Chromosome to DNA
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Chromosome to DNA

Individual units have information are
called genes at a chemical level genes are made of
deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA
all of our cells contain the same set of information it is only how the information is used
that makes them different For example cells in the lungs use
different bits of the blueprint to do their job then the cells in our stomach.
In cancer changes to the DNA cause some of the
genes to fail to perform or to do their job in a way that
causes problems for the affected individual In short all cancers are thought to
result from changes to DNA that alter critical genes and change the
behavior of the affected cells

13 thoughts on “Chromosome to DNA

  1. Is there only one actual protein maolecule in a chromosome that contains all the genes, & that is wound around so much, OR are there many??

  2. Epigenetic factors – external materials and forces – cause cancer far more often than just a simple breakdown of the replication process – in other words external forces damage the DNA. Think about all the pullutive elements for a moment and it's obvious. Lance Armstrong knows this. This seems lost on most researchers – idiots.

  3. DNA is a long nucleic acid molecule. It has a bunch of bases that line the molecule.

    A gene is a sequence of bases in the DNA that codes for a protein.
    So, if there is a sequence of bases along the DNA and it doesnt code for a Protein, it is NOT called a gene.

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