Chromosome Trailer – Ri Advent Calendar 2013
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Chromosome Trailer – Ri Advent Calendar 2013

Yeah, don’t make me– you can blackmail me later
with the outtakes. [MUSIC PLAYING] The human genome contains 23
pairs of chromosomes, plus the mitochondrial DNA. And throughout this series,
we’ll be featuring a new video every day, looking at each
of these, one by one. [BIRD CHIRPING] A great man once said, you
cannot escape your destiny. These animals, which really do
look quite different from us, physically, are, at the
genetic level, almost indistinguishable. Great. [LAUGHTER] You could say that this
is the secret of life. It’s just amazing,
really, isn’t it? Well, maybe it’s not your
grandma, your grandpa. [LAUGHING] Oh! You just–

8 thoughts on “Chromosome Trailer – Ri Advent Calendar 2013

  1. I know it's titled Chromosomes but I do hope that this series will go into some depth about genes and their recessive and dominant forms. I've always found pure Mendelian genetics very fascinating in that it underlies the basis for all genetic inheritance and ultimately phenotypic variation.

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