large teritory with only 2 milion people! and the mongols tried thear best to distance them self from Cniha.They use cirilic alfabet fro exsample. dont belive that the cnines will tried to anexi it because what will be the next target ?! SIBERIA?!:))) њет !!!:))))

  6. I'd rather it not be China that does this. But genetic engineering is the future, one way or the other. Most people base with understanding of it on Movies and Tv Shows. Which believe it or not, aren't real and rarely reflect a realistic portrayal of the subject matter. Super Soldiers probably won't be a thing for a long time, or might never be a thing. The concept is kind of ridiculous.

    However. If every child is born immune to most diseases and protected from defects, including mental ones. Then each child will finally get a fair chance at life. If that isn't what we all strive to reach, then I don't what else is.

  7. If, He did create a baby with "edited" gene. China is going to keep him secretly in some Labs, producing more edited humans. He has opened the door to a whole new generation of human being. Its like the invention of electricity…

    Ironically, even babies are "made in china" now! haha

  8. I think i might be a geneticly edited baby, i have webbed toes, have no belly button? And a pretty hektic meat rod beyond women's comfort.. did i mention i was shot in the pelvis rushed to hospital and he bullet disappeared, that showed minutes earlier on an X-Ray… my mother is German/Serbian my father a Jewish Croatian! SHIT MAKES NO SENCE!

  9. china never fights at front side.. always it stabs on back… so they can create anything which its not good for human kind.. but what ever it creates it never stands for longer time.

  10. Just to point out… A lot of unrestricted scientific experimentation has led to a look of good. In fact a lot of breakthroughs were pure accidents.
    Also unethical or immoral natural philosophy practices led to the very expansion of science and especially medicine.

    Besides the fact that gene editing is fear mongered even by established doctors and geneticists that it's practically a joke. Just like nuclear power. It's a joke, the potential benefits far outweigh the issues that it makes all the detractors appear as the naked old man yelling "The end is nigh! Repent!".

  11. Gene editing will be normal in 10-15 years. Then people will protest that discriminating against them is racism. Human logic = fear + do it anyway

  12. They will put the Wumao's out of a job ….. genetically loyal, low food intake, can work 20 hour shifts ….. China can export them as well.

  13. Life will not be contained, life breaks free and expands to new territories, barriers painfully maybe even dangerously but ah there it is. LIFE WILL FIND A WAY.

  14. Please boycott PragerU from your ads. They’re not even a university. They’re just a propaganda machine that promotes twisted rationalization of conservative demagoguery and Zionism. If you’ve met Dennis Prager, and try to debate him, you wouldn’t find him at all impressive.


    Like most other things, they use what people in the United States invent…oh, and since Penn State is heading up the research, of course China will find out about it from their academic spy posse just in case China was left out of the UN talks on genetic editing (which I don't think they were, but whatever) 😉

  16. The genetic editing was done to make one of the babies immune to HIV. Exactly how is this immunity going to be tested? He Jiankui Has apparently gone missing!

  17. I have some background in with molecular cloning (stuff like microbes) and I would say the cripser cas9 technology is too potentially dangerous to be playing around with humans. The ethics of this are unquestionably reckless. You could carve up the genome into tatters if you don't know what you are doing and the chances that someone does know what they are doing aren't high enough to be doing this in humans.

  18. If we are trying to eat "non-GMO" food, what makes you think GMO human can be the right things to do? We are not creator of the world and we will never be. Humans are going to destroy our own kind.

  19. Oh ! Great ! Another Aryan Race. This time with Slanted eyes and Yellow Bellies..
    Anunnaki screwed up the Human race, You can't fix it. There's 1 chromosome missing..

  20. I believe that is is too stupid to disclose this experiment to the public. Why not do it secretly? Many countries must have carried out such experiments but they do not open to the public. What remains unseen is deemed to be clean, okay?

  21. Maybe we create the antichrist with some stupid shit like this. Since humans are very fallible, this could be how satan gets a real body to use. Mhm…..

  22. Do a follow up! This scientists went missing apparently. What happened exactly? Somebody killed him? Did he go to jail? Was he kidnapped? Or he's just hiding?

  23. Everything man touches turns to shit, man in his inept ambition for wealth and power thinks super ability will lead to domination. Instead of a desire for peaceful pursuits these new supermen will be driven by super ambition and we will have more of the same conflict and war. We need to accept our human nature and realize that ambition drives the greed and power lust of the elite, if we are to survive as a species somewhere along the way we must overcome our innate failings and embrace a philosophy of empathy and concern for those less fortunate or the constant pursuit of power and wealth will consume our enviroment and our humanity making us unfeeling machines of materialism!!!!

  24. Gene editing and cloning isn't illegal in the US either. You just can't use government funds or facilities that use government funds to do so.

  25. I think gene engineering is incredible risky, or atleast it is at the moment. I don't think we should modify the human genome using biotechnology yet don't even understand it remotely, it is equivalent to stabbing in the dark, first we need animal testing and complete knowledge over genes and DNA. In time gene modification will become normal, then there will only be the controversy of who can afford it.

  26. Take your repulsion at this man's work as a sign: there are no shortcuts to becoming a good person. Virtue has to be fought for, during life, slowly and vigorously. Genes cannot replace the goodness of earning your ability to do good and avoid evil.

  27. Since not many are interested in stopping global warming, why don't we start editing our genes so we can survive underwater? Let the polar caps melt, let's make Atlantis real!

  28. While I do have hopes that this technology can be developed for a healthier future I am not comfortable with it in the hands of the CCP. More countries need to allow this research so scientist can go to places that will not abuse it.

  29. China already has a median IQ of 105. Eugenics could increase that to even higher levels.
    The world's median IQ is in the high 80s and falling.
    Look out world.

  30. Beware, the super-powered mutants are coming! But instead of X-men they will be called Xi-men.
    Actually, professor X looks like Chinese.

  31. They will engineer not only super-intelligent, but also super-rich babies! And they will be immune to HIV and also to Western propaganda. Chris, your life will be harder! The Chinese will not only colonize the Red Planet, but even the Sun may take sides and turn into a Red Giant.

  32. The clone wars will start soon! The Galactic People's Republic will be ruled by a President for life, who will create green energy by shooting electric bolts from his fingers.
    In the future, they may clone a Jedi army, too.
    I always knew that Darth Vader was Chinese and only for PR-reasons he modified his voice to sound like a afro-american and hid himself in a black mask.

  33. Josiah Zayner. Ever heard of him? He's an American who sells crispr kits online to anyone. There aren't many rules about crispr because it's relatively new. It's not just China. And you could just as easily throw up unflattering pictures of the darker periods of US history, of lynching of black people, to show that the US is good at "makes examples of people." Or the cops at UC Davis pepper spraying peaceful protesters to stifle political speech. Came to this channel looking for news on china, and got his with cringe-worthy, cheap, shitty anti-Chinese propaganda. In the beginning of the video you claim "china is trying to make super babies," and then end the video by saying how the government, and even the university where this professor works, has shunned him and reprimanded him. That doesn't sound like a coordinated effort to make super babies. Sounds like you disproving your own initial claim. There are plenty of other issues you could legitimately criticize China over without this dim-witted, lazy, clumsy, hacky smear job with this total goober host. This is the fakest of all fake news. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!!!!!

  34. Actually i think i agree on China for once, i feel like the concern with ethics sometimes just gets in the way of scientific progress. There is going to be a market for designer babies, and you can design your kids to be near perfect or extra resilient. What if kids can be designed to not have to suffer certain disease or less prone to cancers. This could be the biggest medical breaktrough.

    And risking some complications in those kids for scientific progress is worth the risk, because if it does work out fine it can save many more lifes. i too would risk 10 people if the potential to save 1000's is there.

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